“This is the answer for the Radical Comprehensive Sex that passed last year,” reads the action page on 710 KNUS, a conservative talk radio station, under the section titled “YOU ARE THE PARENT — DON’T LET THE GOVERNMENT DECIDE.”, Listing the time and place of the bill committee hearing, it reads, “Show up and speak up and make it clear you stand for parents’ rights to know what their children are being taught!”. Reach her by email at [email protected]. Caucuses are also a time to shape party platforms. Denver, CO 80202. Go to your local caucus to vote for your preferred candidates. For more information on Section 504, click on the links below to access the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. Disabled Parents Rights operates from the assumption that there are no perfect parents. Parental responsibilities and parenting time - parent with a disability - determinations of rights and responsibilities. Concerning fundamental family rights in Colorado. Read more about parental rights for parents with disabilities. The act establishes that family protection safeguards for a parent or prospective parent with a disability are critical to family preservation and the best interests of the children of Colorado. “Democrats forcing LGBTQ ed on our kids,” read a sign at the same Jan. 8 rally where anti-vaxxers gathered en masse. That the benefits of providing supportive parenting services must be considered by a court when determining parental responsibilities, parenting time, adoption placements, foster care, and guardianship, and the court may require that such supportive parenting services be provided or implemented, given the resources of the family. Unclear Col. Rev. Disclaimer. We need legislation that supports and protects our youth—this bill is a step in the wrong direction.”. Unfortunately many employers do not understand these challenges and do not provide flexibility for carers of children with special needs. The court must consider the benefits of supportive parenting services the parent or potential parent can provide when determining guardianship, foster care, adoption placements, parenting time, and parental responsibilities. This is a pro-family, pro-child piece of legislation.”. Can I Represent Myself in My Family Law Case? Licensing | About CDE | State Board | Offices | Staff Directory | News | Careers. It also reaffirms parents’ rights to opt their children out of immunization requirements and any school curriculum they don’t want to be taught to their children, such as sex ed. Restraints shall only be used in an emergency. Section 13-21-107.5, if a minor is caught shoplifting, the minor's parents will be held financially responsible to the owner of the property. At The Harris Law Firm, we are committed to providing families and individuals in need with the experienced and passionate representation they deserve. Another bill would establish a “Parent’s Bill of Rights,” and outlines more specifics on parent’s authority over their minor children, particularly when it comes to health care and schooling. Liability will attach to the parents whether the minor takes property without paying for it or alters a price tag on the property. 1560 Broadway, Suite 1100 Here’s What That Means. Concerning family preservation safeguards for parents with disabilities. The initiative was defeated, but the conservative parental rights movement didn’t die. The Amended Rules for the Administration of the Protection of Persons from Restraint Act were approved by the State Board of Education on October 11, 2017. please update to most recent version. Instead, it resurfaced in the form of state legislation, with Republicans in Colorado’s General Assembly repeatedly pushing various iterations of a Parents Bill of Rights with little success due to a lack of support from Democrats, most recently in 2016. If a parent believes that a district has policies that are inconsistent with the restraint rules, the CDE General Grievance process may be used. If you are looking to hire a Colorado family law attorney to represent you, give us a call at (303) 622-5502 today, or fill out our online form to provide us with the full details of your situation and schedule a case consultation with a member of our firm. § 19-5-203. Disabilities cannot serve as a basis for denial of guardianship, foster care, or a private or public adoption when this arrangement was already determined to be in the children’s best interests. Those disagreements are already bleeding over into this year’s legislative session, with the concept of “parental rights” serving as an ideological umbrella for both issues. And this year, advocates of these so-called “parental rights” are going on the offensive, pushing passage of two pieces of legislation proposed by Republicans in Colorado’s General Assembly. “This bill, like others introduced during this legislative session, does not put the health, safety, and wellbeing of our children first,” said Daniel Ramos, Executive Director of the LGBTQ advocacy organization One Colorado, in a press release. Refer House Bill 18-1104 to the Committee of the Whole. Please introduce this resolution at your caucus to make Colorado a place where disabled parents do not face UPDATED See also Licensing Hours. Adopt amendment L.013 (Attachment T) to amendment L.010 (Attachment S). Help! First Extraordinary Session | 72nd General Assembly. The School District is responsible for the implementation of Section 504. Where Have I Heard These Trump Lines Before? OCR can be contacted by calling 303-844-5695 or Email  OCR.Denver@ed.gov. Sponsored by state Rep. Tim Geitner (R-Falcon), the bill would mandate that their “parental rights” be prioritized above other legal rights, like, perhaps, those that protect LGBTQ people from discrimination. Digging Deeper Expand. L. Court, Sen. L. Crowder, Sen. K. Donovan, Sen. R. Fields, Sen. L. Garcia, Sen. L. Guzman, Sen. D. Kagan, Sen. J. Kefalas, Sen. A. Kerr, Sen. B. Martinez Humenik, Sen. M. Merrifield, Sen. T. Neville, Sen. K. Priola, Sen. J. Smallwood, Sen. J. Tate, Sen. N. Todd, Sen. A. Williams, Sen. R. Zenzinger. If you have problems with broken links or accessing the content on this page, please contact our web content coordinator Amanda Timmerman at Timmerman_A@cde.state.co.us. View information for educators and parents to support students with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill updated a 2013 law that banned abstinence-only curriculum from public school sex-ed courses (Colorado is one of few states where sex ed is not required, so this only applies to schools that choose to teach it). 13-22-107(1)(a)(III) expressly declares parental rights "fundamental," which may lead to strict scrutiny protection the next time the issue comes up in the courts. CDE will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 26 and Friday, Nov. 27 for the Thanksgiving holiday. Opponents of the legislation are concerned that it would negate a law passed in 2019 that allows minors to get critical mental health treatment without a parent’s consent.