"tyrant","purified-cur","misbegotten-divel","mildewed-ear"); "dismal-dreaming","dizzy-eyed","doghearted","dread-bolted","earth-vexing", rnd.seed=rnd.today.getTime(); Get me a new one! When the moment to sound cool and smart has passed and there’s no one there to be impressed by your creativity. We all know how going profane brings one really low and would even give the other party the upper hand. "bum-bailey","canker-blossom","clack-dish","clotpole","codpiece","coxcomb","death-token", Why would you play hard to get, I already found it hard to come over here and tell you I want you. I will use small words so that I am sure you understand what I am saying, you doltish intolerable grunter. You’re a tool from head to toe, unfortunately you are not as useful as any tool I know. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); var vclk_options = {sid:18940,media_id:6,media_type:8,version:"1.4"}. "joithead","lewdster","lout","maggot-pie","malt-worm","mammet","measle","minnow", All rights reserved. That advice was clearly not meant for you. Your certificate of birth must have been strongly sponsored by the condom factory as an apology letter to your folks. I really wanted to ask how you manage with being such a disappointment to your family, then I just realised that you do not know what it is like to not be. Use our list of insults and become the guy that has the last words… every time. "devil-incarnate","filthy rogue","vile worm","writhled shrimp","scurvy-knave","whore-master","malt-horse", Each time I lower the bar, you just get right under it. They're called witty for a reason. "whey-face","scullion","serpents-egg","callet","slug","bag of guts","punk","bitch-wolf","botch","withered-hag", (This is more effective when they insult you first.). Yep. It’s absolutely impossible to underestimate you. If there was a kingdom filled with you, the dumbest sheep is too high a king for you. I’d love to but I cant. Now, did you not practice this in a mirror? Somewhere in one corner of the universe are they luckiest of all human races, they are those who do not know you. Keeping it clean is one of the very classy ways to dish it out to your opponent. If only I had some time, I would have thought of explaining it to you, unfortunately, I do not have crayons either.’. Somewhere in the world, a city of idiots have lost their townsman. Seems like your face is curing the world! Then know that being unnecessarily cruel to someone else isn’t a very good thing. Talking to you is like talking to a crayfish. "paunchy","pribbling","puking","puny","qualling","rank","reeky","roguish","ruttish", Babe…forget about me and get on with your life. Looking at you right now, I finally understand why people would contemplate suicide. This is awesome! Man, you are changing all my life theories. So, if you can’t think of any creative insult on your own…don’t despair. Even if the manual was boldly labelled under the chair, I bet you cannot topple it over. Your idiocy is the sort used as example to actual idiots. Keeping it clean is one of the very classy ways to dish it out to your opponent. "tongueless","traitorous","unwholesome","viperous","greasy","obscene","beggarly","scandalous","creeping", They say ‘be yourself’. One quick way to reduce one’s IQ is by listening to you, I feel five years dumber. "varlet","worms-meat","canker-blossom","carrion","hag-seed","ruinous-butt","contriver","hypocrite","infection", "mangy-dog","foul deformity","odiferous stench","no bowels","drunkard","turd","bear-whelp","eunuch", "elf-skinned","fat-kidneyed","fen-sucked","flap-mouthed","fly-bitten", "imbossed carbunkle","eternal devil","execrable-wretch","murderous coward","foul adulterer","ingested-lump","wrinkled-witch", GENERATOR - HOW TO CREATE If I were not here, the smartest person in the room would be that chair. It is about time you stopped talking, what happens when your brain goes empty in about two seconds? Find the most creative insults here! "folly-fallen","fool-born","full-gorged","guts-griping","half-faced","hasty-witted", "boil-brained","clapper-clawed","clay-brained","common-kissing","crook-pated", My science teacher once told me that I was so lazy, I would rather marry a woman that was already pregnant. Funnily enough, the more creative (and original sounding) the insults were, the more real they seemed and the more hurtful they were. third_phrase = new Array("baggage","barnacle","bladder","boar-pig","bugbear", You mewling bastard son of a cessbucket! Does it worry you how you can give it to them without sounding really cheap and at the same time sounding really innocent? "giglet","gudgeon","haggard","harpy","hedge-pig","horn-beast","hugger-mugger", "fobbing","frothy","froward","gleeking","goatish","gorbellied","impertinent", Except, you are the whole world. You are just as useful as the ‘p’ is psycho. "plebian","strumpet","horse-drench","promise-breaker","incontinent varlet","leprous witch","babbling gossip", At some point in everyone’s life, we have all been at the end of someone’s insults. "decayed","deformed","muddy-mottled","hag-born","long-tongued","toad-spotted"); Calling you stupid is an insult to actual stupid people. "sheep-biting","spur-galled","swag-bellied","tardy-gaited","tickle-brained","white-livered", function rand(number) { I used to think dumbness came with how pretty one is. second_phrase = new Array("base-court","prick-eared","puisny-tilted","puke-stockinged","open-arsed","bat-fowling","beef-witted","beetle-headed", "lascivious","degenerate","meddling"); We all know how going profane brings one really low and would even give the other party the upper hand. Like this generator? Climbing to your ego and jumping to your IQ is such a way to commit suicide. SHAKESPEARE INSULTS!! I do not strike unarmed men, and that is why I have refused to justify that with a response. Insult someone in medieval style! "miscreant","moldwarp","mumble-news","nut-hook","pigeon-egg","pignut","pumpion", To be creative: A phrase I’m sure everyone wants to be described as. rand2=rand(second_phrase.length)-1; "pox-marked","reeling-ripe","rough-hewn","rude-growing","rump-fed","shard-borne", function rnd() { "cockered","craven","currish","dankish","dissembling","droning","errant","fawning", For you I have a strong feeling that the only way you’d get laid is if you found your way up the ass of a chicken. Rap battles are all about making the other person look inferior, so it's important to include some disses or insults. "infectious","jarring","loggerheaded","lumpish","mammering","mangled","mewling", Just before I walked in, that shoe was the smartest person here. That is like feeding a pig’s pen. You can then use your original insult for your own personal amusements, annoying your mates or for projects that require original insults such as movie scripts and books. }; Being creative at insults shows you are intelligent and witty enough to think on your feet. }; Although we may not like it, verbal confrontation is an unavoidable part of existential inconveniences, people will throw jabs at us in our professional... You have no idea how much lucky those who do not know you are. Your ideas are so sharp you could cut them with the stem of a tree. "dewberry","flap-dragon","flax-wench","flirt-gill","foot-licker","fustilarian", What a mix. return rnd.seed/(533580.0); Find a big collection with a lot of clean insults and roasts! rand1=rand(first_phrase.length)-1;