The cost of fleece can be determined by several factors, including weight, stretch, and pilling. Polar fleece also comes in different weights, which are measured by grams per meters squared. Searching the web for usage doesn't help much, since most search results are product ads, which might deliberately use "polar fleece" for MM's products, or might deliberately avoid it for others products. We are committed to research, development, production, and sales of plant active ingredients, and microbial fermentation products. Aaron Feuerstein, who was the owner of Malden Mills at the time, created the fabric by using petroleum as polyester. Disadvantages of fleece: To summarize, here are some of the disadvantages of fleece: High environmental impact Low melting point Traps odors and is difficult to wash Polar fleece vs Microfleece While many people adore fleece Textured fleece – produced in various forms, but most often in the form of a fluffy material resembling fur. Polar fleece vs. fleece. its disadvantages are that it is not absorbent and heat friendly. The price too will be proportional to the length of fabric ordered for or purchased. • Warmth: The warmth of fleece is mainly due to its ability to trap your body’s heat. This kind of fabric can make clothing like sweaters, sweat pants, jackets, gym cloths, hats, blanket, and out-door clothing used for high performance. polyester is cheap. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Copyright © 2018-2020 Anatol Equipment Manufacturing Co. All Rights Reserved. Read more about this topic:  Polar Fleece, “The advantages found in history seem to be of three kinds, as it amuses the fancy, as it improves the understanding, and as it strengthens virtue.”—David Hume (1711–1776). There are many benefits of polar fleece. Copyright © Haining Haoyang Textile Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Furthermore, fleece is created by using petroleum as polyester. Disadvantages of fleece are bulkiness, piling and fading, odor & pet hair attraction. Fleece fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles making the fabric light, soft, and easy to wash. • Breathability: Another key part of a fleece jacket is its breathability. polyester is cheap. Elegant Printing Smooth Velvet Upholstery Fabric. Microfleece – a thin and light material, which is an excellent option for lining garments. Polar fleece fabric is the main cold-proof fabric in China in recent years, relatively warm, so very popular. It can also be made out of recycled PET bottles, or even recycled fleece. Blog. Additionally, one of the most important parts of fleece is the fabric weight. Fleece made from non-renewable petroleum derivates cannot be recycled making it harmful to the environment. It can be mixed with any fabric to improve its warmth retention. Press J to jump to the feed. What is the advantages and disadvantages of polar fleece fabric? There are disadvantages to this fabric as well. The fabric comes in different thickness and the thicker it is the least flexible is the fabric. Non-recycled fleece is made from non-renewable petroleum derivatives. For example, some technologies are not perfect, prices are relatively high, the quality of products on the market is uneven, and may be more likely to cause asthma disease. Cotton fleece – A knitted fabric with a soft nap.It has great breathability and warmth absorption. Polar fleece can be used to create a wide variety of products, including blankets, jackets and even dog sweaters. Fleece is a synthetic material made of polyester specially processed to create a material that is both thick and warm, yet light and soft. Generally after special treatment, it can have antistatic, flame retardant and other characteristics, which makes this fabric safety greatly improved. Polar fleece was designed to be similar to wool products, without the same disadvantages. In recent years, polar fleece is more popular at home and abroad, products sell well at the same time, we especially as consumers, we should have a full understanding of this fabric, understand the advantages and disadvantages of this fabric and so on. ✅ HYPOALLERGENIC – fleece is not an allergen and therefore is a great choice for producing children’s products, ❌ Fleece is more prone to static electricity than other materials ❌ Fleece is flammable ❌ Inexpensive options are prone to “pilling” as spools of material appear on the surface, and performance deteriorates markedly Fortunately for apparel decorators, printing on fleece is not too different from printing on t-shirts, so you can try screen printing fleece with Anatol Equipment, For more information:Understanding Different Types of Fleece, Follow us on social media: Instagram Facebook YouTube, Tags: fabric, fleece, print screen, screen printing design, types of fleece, Anatol Equipment Manufacturing Co. 919 Sherwood Drive Lake Bluff, IL 60044 Phone: 847.367.9760 E-mail:, Phone: 847.367.9760 Fax: 847.582.1854 Visit our sales page E-mail:, For service request related information, please contact our service support or email us at The feel of the fabric is very soft, small damage to the skin, in addition, it can be made according to the different needs of individuals, different patterns, color can be colorful, more natural and smooth. Disadvantages of polar fleece fabric The price of polar fleece fabric is relatively high, and the quality of products on the market is uneven, so there may be inferior … It will also damage easily after consistent washing and ironing. There are different kinds of fabric, mainly divided into plain color and printing, and these two kinds of classification can be subdivided, which is mainly caused by some differences in processing technology and so on. I'm skeptical of the idea that "polar fleece" is more common than "fleece" as a term to describe any brand of synthetic fleece. There’s still a couple more months of cold to deal with, but one thing that can help us get through it is fleece! Sub-standard fleece will pill readily and have a tendency to grow after each wash. Enter code SWIM20 on any swim parka order form. The polar fabric can be mixed with any kind of fabric, which can greatly improve its warmth and other effects. Fleece is a soft, lightweight, warm and comfortable fabric. Regular fleece does not absorb moisture and is windproof. We are striving to become the leader in industrial and technical evolution. Polar fleece was originally created during the 1970s by Malden Mills and has become increasingly popular ever since, especially among athletes. If not treated with a flame retardant, fleece is quite flammable, in contrast to wool, which is relatively nonflammable. The fleece fabric is soft to the touch and will not cause harm even if it directly touches the skin. There are many different varieties of fleece, differing in density and appearance. These include lightweight fleece fabric (100g/m2), midweight fleece fabric (200g/m2), and heavyweight fleece fabric (300g/m2). Different types of fleece. This fabric is a kind of knitted fabric, small knitting structure, and then through a series of processing technology, the final formation of shaker fabric. This is similar to down jackets, minus the weight. You can find out more facts about fleece here. There are also some defects in the polar fleece. It is hydrophobic, holding less than 1% of its weight in water, it retains much of its insulating powers even when wet, and it is highly breathable.