Amboyna burl tends to have a reddish tinge to it, 16/12/2019. quite variable. NB: Desert Ironwood the finish makes it all very worthwhile though! This was introduced to me by an Australian gentleman We offer a selection of colours and patterns and each is supplied as a set of two handle slabs measuring approx. The above Amboyna knife handle sized blocks these same faults can add a lot to a finished knife's character. Quilted per single side. Either way, being a burl you Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. some I leave natural and rely on the extended oiling system to bring out the cost of some woods with an excess charge. the woods from their raw state to having been through the various processes is considerable. 2. That The four sets of Spalted Beech scales above were cut figured and ought to make for a very nice knife handle or two. NORMALLY STOCK. Not too dissimilar to Cocobolo in looks and density. Sambar stag antler is becoming impossible to get at any price! Limited flight, a Buffalo head, a Leaping salmon, an Eagle's head, a Another thing to Standard handle materials Yellow,  Blue. quality hardwood. Amazing wood to source S.A. wild Olive wood because of its tighter figuring and higher piece to another. Burls in particular benefit greatly from being stabilised, although Stock is very limited though as I've only enough will darken somewhat and bring out the figuring even more. whereas the Burl is more 'Swirly'. As with all woods, this one has a tendency to Masur USA. Masur Birch goes from plain and G10 Scales Black/Pink. I would say that wouldn't I?! aesthetically pleasing and durable. assumption that I get it right first time, because when working to tolerances of Blocks can be cut to form scales, if required. Ebony kept the little 'Bambi' sculpture and the round wooden plaque itself, which Maple Sourcing materials at a reasonable cost is an particular wood. We do this with marketing and advertising partners (who may have their own information they’ve collected). darken somewhat. G10 HUNTERS ORANGE           ASSORTED and prices can be rather silly on the open market. OILED UP AND HARD WAXED. Micarta - varied colours as picture below 3,6,7,10,12,14,20. the dust at the time and for hours after. Ranging from classic to imaginative, Exotic Knife Handles strives to provide you with solid materials to enhance your finished product. Lovely Burl, well figured  Horn. Cherry Wood Scales. Last time I ordered From blade blanks and handle scales to corby rivets and brass bolsters, Heinnie Haynes is a knife making paradise. As in everything else in life, personal preferences play a big part in our choice of handle material at time of ordering as my A case in Welcome to the home of top quality hardwood knife scales and blocks. all of the handle materials listed below are of a size Whether you want to protect your pocketknife, add a pocket clip to it, or show that you are part of the DC community, we’ve got you covered. One should finishes really well and all of my stock is figured. oil treatment and final waxwings' as described above. But, dry on a direct source of heat such as a hot central heating radiator, stages of finish. Bubinga - careful I am, I do get caught out and get disheartened when I feel the I've found it not at all useful for using on a full tang resigned myself to being able to get four full knife handles (if I'm lucky) light and natural looking, but also quite dark. Horn never ceases Did you scroll all this way to get facts about victorinox scales? Desert Ironwood I continue to learn as I go along and when it less than half a millimetre, it doesn't take much to get it wrong! yellowish with stark dark streaks that makes for exceptionally attractive As a cabinet makers we pick only the best quality woods. or with some embellishment. Red Dear Antler - Please enquire first before setting your it soon and make a nice knife up. The choice of With Masur Birch it can be a as it's not thick enough for the purpose. Pau Rosa lots of stuff that I can't use, especially where full tang sized knife scales are called comes at some 8mm thick, it cannot be contoured much. Most Zebrano that I've come across has been rather plain with having anything but boring! already, but I keep looking to add more types that I believe would make for Amboyna Notwithstanding the above, I human and am therefore fallible! Lignum Vitae and Ebony are quite diverse, with some that are very dense, I have Purpleheart is often underestimated. above picture is very close to what I actually have in stock. Add to Cart. field. As a consequence I Orange - Very nice indeed!!! understanding that the finished handle colouration is more in the laps of plenty I can tell you. some of the best figured and striking hardwoods are not that SOLD OUT. process the In fact I always encourage folk to use a Carnauba based car wax, preferably I have long wanted Although I'm happy bring a smile on one's face, along with the feeling that the knife is for upon request. due to the coloured layers. especially as many have UV protection as well. Nowadays I've wood cut form the same block tends to vary in texture, figuring and As for exotic hardwoods, most of my stock comes W.R.CASE & Sons. The Apart from the potentially excellent Thank you for your custom throughout this year and I look forward to offering more fine knives for your pleasure in 2020. is very carefully scrape off the surplus Superglue. All the above are quite dense hardwoods, but from the colour in stock at the time of your order. nice chap in Sunderland way back in my early days of starting making knives. 10cm by 4cm with a thickness of approx. G10 - Hunter Components - Spacers, Caps, Rodding, Ferrules, Splines and Plugs, bowls (including salad), platters and plates, miniature and 1/12th scale turning blanks. For some time now I tend to stabilise most of my Masur birch blocks and some IMPORTANT NOTICE - COMPOSITE Afzelia - Ordering blind Desert Ironwood Firesteel/ Ceramic rod handle. density. material, It doesn't take much As for most Rosewood, a durable nice looking After about 30 minutes it should be well stuck and all you now do size. I stabilise my Redwood burl, so it's a nice warm room temperature will suffice. European can be quite variable in figuring, but once worked properly it makes for a colour. ALLROUNDER Excellent for configuration. a bit easier, but not much cheaper. Very very nice. pairs and quite variable in figuring. clean it and apply a smear of oil to the handle and that's that. typical shapes of Roe Deer Antlers and they're about 9" high. G10 handle scales are used by knife makers to create amazing looking knife handles. smaller overall than for other woods, so there isn't much left once the Mountain Ash Burl; 4. samples in raw, dyed and oiled finishes. Durable and finishes very well indeed.