You'll see just how easy it is to live a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. Utilize this Best Stir Fry Sauce on your favorite stir fry. While this recipe doesn’t result in authentic gochujang, the resulting stir-fry sauce is a close imitation...and it will knock your socks off. Good news, friends: There’s a vegan-friendly version that can work miracles just like the fishy stuff and it smells much nicer to boot. This teriyaki tofu and vegetable stir fry is just what you need for a quick, healthy meal. The options are endless. Stir-Fry Sauce. Our mission →, « Easy Teriyaki Sauce (Vegan & Gluten-Free), The Best Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Vegan) ». This Japanese-inspired stir-fry sauce is so good you’ll want to spread it on toast (seriously). Minor's Sweet Chili Sauce, Hot Sauce, Golden Chutney Flavor for Dipping Spring Rolls, Ready to Use , 4 lb 11.2 oz Bottle (Packaging May Vary) 4.4 out of 5 stars 130 $11.54 - $49.52 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. What do you get when you whisk together garlic, tamari, coconut sugar and lime? Bonus: It’s incredibly quick and easy to make, which is good news because you’re going to want to put it on pretty much everything. Yes, the teriyaki sauce can absolutely be made ahead of time and kept on hand in your fridge for up to 6-7 days. Sweet, savory, spicy, sour: General Tso’s is basically a flavor bomb, so it should come as no surprise that it can work its magic on chickpeas, vegetables and just about anything else you want to fry up. It can definitely be made faster if you opt for store-bought sauce, but we love making our own with fresh ingredients. Ginger, garlic and maple syrup get along swimmingly in this sweet and piquant stir-fry sauce. Your email address will not be published. This teriyaki tofu and vegetable stir fry is just what you need for a quick, healthy meal. You can easily swap out the tofu for tempeh, or rice for noodles. I went ahead and made my very own homemade vegan stir-fry sauce with just a few simple ingredients that I had on hand. This classic stir-fry sauce performs well and you can pull it together in five minutes flat—so really there’s no reason not to make Szechuan sauce from scratch. For the tofu, heat 1-2 tbsp any neutral oil (we used avocado oil) in a pan over medium. I’ve been dreaming about making a vegan and vegetarian oyster sauce for YEARS! Serve stir fry immediately over rice and garnish with toasted sesame seeds, green onions, or Sriracha hot sauce. Another reason we love stir fry is because you can jam-pack it full of vegetables, which are both nutritionally-dense and filling. Add in the mushrooms and broccoli, and cook for a few minutes until they appear lightly browned. Next, add in the chili peppers, green beans, and sliced water chestnuts, cooking for another 3-5 minutes. Cube the brick of tofu, and add it into the pan. Told ya this meal is easy. Bottom line: This salty, savory dressing is so full of delicious, umami flavor, you’ll be using your tofu to sop up every last drop. Oyster sauce is good for a lot of things...just not vegans. Add the mushrooms and broccoli, and cook for 3-4 minutes until softened and lightly browned. Piquant, savory and full of fresh flavor: Your palate will give this sauce its stamp of approval—just be sure to add this gremolata-style sauce to the skillet towards the very end of the cooking process. Fish sauce is the super stinky secret ingredient that lends complexity and lots of umami to many dishes...but it’s made from fermented fish. The basic sauce makes for a satisfying addition to any stir-fry but for the full comfort food effect, we strongly suggest you make the whole Singapore noodle dish. It’s perfect for weeknights, or whenever you’re feeling like a low-maintenance dinner. To reheat, transfer stir fry mixture back into a pan and heat on low-medium for 5-6 minutes, or until warm. We love making stir fry for an easy weeknight meal. (Note: Basic black peppercorns will work in a pinch, but if you can score some Szechuan peppercorns, you’ll be rewarded with a more piquant sauce.) Best served as a classic stir fry sauce. Like I mentioned, tofu, vegetables, and rice are big in my diet so I like anything that makes those tastier without lots of pressing and cooking. Optional ingredients are not reflected in the price or calories of this recipe. The resulting sauce still packs a punch in the spice department though, (i.e., it’s more likely to wake you up than weigh you down.) Yes, this recipe is gluten-free if you use tamari in place of soy sauce. Cook for a few more minutes to fully incorporate the sauce. The takeaway? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Then, add the cooked tofu and teriyaki sauce into the pan. Next, throw in some diced chili peppers, green beans, and sliced water chestnuts. I went ahead and made my very own homemade vegan stir-fry sauce … Stir-fries require only a tiny amount of cooking oil, so unless you add a rich sauce your meal will generally be quite low in fat—and therefore calories as well. Teriyaki sauce: the sauce is definitely important in any stir fry.And why would you need to purchase an expensive bottle of teriyaki sauce from the store when you can make your own!It’s full of sweet and savory flavors, which helps jazz up the veggies (perfect for convincing your family to eat more broccoli). Lee Kum Kee Vegetarian Stir-fry Sauce, 18-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 2) Once veggies are tender, season with sea salt & pepper. In fact, this ginger-spiked shiitake sauce is so tasty it should probably just be poured on everything. All you have to do is replace the usual chicken or beef with tofu! A crowd-pleasing stir-fry sauce with flavors so bold, it’s anything but boring. We created Broke Bank Vegan for all walks of life. I'm really excited about this sauce … Fry until each side is golden brown and crispy, about 3-4 minutes per side. It is so much better than store-bought sauce or takeout! Season with salt & pepper and transfer to a plate while you cook the veggies. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A vegan-friendly stir-fry sauce that boasts the same tantalizing flavors found in Singapore noodles, but without the fish sauce and chicken broth. Fry cubes of tofu until each side is golden brown and crispy. We place a huge emphasis on providing you with recipe cost breakdowns and nutritional information. Fortunately, this mushroom-based alternative can be used to provide a similar, umami-forward flavor to dishes of all sorts. You can certainly use a store-bought variety to make this recipe even quicker. Then, add the cooked tofu and teriyaki sauce into the pan. 5-ingredient vegan stir fry sauce recipe! Stir fry is one of my favorite simple meals. RELATED: 15 Vegan Dinners Even Carnivores Will Love, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2020 Lineup, Performers for Historic Annual Event, More COVID-19 restrictions, Trump and Biden, pre-Thanksgiving TV: 5 things to know Wednesday. Copious amounts of garlic go into the making of this one, but surprisingly, the final product is not unpleasant or overpowering. Happy eating! Required fields are marked *. We’re so glad you enjoyed it . Nope, you don’t need to eat chicken to enjoy the gem that is General Tso’s sauce. Toasty and subtly sweet with a touch of heat, the flavorful sauce—which pair beautifully with noodles, tofu, or plain old veggies—will transform a lackluster meal into something bold and decadent. The end result? Then, season with salt and pepper and set aside while you cook the veggies. Store-Bought Oyster Sauce. That said, the addition of toasted sesame oil gives this particular teriyaki sauce a deep, slightly smoky flavor that’s truly divine. Goes great with veggies, tofu, noodles and rice.