important tree components. Economic loss was found higher for groundnut and clusterbean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) than rest crops, which are about 191–12465 ha⁻¹ depending on the severity of wind erosion. In, Thomas, D.S.G. In many situations, these Laws contain provisions that address the causes of desertification such as deforestation, over–exploitation of natural resources, inappropriate agricultural practices, CILSS Permanent Inter-State Committee on Drought Control COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa COMIFAC Central African Forest Commission COP Conference of Parties ... desertification and mitigating impacts of drought taking into account the main goals and targets set out in Agenda 21, PFIA21, and the JPOI. This chapter traces the history of human occupation of the Thar Desert and resource use over a 5,000-year period but focuses on the present and future prospects for the lands and its peoples. Desertification control and rangeland management in the Thar de sert of India Rajiv K. Sinha, Sonu Bhatia, and Ritu Vishnoi Indira Gandhi Centre for Human Ecology, Environment and Population Studies, Rajasthan University, Jaipur -302004 (INDIA) Tel: 91 141 5 1 9956; Fax: 91 41 511 572 A BSTRACT and Josan, A.S. 1989b. Hickler, T., Eklundh, L., Seaquist, J.W., Smith, B., Ardo, J., Olsson, L., Sykes, M. and Sjostrom, M. 2005. The potential applications of halophytes for the restoration of degraded lands have also been discussed. Sample studies in the sem, country suggest that the watershed development m, centrally-sponsored and state-sponsored development programmes, the. In village Sathin (District Jodhpur), Rajasthan, at seven locations, on farmers’ fields irrigated with RSC (18.9- 4.4 mmol/ litre) and high salinity (10.1-3.5 dS/m) were carried out to standardized technology for their sustainable management. These losses can be minimised through adoption of scientific techniques to reclaim and check their further extension. Climate change impact on the Thar Desert. Grassroots Indicators for Desertification: Experience and Perspectives from Eastern and Southern Africa, ed. It was also observed that b, flux with height occurred when the parameter, into a number of distinct layers, power decay funct, during mild dust storm events. Future climate data are projected based on the selected suitable climate models by using future climate scenarios: RCP2.6, RCP4.5, and RCP8.5. Kar, A. and Faroda, A.S. 1999. Many species of fruit trees, shrubs, grasses, energy plantations and medicinal use have been identified for their environmental suitability in ravine lands. As a country plagued by extensive sandy desertification and frequent sandstorms and dust storms, China has been trying to find ways to achieve the sustainable management of desertified lands. Production from a silvipastoral system with, was higher than that from a pure pasture (Muthana, after 9 years of establishment, while that from a silvi-pastoral, (1994) identified nine tree species which could be grown with, . 2007. Indust, degradation of landforms in western Rajasthan: A spatial analysis using, Proceedings of the Workshop on the Problems, Muthana, K.D., Sharma, S.K. (2007) and Nkonya et al. Department of Science and Technology, Govt. definition as ‘land degradation in arid, semi-arid, and dry sub-humid areas, resulting from various factors, including climatic variation as well as. soil erosion in the same region (Sharma and Vangani, 1992; Vangani, 1997). Details of the methodology are illustrated in, Altogether 12 land use/land cover categories, 13, processes and 2 severity classes (high and low) we, The severity class high has been used for severe degradation, while low has, been used for slight to moderate degradation. The above discourses emphasise the need for identification and cataloguing of the pathways and processes of desertification, as a primary step towards a holistic understanding. 2008. Potential drivers of dune mobility in the last century include a strong anthropogenic dimension. The emergence of seedling, growth of crop and yield of harvest.