Available http://www.niroinc.com/ 0000100148 00000 n from In addition, it can significantly reduce the processing time because there is no drying/evaporation step. 0000100818 00000 n Application of Enteric Coatings to Small Tablet Samples, Poster Reprint Methods: Core tablets were prepared by direct compression and evaluated for their physico-chemical properties. 0000100427 00000 n 0000102691 00000 n Among these brands M4 showed highest drug release at required time interval. Mini tablets were developed and reported as patient friendly with increased patient acceptance. The disadvantages of the older techniques of coating have been overcome with the recent advancement in coating technologies. Film coating is performed by two types: aqueous film coating, in which, water is generally used as a solvent, and non aqueous film coating, in which, organic solvents are generally used, out of which, the first one is more preferable as the second one is associated with safety, atmospheric pollution, etc. wincoatreadymix.com/enteric-aqueous-film-coating.html, Advances in Tablet Coating Available from http://www.expresspharmaonline.com/20041028/indiachem200403.shtm l Source of support: Nil, Conflict of interest: None Declared IRJP is an official publication of Moksha Publishing House. This macroscopic property is controlled by: 0000101784 00000 n Seth G L Bihani S D College of Technical Education, Sri Ganganagar, Compatibility with most coating solution components and, Picta R. Problems Associated With Tablet. The uncoated tablets are much simpler to test using the non-invasive NIR monitoring. 0000101651 00000 n For this current research work nine brands (brand codes M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9) of metronidazole film coated tablets (400mg) commercially available in Bangladesh were collected and evaluation studies were conducted which includes diameter and thickness measurement, weight variation test, friability test, hardness test, disintegration time, dissolution profile, and potency determination. Solvent less coating technology is the alternative eco-friendly technique of coating. Feb. Surface Coating is in use since long back is rapidly increasing with the development of civilization. Moreover, affects of high, moderate or medium and low compression forces on tablet hardness and disintegration time have been studied by using the mixed sizes granules of ascorbic acid. A detailed step-by-step procedure for revealing counterfeit and substandard tablets is presented. A comparison of the model results with experimental data shows surprisingly good agreement for the coating time as a function of host particle surface covered considering the many assumptions that were made in deriving the model. physical and chemical protection, protects the drug in the stomach, and to control its release profile. Core and coated tablets were optimized by dissolution studies. [4, ... Three primary components are involved in tablet coating which are tablet properties, coating process and coating formulation [4,6]. There has been considerable impact in this field. The coating time increases sharply when the bed height is smaller or larger than the optimal value, and also when the diameter of host particles is increased. Solventless coatings are alternative technique of coating. Mini tablets can also be encapsulated and hence different drug combinations are tried and found useful. xref 2012, The coating of solid pharmaceutical dosage forms began in the 9th century B. C., with the Egyptians. Quality of pharmaceutical products is very important because drugs must be marketed as safe and therapeutically active formulations whose performance is consistent and predictable. In these newer technologies coating materials are directly coated onto solid dosage forms without using any solvent and then cured by various methods to form a coat, hence these methods sometimes called as solventless coatings. 0000100267 00000 n powder coating, hot melt coating. By using five different sieve sizes of ascorbic acid granules, affects of granule sizes on tablet properties, i.e. 0000047570 00000 n In these technologies coating materials are directly applied on the surface of the tablet without the use of any solvent. The lowest friability was 0.02% with brand M1.The highest potency was 104.09% (brand M7) and all the brands showed active drug release within ±5% of label amount. from 3 summarizes the characteristics of, comparable to that of the tablet cores. To achieve the specific weight gain, the formulation containing HPMC E6, Propylene glycol, FD&C Yellow # 5 and deionised water has been assumed taking more time than another one containing HPMC E50, PEG 6000, FD&C Yellow # 5 and deionised water. 0 Coatings Pvt. Various solventless coatings are available such as photocurable coating, magnetically assisted impaction coating, compression coating, hot melt coating, powder coating, electrostatic dry coating, supercritical fluid coating, herein only magnetically assisted impaction coating and electrostatic dry coating are discussed.