2 ), ( 1 I am looking for the great coupon codes for food ordering. A complete solution for your restaurant’s technology, operations and marketing needs. What about Korean or Japanese food? Here are 10 restaurant promotion ideas you should add to your 2020 restaurant marketing plan. Nice arrangement of glasses and plate with grapes would be just enough for wine tasting table decoration. International Day of Friendship – 30 July. The following are 23 restaurant promotion ideas that reach out to guests in unique and successful ways. Be sure that you choose lighter wines in the summer and heavier varieties of wine in a winter time. Can you still build a profitable business by giving something away? They give customers a sense of recognition and achievement. Especially when more and more restaurants shut down within a year of operations. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). … If you'd like to get occasional newsletters sent to you for events and specials, please leave your contact information below. ), ( For example, Mothers' Day, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day are each busy days in for the restaurant industry. From traditional restaurants like Berco’s to QSR’s like Burger King or Taco Bell – the food industry is constantly experimenting with bundles. Percentage-based include an x% of sum off on your total order amount. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. We’ve written before about marketing and how to improve sales with promotions from Valentine’s to Independence Day (across the world) to Ramadan in the Middle East. ), ( Ever tried African food? - Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Pumpkin & Creme Pies are back at select locations (they could be offering one, both, or neither depending on the location). In order to stimulate your potential customers, you must provide a discount of 20%. These work the best when you offer complete value for money and in a very pocket-friendly manner. Time-based discounts could mean x% off during 4-6 pm. This means Great food, Great service, Good prices, Nice atmosphere, Good music, Clean toilette etc. Think about the price point, you’ll need to give a certain fixed amount or work on a commission basis with the event owners. Lure people to eat in your restaurant instead staying in the house. 91 Don`t miss out on Restaurant offers - Enjoy your City and discover new places with Groupon.co.uk. 99 For example – delivery or dine-in. Why do try some Brazilian cuisine, or Cuban Jamaican or Peruvian with our vouchers too. Check out our constantly updated free food deals below for those of you trying to get out there to try new restaurants or for those who just want a free meal/treat. So here are some promotion ideas that will help your restaurant with more exposure and orders: For more ideas, read the full guide to promoting a new restaurant here. With tons of new restaurants and new promo deals popping up there are tons of opportunities for everyone to get free food! You can even drive traffic to your website/online ordering system. Free Cajun Fries with Any App or Online Purchase f... French Toast Sticks are Back at Jack in the Box, The Coffee Bean Welcomes 2020 Holiday Menu. The key to success in restaurant industry is education. Involve your chefs closely in this process. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. All rights reserved. full guide to promoting a new restaurant here, 80% of diners are likely to try a restaurant if a deal is available (, 57% of millennials seek out restaurant coupons (, Discounts – Time-based, Percentage based or flat-off, Events – Chef’s specials, theme-based seasonal events, Deals – BOGO, Happy hours & free desserts, Ways to promote your restaurant online and offline. Is it the fact that we can enjoy something out of the ordinary: food there that is not readily available in the supermarket, or that is prepared in a certain complex way that we love? There are always new ways to attract new customers and increase your profit. Very often our servers have used this technique to sell add-on products to a customer. ), ( ), ( 41 In cases that need more promotion – like a new menu launch or an event – use social media advertisements to your benefit. ), ( Specials are great for restaurants to experiment and present dishes for which they ultimately are known for. As I wrote at the beginning of this article there are so many ways to promote your restaurant. ), ( It’s true that you can do a limited number of events in a year. ), ( Depending on the type of restaurant you operate, some promotions might work better than others. How often they order from you? © 2020 Groupon International Limited. 1067 The point is to present yourself and your restaurant in person, instead of being anonymous. Restaurant week takes place throughout the year, all over the country. Seasonal special promotions can help increase sales, bringing in customers during slower periods or capitalizing on busier times. With vouchers for restaurants of all sorts, you will never get bored by eating the same dishes! They help in accessing a new lot of customers, presenting your food in front of them, getting social attention, feedback and industry knowledge – all in one place. 5. ), ( Best days for an organization of this kind of event are Friday and Saturday when people can relax and not have to worry about going to work tomorrow morning. ), ( 82 Get insights from your peers in the restaurant industry as to what worked for them. Let’s look at what these restaurants serve in specials: Loyalty programs have existed since 1982, but it is recently that they have caught large interest. complete guide to food-festivals to know more. 10 Ways How Restaurants Failure Can Be Avoid, 6 Tips How To Make A Contract With Food And Drink Suppliers, 17 Halloween Promotion Ideas for Restaurants and Bars, SEO For Restaurants – 12 Most Common Problems and Solutions, Restaurant promotion ideas – how to attract new customers, Aperitivo time – new trick in restaurants and bars, Selecting the best POS software for your business, 10 Days of POS Sector’s Christmas Promotion, How To Manage Restaurant Staff To Get The Best From Your Team. Over the next 25 years, 8.5 million consumers took Coke up on that offer. ), ( - Original Pan Pizza with up to 3 toppings discounted for a limited time to $10.99. Increase the average order value: 3-for-2: get a free main course for every 2 main courses ordered 6. Read on for easy to implement promotional ideas. Specialty catering equipment includes banquet tables, chafing dishes and extra place settings. But for Millennials these Word of Mouth is more like Written words – shared thoughts and comments about your restaurant on social media channels or portals like yelp or open table. What social media platforms do they use the most? Since your restaurant is already has a commercial kitchen for cooking and a well-trained staff, why not offer catering? Large Vegetarian Thali for Up to Four at Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant. Host a Restaurant Tasting Dinner . What motivates your ideal customers set? Whereas, an example of a flat discount will be $20 dollars off on your total bill. And you can even sell tickets or take commissions to earn some extra money. 55 Waffles or pizza. Another special promotion that many restaurant stake advantage of is fundraising. ), ( Giveaways essentially encourage action from your audience, in lieu of getting a certain benefit or prize. At times, even increase the spends above a minimum total. Especially in a highly competitive market, that the restaurant industry is today – it’s important to attract your customers with special efforts. You will learn so much and get through the book so quickly that you will want to start your working shift with your new knowledge and attitude immediately. This percentage is enough to attract the targeted group of customers and make you a profit. Keep in mind that the tasting area will be too crowded so make it practical. 40 16 Update your website with all the latest promotions. If you’re targeting a slightly older audience cooking classes or pop-up markets will be a hit. 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