It takes up to 35 business days for these to be processed. It also helps to verify what CITB Health Safety and Environment test you will be required to complete before you can apply for a card. You can fill out and send the application form, required documentation, and payment through the mail. These cards are colour coded to reflect the level of experience and knowledge the person has obtained. What Should I Do If I Some How lose my Card? It aims to improve every worker’s competency and efficiency on site at the same time, reduce the number fatalities associated with the construction industry. Pretty much every company in the construction industry will need you to have a card before they would even think about letting you have the job, this acts a proof that you know the information/health and safety guidelines that will keep you and others safe on the construction site. That, combined with the repetitive action of learning the material, will help ensure that you can pass the test. This test can help mitigate risk by reducing the likelihood of harmful work behaviors that can be liabilities to safety and productivity. The CSCS Test is not designed to make your life difficult. There are a few different types of cards from Demolition Manager down to Green Labourer. In this CSCS revision notes we will be looking into Health and Safety signs and what they mean, it is important that you know which each sign means and how to follow them. This doesn’t just mean the operatives, this also includes the managers and the supervisors. While this amount may seem a lot, imagine the benefits, experiences and return you may gain as you grow in the construction industry. Specific construction skills include bricklaying, carpentry, pouring cement, putting up drywall, and installing specific types of equipment. Hence, the CSCS or Construction Skills and Certification Scheme was introduced. The card classification that you will be applying for is dictated by the qualifications you possess, the occupation you have chosen, and whether or not you are a member of professional associations. Over one million people in the construction industry have taken this test, and it is becoming very common for sites to demand those working with them have taken this test. You are in luck if you lose your card you can apply for a duplicate card to be sent out to you, only if your original card was still valid and in date. endstream endobj startxref All it will take to get your card are those 2 steps. So the importance of the CSCS card is clearly perceivable. For these few facts the government has introduced the Construction Skill Certification Scheme or CSCS in short for a better assessment of the professionals related to the construction business. First, check and make sure that you have gathered: The test is to assess the skill and knowledge of the worker in the construction industry, along with testing the individuals on different safety standards. There are numerous materials available to aid you, or anyone else working with the United Kingdom’s construction industry, as you/they study for this exam. Some people do prefer a more interactive way of studying, such as training CD’s which have the same exams we have listed on your site but some people will just fancy using the old fashioned book to read as and when they can and get a chance to. Therefore, preparation is necessary to obtain the card you deserve. Mock exams provide a way to test your knowledge on […], Construction employers and employees alike have specific responsibilities relating to the health and safety of everyone on the job site. Is there a need to pay for £21 for the test and £36.00 for the card just to prove my competency in my chosen field? The CAST test is a standardized exam similar to the American College Testing exam (ACT), or Standardized Admissions Test (SAT), but it also includes measures of field-specific knowledge related to mechanical concepts. Once you feel confident in your ability to pass an exam, take a few mock exams first to ensure that you are ready. Once you have finished all three of these things, your name will be added to a database containing information on all workers that have the necessary competence to work in the construction industry, and that have taken steps to prove they have this knowledge. These will be sent out to you without having to take any extra tests. If construction laborers are going to be working with heavy machinery, equipment, or tools, it may also be appropriate to administer the Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude (WTMA). It also proves your knowledge in case confronted with health or safety situations and emergencies properly. Every construction should consist of delicacy and a better preplanned execution. Once you have yourself registered to take the CSCS test you study material will be delivered straight to your door. Because it plays an important role, it only follows that its workers should be skilled and competent enough to fulfil the needs of the public. When you have a CSCS card, it is considered one of the United Kingdom’s construction industry’s most important qualifications. If you cannot pass the mock exams, you probably are not going to pass the real thing. Be sure to tell your prospective employer the tasks that you have experience performing and the amount of experience, even if it is not directly relevant to the job for which you are applying. Why do I have to take the CSCS Test when I am already knowledgeable about various health and safety issues? The construction, if considered a business, which obviously it is, is by far the most necessary and flourishing sectors.