Exfoliating your scalp with coffee grounds can help banish build up and even stimulate hair growth! We've created a blog where I demonstrate how to use a metal teaspoon to open up your pods and scoop out the coffee grounds which you can read. Fleas can survive in furniture and carpet. Using coffee grounds for flea beetles is a popular remedy among gardeners, but you should be careful which plants you put them around. Hence, the methods and techniques outlined in our articles and posts are not intended to replace conventional farming techniques but are merely those that we practice or find remarkable enough to share. Try sprinkling some around outdoor seating areas. Luckily, coffee grounds can quickly get rid of this garden pest for you. As mentioned earlier, the two plant families on which they mainly feed include: Flea Beetles are among the worst insect pests a gardener can face. In our garden, the flea beetles pose the biggest threat to eggplants, tomatillos, potatoes, and arugula. Using sound judgment to be more self-reliant. They will remain in the beetle until it dies and then, they will search out another one. I read about using each of them on different gardening forums, so I thought I'd try to the two together. ), ( Neem oil, a centuries-old measure for controlling pests, is one such remedy with many other beneficial uses. 9. Larvae mine into tubers and roots making holes and grooves in the flesh. ALL THE PEPPER PLANTS RECOVERED – even the ones that looked beyond hope! You can re-purpose your coffee grounds by making a homemade candle and. Many animals actually offer a number of benefits that keep your yard healthy. Adults feed on leaves while the larvae go after tubers and roots. They start by chewing so many holes in the leaves that it looks like the plant has been hit by buckshot. Our customers enjoy the expertise and resources of a national provider. beekeeping, organic gardening, edible landscaping/fruit forest, food preservation/canning, woodworking, soap-making, and environmental stewardship. 12 Filed Under: Gardening Tagged With: boys, catnip, coffee grounds, eggshells, flea beetles, garden pest control, gardening, natural flea beetle control, natural pest control, peppers. Do flea beetles bite? It doesn’t need to be consumed by them either. We've covered some of these coffee-ground inspired ideas a couple of years back, but the Natural Home post offers a few more suggestions worth highlighting (check out the full post for more). ), ( This aromatic substance has been a long-debated topic regarding its effectiveness for repelling bugs. ), ( Farmers and gardeners today are aware of the environmental benefits of using organic products like diatomaceous earth. 10 Spray directly onto the beetle in its adult or larvae form. From fertilizing your garden to boosting your beauty routine, you’d be amazed at how much of a game changer using your leftover coffee grounds can be! Second Life Of Coffee: How To Use Your Leftover Coffee Grounds. The eggs hatch 10 days later, and the larvae go underground to eat and grow. These tiny fat worms are voracious eaters and just as destructive as the adults. ), ( You can also use diluted coffee grounds as a natural flea rinse on Fido—or try adding an egg white with 1/4 cup of grounds to make a well-deserved facial mask for yourself. If you grow organically, flea beetles are probably one of the top five most peskiest bugs in your garden. He is SO messy, and leaves a bit of a “Pigpen” trail behind him once in a while, but he loves it so much! These are mainly utilized to help with identifying an infestation than to prevent one. This year is my first time to grow eggplants and I had some flea beetle damage on my plants right after I planted … Many homes may experience rodent infestations at this time of year more than any other. The braconid is another species of wasps that enjoy laying eggs on adult beetles. We are happy to help! Flea pupae can survive up to five months. Coffee grounds contain compounds that are toxic to many insects, so it can be used to repel mosquitoes, fruit flies, beetles and many other pests! At least we didn't get flooded this year. Perhaps growing the wormwood in containers and setting them within the eggplant patch would be the better option. According to Natural Home Magazine, the coarse texture of coffee grounds makes them ideal for scrubbing hard to clean dishes. brew our coffee and then dispose of the pod because there’s no more use for it. Simply sprinkle some grounds around your crops, encircling the stems of the plant. Update: The coffee grounds were effective on the flea beetles, the eggshells were not. ), ( Insecticidal Soap. Neem oil helps to prevent diseases these critters spread as well. Simply sprinkle the grounds in areas of your garden that you're concerned about. They are more environmentally friendly, and your plants will thank you. After a few days, there were absolutely fewer flea beetles around those seedlings than the others I … Fleas do not like coffee, so coffee grounds can be used as a natural flea removal for your pets. One facet of the warmer weather is that my son the Earth Rabbit (Chinese Zodiac sign) has taken to wallowing in the mud for long hours every day. If so, I am definitely going to try your coffee ground/fresh eggshells approach! Certain bug predators, like the rough stink bug (not to be confused with its pest relatives the green and brown marmorated), feed on beetles both in both stages. Simply mix coffee grounds with water or coconut oil and scrub away! When do flea beetles come out? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. ), ( This natural insecticide is one of the best ways to get rid of Flea Beetles organically. It’s a quick part of our daily routine - we put a pod in our machine. have your house smelling like fresh coffee all day long! Add water or coconut oil to your coffee grounds to form a paste and apply underneath your eyes for about 10 minutes and rinse. Your coffee grounds are good for a lot more than a liquid pick-me up, so before you trash the next batch, read on for ways to reuse them instead. 16 Mix a half-cup of coffee with 2 tablespoons of your coffee grounds and a cup of leave-in hair conditioner or an almond and coconut oil mixture. Here are five common suburban creatures that can help keep more difficult or annoying animals at bay: The customer is always right, and this is especially true if he or she is complaining about seeing a mouse or cockroach. 31 The cat seems pretty happy with the abundance of catnip volunteering all over the garden, too. ), ( Row covers are the easiest form of pest control to use though  because you don't have to worry about rain washing the hot pepper spray off the leaves and dissolving the coffee grounds into the soil. 50 Predatory animals, in particular, actually offer natural pest control. Thankfully we are in the country and there are no close neighbors to complain about the pit he has dug in the yard. If you've been chopping garlic or other fragrant foods, rub the grounds on your hands to eliminate the smell. 4 * Some Conditions Apply. Tiny invasive little pests that love to munch on garden crops, flea beetles feed on the leaves, roots, and tubers of plants in the Brassicaceae and Solanaceae families. Flea beetles come out of hibernation shortly after the ground thaws, and temperatures start warming up in early spring. Your pest is gone and guaranteed. « The Way Back Machine – Suburban Homesteading.