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I love the sweetness from the maple syrup combined with the sea salt. Place in the oven for 1 hour 10 minutes, then remove from the oven. In a medium bowl, mix the date paste with the chia seeds, coconut oil, and any optional ingredients. Mix the wet and dry ingredients well together.

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Well, now you don’t have to. -so many food intolerances to deal with (: I tried these today with these alterations: I soaked the chia seeds in the liquid ingredients for about 30 minutes before mixing in everything else; I used 1cup cooked quinoa; I cut the butter in half and added 1/3 cup all natural applesauce; and I added 1/3 cut Gobi berries. Stash a batch in the freezer to keep cravings at bay and provide a boost of energy and nutrition whenever you need it. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";
For sure if you used maple syrup it isn't going to hold together as well. Stir again before serving and top with fresh fruit and another dash of cinnamon or spices. My name is Danielle Krueger, and I am the writer, photographer, recipe developer and taste tester over at The Lean Clean Eating Machine. Pulse the dates in a food processor or blender until they form a paste.

I have a question regarding the protein bars, According many sources I've always read that honey should not he heated or it will loose some nutrients, what do you think? Aren’t we polluting the world enough? Wait no more because the perfect nutrition bar snack recipe is here! I used white, but you can use any variety, I used black chia seeds, but any kind will work. I'll use water and soak them over night and drain them before I put them in the mixture. [clickToTweet tweet="Looking for a #healthy #glutenfree snack? Set aside. I’ll stick with my 100% cacao which has the antioxidants and phytonutrients, not processed out like many dark chocolates are. Bake on middle rack of oven for 15 minutes.

About Deryn. It was updated July 8, 2020 with new photos and text. They take just minutes to prepare in a food processor and after setting in the freeze, you’ll have delicious, homemade energy bars ready to enjoy. Their tiny size is perfect for sensitive skin, and incorporating them into a soap keeps the mess factor down in the shower.

Step 3. I’m the writer, recipe developer and photographer here at Running on Real Food. In a small, microwave-safe dish, combine raw almond butter, organic brown rice syrup and honey. A down side to these is having to pick chia seed out of your teeth for the rest of the day. Delicious chia seed energy bars with coconut oil and dates for a natural energy boost.

A little sweet, I will cut the honey and syrup next time.

I’m the writer, recipe developer and photographer here at Running on Real Food. As someone who is always on the lookout for convenient forms of plant-based protein, the one thing I have struggled to find time and time again was a good tasting, all-natural protein bar that didn’t contain all of the unnecessary sweeteners, gluten or dairy found in most store bought brands. You can use almond butter or sunflower seed butter as a substitute for peanut butter. If you purchase anything through a link on this website, you should assume that we have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that we will be paid in some way. Hi, I’m Wendy!

I soaked half the chia seeds for 20 minutes before mixing, halved the maple syrup and added 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds. Reassure your bank account and your body with these keto chia breakfast bars. I know the recipe is intended to be made as is, but I’d love to try this out without having to run to the store. Looks yummy and good amount of protein. This recipe is so delicious! These bars are very energizing and satisfying too. Mix the ground chia and water together. My husband and I are both distance athletes.

We recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing anything. Home » Keto Recipes » Ketogenic Breakfast Recipes » Keto Chia Breakfast Bars Recipe. With 11 ingredients total (including spices), and a short 15-minute baking time, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t give this a try, unless, of course, you are allergic to nuts, in which case I would highly recommend you stay away (I promise to come up with something different for you)! And I used 1/2 cup of ghiradelli dark chocolate baking chips as I wanted to be quick. Also do these need to be refrigerated?

I’ve never had them out of the fridge for that long. They’re easy to make in a blender or food processor, high in antioxidants, have no added sugar and taste incredible!

The biggest difference between these and others that I have made, is they are not too sweet.

1/2 cup chia would be 8 tbsp soaked in 2 & 1/3 cups of liquid.

Step 1. Wet ingredients may begin to firm up, in which case you will need to use clean hands to knead the mixture together.

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I am very excited to try this recipe, especially since I’ve been looking for day time snacks to keep me going while at work.

Turn the oven up to 320°F (160°C) and slice into 6 bars.
Enjoy . Enjoy!

These Quinoa Chia Seed Protein Bars make the perfect healthy breakfast or snack. Toss together the oats, quinoa, flaxseed meal, chia seeds, dried fruit, and egg white in a medium-mixing bowl until thoroughly combined.

last time i added some almond milk. They can without much of a stretch fall stirring in the “treat” grow less of the range following you are searching for a basic, protein pressed tidbit. These look delicious!