The double coating process, so that the breading is assured to stay on the onions, helps too with the crispiness. What more can I say, those are great choices and as far as I am concerned, Keto onion rings make a great side dish for any meal!! You must read and agree with our Privacy Policy Copyright 2020 - NBIP LLC; Operated by Nourishing Brands LLC | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer, Terms, & Conditions | Contact It’s so easy to reheat your leftover Homemade Onion Rings….. Garlic Aioli – garlicky mayonnaise with a hint of lemon? Once all of the onion rings have been coated in batter and pork rinds, place them evenly onto the baking sheet(s). Will you still get a crispy onion ring? You can certainly use any onions that you have in your house if you decide to make onion rings, Sweet/Vidalia Onions are definitely my favorite pick for this and a lot of other recipes. ★☆ Serve with Garlic Aioli, No Sugar Added Ketchup or Chipotle Mayo. What is not to love about this recipe. I doubt I can either😳! You will know if the oil is ready because if it doesn’t start cooking right away it’s not heated up enough. Plus they’re baked, so much better for you! Hi, I’m Aleta! In another bowl mix your flours, cheese, and spices. Rather than eating the pork rinds whole, you’ll crush them up and use them as “breading” for the onion rings. They are a good choice because they add a lot of flavor to your foods, and they help to season things up. You can make the rings of your onions as thick or … Hi Can you make these without using the Coconut flour? It has a light texture and consistency that makes it very versatile for your Keto cooking and baking. This is what will give you the crispiest onion rings possible. Hi Melinda, Some of everyone’s favorites are hamburgers and hot dogs. If you are not opposed to using animal fat, sometimes I add a couple of tablespoons of bacon grease to my olive oil to make my onion rings a little crispier. I hope this helps. When I cook Low Carb Onion Rings I like to use light olive oil but there are plenty of other options you can choose. You’ll find great options to help you achieve your goals without feeling hungry or fatigued. It was always a disappointment, though that never stopped me from making them again and again. on the Foodie Pro Theme, Slice your onions to your desired thickness and then separate the rings. I love onion rings but haven’t tried making them with pork rinds. Sometimes, however, you may not want to fry them because you don’t feel like the smell of fried food in your kitchen or fried food on your clothes. You can use any type of onions that you want to but I prefer Vidalia or sweet onions. This process will allow you to be able to eat your delicious Low Carb Onion Rings another day. They are crispy which makes them satisfying and fun to eat. Onions – This is obviously the most important ingredient. I love to create healthy recipes for my family; meals my two little stinkers actually love to eat. They were alright, though never came out truly crispy. These crispy Keto onion rings are super tasty, but you probably wouldn’t want to eat them every day. Check out this Low Carb Avocado Fries recipe to get an easy recipe for Chipotle Mayo. It has 2 racks in it and so, therefore, holds a decent amount of onion rings too which is good. How to Make Keto Onion Rings. If the oil is too hot it will burn your onion rings and if the oil isn’t hot enough they will get soggy and take forever to cook. These onion rings are phenomenal! We are so glad that you like our onion rings. I find using a rolling pin perfect to wack the pork rinds and crush them easily and efficiently. Once you cut one onion then you will get the hang of how to cut the others. Have you ever had a craving for something that is definitely not keto-friendly? And they do come out very crispy in the air fryer too which is just what we are looking for. In that case, place them spread out and flat on a tray and stick it in the freezer for about 3 hours or so. Since I am trying to loose pregnancy weight and yet crave for onion rings. That way you don’t end up with the same issue that you did today. Vegetable oil – A very common oil used for frying, very inexpensive compared to the olive oil and the avocado oil. The carb content drops from 30 to anywhere between 5-7 carbs. Serve with Garlic Aioli, No Sugar Added Ketchup or Chipotle Mayo. Working in batches, dip the onion rings in the coconut flour and dust off any excess. They will cook more evenly if all the onions are close to being the same size. Â. I haven’t had onion rings in a million years because of the heavy batter. When they start to crisp up, remove them from the oven and serve. Salsa BBQ Keto Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs, Low Carb Breakfast Burritos with Ham, Peppers and Cheese, To get the most out of your pork rinds, try to. One of those is lard, which I’ve found works really good too. Just be careful not to burn them but broil them just enough to crisp them a bit more. Once all of the rings have been tossed into the almond flour, mix the egg and heavy whipping cream into the almond flour and mix well to create a batter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I prefer to use light olive oil. Besides indulging in these beauties as just a snack, there are a ton of burgers that would pair with these low carb onion rings perfectly.