| {{course.flashcardSetCount}} Ring structures stabilized by the movement of delocalized electrons are sometimes referred to as arenes. The Food and Drug administration has approved the use of benzene derivative products, such as ethyl benzene as additives to food and in food packaging in small amounts, although some research suggests that more studies are needed. Although it’s the systematically correct name, few organic chemists would refer to toluene as ‘methylbenzene’. For example, o-Xylene from the OMP system can be named 1,2-dimethylbenzene by using simple benzene naming (IUPAC standard). Aniline is also used to make dyes and is used in the manufacture of acetaminophen. b) 1,2-difluorobenzyl bromide There is a class of hydrocarbons, that is characterized by a high degree of unsaturation and unusual stability. a) Phenol is a benzene derived compound. Bn), similar to the phenyl group, is formed by manipulating the benzene ring. first two years of college and save thousands off your degree. […], You forgot the thiophenols (AKA benzene thiol, phenylthiol). Woodworking creates the beautiful furniture we see in our homes, like tables and ornate chairs. 155 lessons c) phenylamide Unless they are made of paper, chances are polystyrene is protecting your food. Create an account to start this course today. Summary Flowchart (Figure 24). Figure 10 . credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities. Figure 16. Nomenclature for compounds which has such discouraged names will be named by the simple benzene naming system. Study.com has thousands of articles about every Benzene can be drawn a number of different ways. In fact, the first antiseptic used in surgery by Joseph Lister (have you ever used the mouthwash Listerine?) To unlock this lesson you must be a Study.com Member. The phenyl group is formed by removing one hydrogen from benzene to create the fragment is C6H5. From gasoline to household plastics, we'll look at what compounds contain benzene, where they come from and potential risks. In this lesson we'll be examining the aromatic class of compounds known as benzene derivatives. 11. Common vs. The reason your laundry can be washed is due to a benzene derivative called sodium dodecylbenzene sulphonate. A scientist has conducted an experiment on an unknown compound. a) 3,4-difluorobenzyl bromide In the case of the benzyl group, it is formed by taking the phenyl group and adding a CH2 group to where the hydrogen was removed. Figure demonstrating the removal of hydrogen to form the phenyl group. They were first named as such due to their sweet smell. Compounds that contain benzene rings in their structures are commonly referred to as ‘aromatic compounds’. 10 Ways to Turn Things Around When You're Failing a Class, 10 Reasons It's a Good Idea to Participate in Class, Advice for Creating Your College Class Schedule. The most important and common member of this class is benzene (C 6 H 6).The formula is represented in several ways: Benzene can be modified to have different groups attached to the ring carbons, creating benzene derivatives. The normal priority rules then apply in the nomenclature process (give the rest of the substituents the lowest numbering as you could). f) All of the above is correct. Many are poisonous and corrosive, causing serious burns if handled improperly. Some very important compounds that we come across on a daily basis are manufactured from derivatives of benzene. In addition, it is also used in dentistry as an analgesic. However, limited amounts of benzene derivatives, such as those in plastics, drugs and food have been deemed safe. 15. This over the counter pain medication is actually made with a benzene derivative called phenol. Figure 2. Polystyrene is made from styrene and is a common material in food packaging materials, disposable cups, containers and insulation. Select a subject to preview related courses: At some point or another, laundry day rears its ugly head. 6. Common vs. In order to correctly name TNT under the IUPAC system, the simple benzene naming system should be used: Figure 18. Figure 7. courses that prepare you to earn As this rule suggests that the benzene ring will act as a function group (a substituent) whenever a substituent of more than six (6) carbons is attached to it, the name "benzene" is changed to phenyl and is used the same way as any other substituents, such as methyl, ethyl, or bromo. You can test out of the Unless otherwise noted, LibreTexts content is licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. Create your account, Already registered? For this reason, organic compounds containing benzene rings were classified as being "aromatic" (sweet smelling) amongst scientists in the early 19th century when a relation was established between benzene derived compounds and sweet/spicy fragrances. imaginable degree, area of True. Unlike aliphatic organics, nomenclature of benzene-derived compounds can be confusing because a single aromatic compound can have multiple possible names (such as common and systematic names) be associated with its structure. As you can see above, these are only some of the many possibilities of the benzene derived products that have special uses in human health and other industrial fields. An example showing phenol as a base in its chemical name.