Genres. Cast. Set in 1962, during White Terror period of Taiwan, Fang Ray Shin and her teacher Mr. Chang fell in love with each other. The streaming giant will soon release a Taiwanese supernatural horror series “Detention”. Detention is an upcoming Netflix Original horror-drama based on the Taiwanese video game of the same name. It is directed by I-Hsuan Su, I-Ling Lin, and Shiang-An Chuang. Pei-Hua Yu, Director of Taiwan PTS's programming department, said “This powerful original IP is a result of the coming together of some of Taiwan’s best-in-class production houses, including Red Candles Games, PTS, and Outland Film Production.. Decades later, a student uncovers its haunting secrets. Detention is a Taiwanese Netflix original series based on the Red Candle video game of the same name. Stars: Alyssa Chia, Sheng-hao … Edit Translation, Set in 1962, during White Terror period of Taiwan, Fang Ray Shin and her teacher Mr. Chang fell in love with each other. Detention (2020 TV series), a 2020 Taiwanese TV series based on the video game; Video games. Saturday, December 5. The game incorporated religious elements based on Taiwanese and Chinese culture and myths and was well-received. If … Fang Ray Shin and Wei Chong Ting wake up in the middle of the night and find themselves trapped in Greenwood High School. The 10 Best TV Shows of November 2020 Share this: ... Should you stream or skip the Taiwanese horror series #Detention on @netflix? Season 1 Trailer: Detention. Horror themes. Season 1 Trailer: Detention. This should give you plenty of content to be nervous about to close out the year. More Details. Li Lingwei Han Ning Huang Guanzhi Jack Yao Hsia Teng-hung David Chao Luo Guanxu Wu Kunda Serena Fang Carol Cheng Chang Han. More Details. The series has been made by Netflix in collaboration with the Taiwanese broadcaster Public Television Service. It's entirely in Chinese, but don’t get turned off by the culture barrier. Several Airplanes, Evil West is Just Like the Wild West, but Evil, Killer Shark Simulator MANEATER Swimming Onto The Epic Store. Originally launching in early 2017, Detention is a 2d horror game set in a Taiwanese high school in the 1960’s. Detention (TV Series) | Genre: TV series, Horror, Video game, Netflix. TV Shows Based on Books, Taiwanese TV Shows, Chinese TV Shows, TV Dramas, TV Horror. The series will be staggered - unlike Netflix’s regular binge format- to coincide with the episodes’ release in Taiwan, and the first two episodes are available to watch now. Taiwanese TV Shows. Detention is a horror game set in 1960's Taiwan, with the backstory of martial law. Videos Detention. The TV adaptation of 'Detention' is not just a sign of success, but an opportunity to address its troubling take on gender. Yunxiang Liu (played by Lingwei Lee), a transfer student, steps into the forbidden area on the campus by accident, where she encounters the ghost of Ruixin Fang (Ning Han). Not that much. The series is inspired by the horror adventure video game […] Drama, Horror, Mystery | TV Series (2020– ) Series Premiere. Before the year is out we’ll get one more video game to other format adaption. The TV series is slightly different, instead taking place in the 1990’s and having a student named Yunxiang Liu learn about the history of Greenwood High School through encounters with spirits and ghosts. Season 1 Trailer: Detention. Taiwan . Speaking about the series previously, producer Shih-Ken Lin said: “Detention: The Series is a story about a definitively authoritarian period in the history of Taiwan. Originally launching in early 2017, Detention is a 2d horror game set in a Taiwanese high school in the 1960’s. As an added bonus, Red Candle Games, the developers of Detention and the ill-fated Devotion, have tweeted for the first time since February to confirm that they are working on their third game. Merry Christmas everyone! Before the year is out we’ll get one more video game to other format adaption. Detention, an American horror film directed by Joseph Kahn and starring Josh Hutcherson; Detention, a Taiwanese horror film set during the White Terror, based on the video game of the same name. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ... Outland Film Studio, Public Television Service Taiwan, Red Candle Games (Distribuidora: Netflix) Screenwriter (Videojuego: Red Candle Games) Year. Episode Guide. More Details. It was a dangerous time when sensitive books were banned and free speech was restricted, but Mr. Chang secretly organized a study group for banned books, together with fellow teacher Miss Yin and male student Wei Chong Ting. The Asia TV Forum Market (ATF) running from Dec 1st to Dec 4th, is the annual event for the TV industry and the largest TV series market in Asia. Unlike many series that hit Netflix all at once, Detention will instead be airing its episodes weekly. [09/28/20 - 06:46 AM] "Detention" to Land on Netflix The original story of "Detention: The Series" is based on the namesake Taiwanese adventure game published in … Watch all you want. Detention: The Series will showcase Taiwanese creative energy to the international audience. Detention is a Taiwanese supernatural horror drama streaming television show, created for Netflix in collaboration with Public Television Service, based on the video game of the same name developed by Red Candle Games. Following that, episodes five and six will hit on the 19th, and the series will end with episodes seven and eight on the 26th. Netflix has released the first episode of their adaptation of Red Candle Game’s Detention.The series, based on Red Candle Games’ 2017 horror adventure game, is the first Mandarin series collaboration by Netflix which teamed up with the Taiwanese broadcaster Public Television Service to bring it to life. Can they survive? Fang Ray Shin and Wei Chong. 1 episode. A tormented student uncovers unsettling secrets at her remote high school as betrayal and a paranormal encounter upend her life. Genres. One day, Mr. Chang disappears. JOIN NOW. This show is... Mind-Bending, Ominous, Scary. You play as Wei and Ray, a pair of students hiding from the government who end up trapped in the high school with various monsters. Netflix’s “Detention:” 6 Ways the TV Series Differs From the 2019 Film By addy on December 14, 2020 in NEWS , Taiwanese Drama The 2017 Taiwanese horror adventure game Detention < 返校 >, developed by Red Candle Games, gave rise to two critically successful adaptations—the 2019 film, and the new Netflix limited series.