The warforged messed up, owes some money, almost died in quicksand whilst in a jungle (could've been Chult) only to be saved by a monkey (and the monkey could be a flying monkey, who knows? Background "Haunted One" from Curse of Strahd (10, 8, 5, 5, 1, 73-74), Mark of Passage (WGtE, page 102) for the race, 3 levels of the newest Artificer UA (Artillerist) with 2 levels of fighter, at 4th level grab the Prodigy feat from XGtE. You're on a highway to hell. My current party is thinking about playing Avernus once we finish our current game. Find out soon! It is designed for 1 st - to 13 th … This thread is archived. The Way of the Force Monastic Tradition for Monks [D&D 5e (2020)], The Elemental Spellbook: 80 Spells of Ice, Fire, and Lightning, Adventure Sidekicks: Descent into Avernus, Elminster's Candlekeep Companion (Fantasy Grounds), Blood Magic and Sanguine Sorcery by The Dungeon Inn. An alternate art cover by the artist Hydro74 featuring the symbol of Bhaal, an important figure in the Baldur's Gate video game series, is available exclusively in local game stores. She rode into the Nine Hells with Zariel, who set out to wage war on the fiends and got more than she bargained for. Manganiello told that one of Arkhan's companions is a snapping turtle-esque Death Cleric Tortle, who he hopes will change how Tortles (a race of anthropomorphic turtles) are conceived. There’s room for these larger than life characters that might otherwise be too powerful for the players to deal with. One of the big appealing things about adventuring in the Nine Hells is that the fiends you encounter might not automatically be hostile. hide . Prodigy will give you athletics with expertise (your race will give you advantage on the check and a d4) it will also give you proficiency in Land Vehicles (of which you will get expertise in from 3 levels of Artificer, and your race will also give you another d4 to any rolls to drive). You can use an action to expend 1 charge to cast fireball or 2 charges to cast wall of fire from the shield (save DC 21 for each). It begins in the iconic city of Baldur’s Gate and spans an intense epic adventure into Avernus, the first layer of the nine hells. Those are my favorite classes, but I’d be afraid of coming into to much conflict with my party when they want to engage with stuff like soul coins or deals with devils. Beadle & Grimm, a Wizards of the Coast licensee, released a limited run special "Platinum Edition" of Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus. Once the shield uses this power, it can’t use it again until the next dawn. Hottest Community Descent into Avernus, Character Options, Newest Community Created Titles in This Section. If you’re looking to run a campaign here, or you just want to know what’s up with the famous videogame city in 2019, then this is a great resource and a fun thing to read (there are also some good maps)".[6]. D&D: Take A Look At The Monsters Of Avernus. As DMs we get to play 90% of the parts in our own adventures, so we get a good variety. You’ll find more than just garden-variety villains here, each one of these seems to be bursting with personality–this is a trend we’ve been seeing take off since the Tomb of Annihilation. And along the way, they might meet some rebel or disgraced fiends like Bitter Breath, a horned devil who was caught conspiring against the powers that be and punished: Bitter Breath is a horned devil whose wings and ability to speak have been torn out–now it fights to try and earn respect. This is Lulu–Zariel’s former companion and mount. Obsidian Portal allows you to create campaign websites for tabletop roleplaying games. [...] You can’t have a Hell without souls, and Wizards of the Coast confirmed a few characters from D&D lore who will appear in Descent Into Avernus. But this is exactly what I love about this whole concept. [1] Christopher Perkins, Dungeons & Dragons Principal Narrative Designer, described the module as "Dungeons & Dragons meets Mad Max: Fury Road". These include Zariel, archdevil of the Nine Hells and ruler of Avernus, Kostchtchie, demon lord of frost giants, and Arkhan the Cruel, the dragonborn paladin of actor Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Magic Mike)". Somebody chasing you? 100% Upvoted. This is Lulu–Zariel’s former companion and mount. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. How will you interact with the many colorful (and powerful) creatures that await you in Descent Into Avernus? A Captain in the mercenary group “The Flaming Fist” He is one of few people that know about the “Dark Secret” He was bribed by the party to allow them to leave Baldurs Gate without charges relating to the many children that died by the hags actions. Another is a NG warlock, with Shar as a patron. Its voice is a deep, hollow whisper. The adventurers will go on a search for redemption as they descend into Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells, which is ruled by the Archdevil Zariel. Descent into Avernus has been noted as D&D meets Mad Max. One of the standout features of the new D&D Adventure is a deluge of devilish denizens to populate your adventures with. The shield can speak, read, and understand Common and Infernal, and it can communicate telepathically with any creature it can sense within 120 feet of it. It sets up really interesting conversation for the table. [3] The adventurers will go on a search for redemption as they descend into Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells, which is ruled by the Archdevil Zariel. [10], Kunzelman, for Paste, wrote that the book "is, in a word, good" and that the book does well both when stripped down to parts and when it is a contained narrative. Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus is an adventure module for the 5th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Or are we just throwing ourselves into needless danger? Just don't read the class features. Which helps ground the adventure and the characters–they might not be the ones to make a huge difference in the Blood War, but there’s a chance for them to distinguish themselves. Oh interesting! You’re down there to save a city. Like Fionor, a necromancer who has little patience for the living, and carries a gruesome parasol to remind everyone she meets of this. Oathbreaker Paladin. You should check them out. Character Quick Search. Last year I wrote the Alexandrian Remix of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. Or maybe I'll mix it up and do half-elf conquest pally with a hexblade dip, or really go out on a limb and do half-elf swashbuckler with hexblade dip. save. Subscribe to BoLS Prime. Xanathar's Lost Notes to Everything Else (Fantasy Grounds), The Dark Eight and other Devilish Denizens, Horonial's Guide to the Blood Wars Vol. The new Dungeons and Dragons adventure feels like a big deal, more than they have in the past — the infusion of celebrities being part of the reveal festivities, and popular culture embracing roleplaying in a way it hasn't previously, have made these sorts of reveals much more electric". Filters PC NPC ... deceased x 4 demon x 1 demon lord x 1 demon prince x 1 descent into avernus x 10 devil x 4 dragonborn x 1 duke x 3 elemental x 2 elf x 1 elturel x 4 elturgard x 4 fallen angel x 1 female x 11 fey x 4 flame x 1 And it’s a case where we want the characters to have discussion among themselves: If we involve ourselves, are we going to change anything? I may be running Descent Into Avernus in the future, but not for people who’ve read the plot. report. 2 Armor of Rage and Damnation, Champions of the Blood War Arcane Tradition: Diabolist, Champions of the Blood Wars: Demonologist, Champions of the Blood Wars: Oath of the Infernal, Champions of the Blood Wars: Oath of the Abyss, Nameia's Crimson Tome: Collective Ritual Casting System for 5E. Half-elf lore bard with hexblade dip, of course. Chris Perkins, Principal Story Designer for Dungeons & Dragons, said: I like to think of it as A Tale of Two Cities. share. Now they will venture into hell to try to reclaim the knowledge of the greatest song in the world or else make due with just a Tribute. Come and see some of the new foes…and potential new friends that await you once you enter Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus. Summon your arcane turret behind you, bonus action to have it take a Force Ballista shot at the poor soul, and then action surge to detonate the Arcane Turret right as they try to swerve around it. SPOILERS FOR DESCENT INTO AVERNUS. Halfling Bard. [5], The new module was announced in May 2019 during the D&D: The Descent livestreamed event on the Wizards of the Coast's Twitch site. It’s also an interesting prequel to the upcoming computer game, Baldur’s Gate 3, from Larian Studios, set 100 years before that game’s events".