(Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching. He hasn't saved us from drowning in a river, but He has saved from our sin, the wrong things that we do. ), Do you think you should listen to God when He tells you to do something? This in itself was not incredible, but it would assume an incredible aspect to those whose faith in a living God had become shadowy and uninfluential - who had learned to look on such appearances as connected, not with the present, but with a distant and already faded past. I was too afraid. Ask students what you should do with a pet that does such a thing. Other children's sermons you might want to take a look at include, Feel free to peruse our growing collection of resources, and may God's Spirit be with your spirit as He grows you up into the image of His Son! That means that people would bring their animals to the priest and the priest would kill and burn up the animal. Use this children's sermon about the manna God gave the Israelites to teach kids about Jesus, the bread of life, that He gives to all of us. Game: Amalekites vs. Israelites A word brings Lazarus from the grave; a touch of the bier awakens the widow's son. The Prince of Egypt (Affirm all reasonable responses. I ask the assembled children. Closing Prayer: (Yes.). ), Do you think the people should have complained against God about not having any water or food? After the priests blew the trumpet, God said for the whole army to shout. Exodus 15:22-16:36 No, God put a wall of fire between us and the Egyptian army so that they couldn't get to us. What makes this one special? Then a wrapper wraps, etc. If someone gives somebody a gift, and then we steal that thing from them, the gift doesn't do that person any good. Emmerson does a great job of hitting the main points of the story while keeping her stories bite-sized for little ears or short children's sermon time spans. Moses did not find the people all readiness to believe him. Purpose: The fifth of the Ten Commandments says…, (Read That is, as I suppose, a shepherd's crook: a stout sapling, curved at one end, to help him in caring for his flock. Slaves of appetite — slaves of covetousness — slaves of fashion: we hear their sighs — their groans, sometimes. Use this children's sermon about the eighth of the Ten Commandments to teach children how much damage stealing does. He had to stop raising his hands to God. Observe, next, the Lord said unto Moses, "Cast it on the ground"; and upon its being cast on the ground, the rod, we are told, "became a serpent." Precede or follow these children's sermons in your Sunday School or Children's Church time with a lesson series on Moses and the Exodus. (Lead them understand that one didn't stop when it was supposed to. In fact, that's number three on God's Top Ten rules. And to stand arguing and questioning about a thing, debating its propriety and efficacy when God has told us to do it, is eminently irrational. Scripture: Exodus 20:7 Needed: nothing Children's Sermon: Tell your students a funny story about something that went wrong, but insert their names in the places where people sometimes take God's name in vain. in which kids name their fears and then brainstorm about how God can help them. III. The people called the bread that God gave them manna. and I did, and God started moving the water in the sea to the right and to the left so that there was a wall of water on both sides of us, but dry ground in the middle. When you're finished with your children's sermon, put the book in the church library or in the Sunday School area for kids to reread it. for a lesson about stealing and lying and my