It's a masterpiece. Standing on the production set of the sweeping drama she penned through endless blood, sweat, and…, Getting inside the head of a violent criminal is not easy. i like my girlfriend is an alien.It is so soothing n i want a second season of it.Please reply me. Goodbye my Princess is highly recommented to be in the list. Will one of them make the first move to rekindle their true love? It's so beautiful. I cried like a child. I hate watching drama with "tragedy" tag but the plot of this drama is good. It is about not giving up art and love at the same time. Growing up in dysfunctional households, three individuals who are…, On the cusp of graduation, an accounting major searching for her career winds up living with a genius physics student who shakes up her daily routine. You'll also find a couple of mentions of wuxia and xianxia, which are terms you may not be familiar with. Secret of Three Kingdoms- an interesting story. And make sure you vote in the poll for your favorite C-drama, too. When chaos descends upon her home, she has no choice but to leave. This historical romance is loosely based on the novel Huang Quan (Phoenix Rise), by Tianxia Guiyuan. I must have watched hundreds of asian dramas since I've started over 25 years ago. The Best Chinese Drama of 2019. It was a funniest and romantic drama try it. If you love stories about gods, goddesses, immortals, and demons, dive into this drama! The plot revolves around a man who is suddenly freed from prison, and a woman, a Communist agent, who is ordered to get valuable information for the Party. Meteor garden and ashes of love make me watch it again and again. Not only does it have beautiful cinematography, but its characters will immediately draw you in. However, bad luck befalls them, so they face many challenges before they find each other again in another lifetime, in another world. Sorted by release dates. They are must-watches if you are a C-drama lover. He was a professor…, Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo may have been high school classmates but the only thing they had in common was the desk they shared in class. It is based on dramas that achieved good ratings along with some of our own picks. It's not always smooth, and it's not always as easy as we would hope. In the "eternal love" , u mean 50 million ...right? The action takes place in one of the most chaotic periods in China's history, the era when the country was divided into Northern and Southern dynasties. Diana is a huge fan of Chinese culture, and she loves watching Chinese dramas. Here is our ongoing list of c-drama recommendations. If you are looking for an intense drama with a complicated, mind-blowing screenplay, beautiful cinematography, top-notch action, incredible characters, and much intrigue, look no further. I think loveO2O is one of the best dramas out there not a complicated couple that always gets angry at each other for no reason and then get back together and over again. Oh! 24 Hours (2018) A Chinese Odyssey: Love of Eternity (2017) A Happy Life 2 (2016) A Life Time Love (2017) A Love So Beautiful (2017) A Step into the Past (2018) About Is Love (2018) Above the Clouds S01 (2017) Here you will find everything a history buff enjoys: rebellion, corruption, assassinations, and much more. Are they destined to find each other again in three different lives, in three different worlds? If you are in the mood for a refreshing and light love story, Love O2O (微微一笑很倾城) is a breath of fresh air. After escaping death, she becomes a cold-blooded assassin. Rules: 1- Requests For New Dramas/Movies Upload Goes Into The Request Page. Is it because he wants revenge? Ashes of love has the best effects but I don't know, we have our own preferences, I think Eternal love is bettet. For Chinese historical dramas, it’s incontestable that The Longest Day in Chang’An is the best this year. But Simon, Bo Jinyan, a brilliant criminal psychologist, has the ability to get into the minds of even the most mysterious and violent criminals. A young couple has been separated due to a tragic accident. The Romance of a Tiger and Rose is really good. If you are looking for an engrossing historical drama with beautiful cinematography, well-developed and multidimensional characters, The King's Woman should be on your must-watch list. Although she escapes death, she accidentally enters her enemy's territory and she assumes the identity…, The ALPHABET Game [drama/movie version] #3, There is number 1 for every tag and genre. Jatu Kuswindisari Usemahu on February 28, 2020: I was shocked to see the result of the survey. Believing that Imperial…, The Northern Wei Dynasty was obliterated one night leaving behind the kindhearted Princess Feng Xin Er as an orphan. This is a story about a young love that is profound and eternal. I came across Love 020 and became a fan of c dramas. Their love is like a war in which no side wants to surrender. Here to heart is the most amazing drama, I am totally in love with this drama, I just love ''love 020 and eternal love even legend of fuyoa is a good drama though. Below are the two best Chinese dramas of this year. This 2019 series is often mentioned as one of the best Chinese dramas on Netflix. After becoming rather skilled with…, A shorttrack speed skating girl crosses paths with the ice hockey god of their school. If no one has watched it, you’re missing out! I would ranked in the top 3 best chinese dramas I've ever seen. The story centers on the most popular boy on campus, who happens to be a gaming expert, and a beautiful computer science major. In order to survive, she pretends to be a man in order to attend a prestigious academy. 0. I love Ashes of love most❤️ I really love Jin mi, she is so beautiful and I love the story too. Even after a decade passes, their wounds haven't healed. As someone who got used to having…, A cute romance between an adorable singer who develops a crush on a guy that she is too scared to approach. Spanning a period of 10 years, this series is about a set of young and ambitious school friends whose paths diverge after graduation. There is some romance, but it's not what the series focuses on. 5? you should add untamed every episode is exciting hooked and want ro re watch over and over again. Will she seek revenge? Expect a lot of action, court intrigue, adventures, and of course, an epic love story! If you looking for a memorable and exciting Chinese drama to watch again and again, Legend of Fuyao (扶摇) is made for you! During elementary school, the timid…, Queen of Qing Qiu, Bai Feng Jiu, is the only red nine-tailed fox in the world. A Love So Beautiful is an innocent and light drama that takes place mainly during the high school life, though it moves on to adult life later. The man announces he is marrying another woman. After leaving the… Watch Trailer It takes time to watch how the main character managed to break one by one his oponents in with such scheme that nothing deviate from his original plan. Please watch love me if you dare, it's really good. Here the story takes an even more interesting turn, because Gongsun Li must fight to live in a harem and gain respect among the others.