Use nitro and drift at the same time on your bike for at least 5 seconds. Congratulations on unlocking this shiny new Platinum trophy, by earning all the non-DLC trophies. There’s also an image of Deacon on his motorbike being chased by a colossal horde of World War Z zombies. Step 1: Play and beat the game on Survival Mode Sony has said they want it to become a franchise, and a deserved sequel is likely seeing as it’s the year’s biggest launch despite the mostly middling to negative reviews. You from the UK or EU? Upon completing this step you will have earnt: Update: I contacted PlayStation Support and the issue was resolved in 15 minutes thank you all! Ears are picked up automatically which is awesome as it would take an age to get this amount otherwise. Show secret trophies. However you will come across them through natural play. This will come quickly and naturally over play. On the map, a list will appear when you hover over the area and have information on each item, location and the amount there is. If you miss any, you can get them after the final mission in the Colonel's tent on the top of the hill. Days Gone platinum trophy comes with rewards Days Gone ’s trophy list isn’t difficult to 100%, but it is time-consuming. D.I.Y Oregonian Check out this video: LINK With each level you get access to better weapons and bike upgrades so it's well worth doing. Southern Region - Diamond Lake and Wizard Island 28 Tourism Collectibles - Dotted around the map Sub-Challenges can be unlocked on separate runs too so no need to get them all until your gold runs. You will need 25,000 points to reach level 3 and by the end of the game you should be very close to a lot of them. Loadout - Having the correct loadout is essential for the wide variety of missions, if you are facing a horde then use an LMG, Assault rifle and stock up on all your traps/Molotovs. Kill an enemy with every type of crossbow bolt, There are 5 types of crossbow bolts in the game, all unlocked as you progress in certain storylines: Meaning there are 180,000 points to earn in total so Founder is only half way there. Days Gone Don't bother trying to kill them. Have something to tell us about this article? Feel free to collect collectibles as you go as some are story related and can't be missed. There are 450 credits to be earned on each challenge. Nothing different between difficulties on this, just be prepared. Trophy wise it is very straightforward, you will most likely get most of them through natural play. Equip your LMG and mow them down whilst working your way back past your traps. Lost and Found There are 4 per challenge all with their own Bronze, Silver and Gold rank for reach. If you are going against an enemy camp then use silencers, the crossbow and stealth kills. I never really cared about trophies in other games, but this one had me hooked because I love this game so much. Fuel - Always refuel no matter how much you have left, you can't fast travel if you haven't got enough fuel so that will not be help. They are marked on your map by a large red area until you are close enough and get an infested icon. I'd suggest going for bronze across the board first and unlocking the perks in stages to help out. Am I screwed, or would PS Support be able to help me out as well? Silver rank in the challenge unlocks the associated Silver patch Days Gone End of Game Trophy Avatar; Days Gone Platinum Trophy Theme *available to LATAM and Brazil customers who meet the qualifying terms. Again it's up to you but there are some great videos for these which I have included in the Guide itself. The Days Gone subreddit. Really great support team, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Apply 100 scrap for this trophy. One Percenter This is human corpses only. It was developed by Sony Bend Studio. When you get to the southern region there will be crow nests, which are infected crows that are called Criers. You can only hold 999 at any one time. Loadout - Having the correct loadout is essential for the wide variety of missions, if you are facing a horde then use an LMG, Assault Rifle and stock up on all your traps/Molotovs. All 3 enemies come up during the story and will spawn in the world after you beat them for the first time. See Surviving is Living for more information about taking on hordes in Survival Mode. You only need Bronze in each main challenge for the trophy. Practice makes perfect and it will be a gradual climb to Gold. Other than that you can refuel using gas canisters found anywhere. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. Straight away in NG+ you will have access to a new experimental weapon in the locker. Challenge 12 - Black Friday Days Gone was released on April 26 for the PS4. Complete New Game+ on Hard II if you decided to do Survival Mode on your first playthrough. Challenge 6 - Dead don't Ride 33 Herbology Plants - Each region will have a few plants tied to them You'll unlock this trophy after completing the 'I Could Use A Hand' mission. Since all the DLCs have now released, I recommend doing your first play through on Normal if going for the Platinum and 100% (see the DLC roadmaps) and then doing new game plus on survival II. I got platinum this past Sunday and haven't gotten anything yet. Don't ride through water as it damages the bike very fast and also depletes your fuel and if its deep then you will lose the bike. Complete the Story of Days Gone in Survival Mode. After you beat the main story, it's unlikely you will be level 45 but I would use hordes to boost your XP to the final level because they will be marked on your map and easy to find. Worlds End Make It Rain [PST Would Like To Thank mikem192 for this Roadmap], Walkthrough: Logan's Shadow Be careful on approach because they hear you no matter how silent you are. This is it, the pain trophy of Days Gone. I platinumed the game about 3 weeks ago and haven’t received the theme for it. One Down See I've Been Waiting for This for information/help on completing missions. Challenge 10 - Hog Wild Each challenge and sub challenge will need to be gold to unlock this (you'll need to reach gold in the sub challenges during your gold run to meet the requirements easier although not exactly needed but they massively help). Every NERO checkpoint or research site will contain an injector. Rewards are available while supplies last. 2 Days 2 Done To make this quicker, as the game itself is lengthy. Watch this glorious video for extra help in understanding Reachers are fast enemies that will run at you and then hide. Do some missions for the Main gain reputation and buy an upgrade for each section. Accumulate 10 minutes of drifting while on your bike.