Dry sausage can be stored at room temperature. If you cannot find Chinese baijiu, use other hard liquid to replace. It can be stuffed with fingers through a suitable funnel, a grinder with a stuffing tube or a dedicated piston stuffer. It should be noted that the legs of the pig, for example picnic or its upper part known as butt contain all grades of meat and only lean cuts should be selected. In Europe there was a saying that sausages should be produced in a month that carries “R” letter in its name (September, October, November, December, January, February, March and April). Monosodium glutamate (MSG) – Chinese are very fond of adding MSG (flavor enhancer) to meat and sausages. Chinese sausage formulations are unique, based on a long tradition. To prevent this, the wood should be pre-burned in a separate area, and only hot embers should be introduced into the smokehouse. Chinese add sugar, soy, cinnamon and alcohol to their sausages and they may smoke them or not, Poles like marjoram, mustard seed, coriander, allspice and they almost always smoke sausages. They brought with them previously unknown in China cuisine and sourdough bread, Russian Kvass beverage and eastern curing and smoked sausages appeared in Harbin. In Chinese Goin Chong pork meat, hard fat and liver are diced or ground through 6-8 mm (1/4”) plate, sodium nitrite is added and the sausage is air dried. Unlike practiced in Europe, Chinese sausages are not spread or sliced for sandwiches. Any reliable information about making sausages in China dates back to the fifth century and some of the techniques are still being used today. Check out wing hong lup chong chinese pork sausage 175g at woolworths.com.au. Mixing – ground meat is mixed with salt, cure, other ingredients and diced/ground fat. As it is combined with salt, soy sauce, white wine or grain alcohol, and spices, it imparts a very pleasant flavor to dry sausages. Soy sauce is usually added at 3-4%. Portuguese cure/marinate meat overnight for many sausages. This sausage is normally dried in air or over slow burning fire. Ingredients such as soy sauce and sugar are added to the sausages in very high levels. ps4120 spicy chinese brand sausage. Chinese liver sausage Goin Chong is made with pork or duck livers; however, it is a dry sausage that is different to spreadable liverwurst style sausages so common in Europe. In the beginning, during short curing/marinating process, the naturally occurring in meat lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus) start multiplying, however slowly, due to a low temperature in the cooler. Left over air pockets will result in tiny holes and may be form local discolorations. It should be noted that casings must be permeable, they must allow the moisture to evaporate away. Drying – the sausages are rinsed and hung to dry. In the beginning of 1900’s many settlers from Russia, Lithuania and Poland arrived in Harbin. Depending on the type of la sausages, they are commonly dried by air or mild roasting at temperatures close to but below 50° C (122° F) for about 3-4 days. The sausages can be hung outside or placed in an enclosed area, for example a smokehouse. For Lap Cheong sausage processing, the best sources of lean meat are the back legs (ham) followed by the fore legs of pigs (lean cuts from butt and picnic). Chinese Mirin sweet cooking rice wine is available in American supermarkets. A pig is one of the 12 animals in Chinese Zodiac calendar. Taiwanese sausages are made by mixing pork, liquor, and various spices. White sugar is used for making Chinese sausages. Blood is very perishable so a stuffed sausage is cooked in water without delay and then can be kept a few days in refrigerator. And the recommended ratio for sweet sausage is 2:8 (fat vs lean meat). It has been well established that the higher the lean meat in the sausage recipe, the better is the quality of the sausage and La Cheong is no exception. The confusion comes from different Chinese dialects; in Cantonese dialect (the south provinces) the sausage is known as Lap Cheong, but in Mandarin dialect (the north provinces) the sausage is known as La Chang. A fresh Mexican chorizo will be much hotter than Spanish chorizo. In simple terms, bacteria do not get enough time to react with meat, besides, high drying temperatures create a rapid loss of moisture which further inhibits bacterial growth. Note: in all developed countries sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate are available premixed with salt. There are premixed combinations available in stores, one of the most popular ones is the Five-Spice Powder, a common combination is star anise, fennel seeds, cloves, Chinese cinnamon and Sichuan pepper. You could increase the amount of fat up to 50% so your sausage will be 50% lean: 50% fat, however, remember that fat develops rancidity in time (2-3 months) and the flavor of the sausage will deteriorate.