That does sound cool! I'll keep you posted. I keep looking at this and thinking how awesome it would be to have an affordable way to add seat cushions. When they are joined together, both sides should be of equal length. Sorry you are having trouble. Yes, thank you! You could even use batting over the foam core if you wanted them to be softer. :). Now, let’s get to the DIY Outdoor Sofa from 2×4 build! In the pieces you just sewed together, there’s going to be a long piece and a short piece. Not a single screw jammed or had any problem.I will soon use your adjustments to make a corner chair. What type of wood did you use for this project? We just used 2 2.5″ self-tapping screws to attach the 27.5″ horizontal pieces to the seat. Thanks again for providing your measurements for 2x4s. Your amended cut list has both aprons (front and side) set at 24.5" when one of them (probably the side) has to be 1.5" shorter. I got them for much cheaper than I could have made them. (Affiliate links used in this post. If you're wanting to use it without pillows I would definitely angle it, but if you have pillows I really think either way would be fine. I did glue all the joints. I will take an underneath picture for you tomorrow. Do this to ensure that pocket holes are nice and hidden in the final product. Something about using 1x4s seems a little unstable. I managed to destroy 2 driver bits and also 2 screws were stuck without fully driven due to the screw head getting rounded while driving them in. My wife and I will be starting this project in a week or so. :) Thanks for commenting! And just for the record, you probably shouldn't work in flip flops because 1) you might hurt your feet and 2) you'll probably ruin your nail polish. It was a big mistake. So glad it turned out great! Your cut list is deceiving… Your cut list is deceiving. Stud 12- 25.5″x4 (102” total) 100% Safe & Secure Access. It was a really fun project for my wife and I (both with the ability level where novice is too kind). It can also mess up your stain, which is why I’d recommend doing this (totally optional) step now. It's confusing at first! Hi Steven – so glad you enjoyed it! Make sure you tug the cover on really tightly before placing the velcro. :) Good luck! I think kheckl was asking how you connected each individual sectional seat to the next one... Ana's plans used a small scrap of 2x4 between the seats which she screwed through. 2x4s are actually only 1.5" thick and 3.5" wide. I'd post a pic here, but the paste function doesn't seem to work in this field. We used the one from my kids’ old crib and found another inexpensive one on Facebook marketplace – check your local garage sales or Craigslist for used ones that are usually pretty cheap. Hey, just started this project, am very excited. Build your own outdoor sectional out of 2x4s! Here’s a list of cuts you’ll need to make for 2 couches and 3 arms…, (Note: all cuts are in 2×4″ studs unless noted. Here are the current links to both plans: This project requires a ton of pocket holes! We used standard 2x4 studs (92 5/8”) because they were cheapest per inch and because they fit in our car. Hope this helps! It's going to look great on the new deck :), That's sounds great! 6 pieces @ 48.5” – front and back connecting pieces, Step 4 on plans: The only real modification we made to the plans from this site were to 2 of the arm pieces (this is step 5 of the plans). Thanx for doing this as we plan on building ours out of 2x4s as well to beef it up. I used this industrial strength pack that was perfect. Attach seat frame to the arm with screws. That is so discouraging when you are working on a project. Did you do the same? Vacuum sanded project to remove sanding residue. We'll definitely test out #2. :) Hopefully this helps anyone else who gives it a try! I did however notice that this list wasn't updated with the new lengths. 4 pieces @ 12” – front legs, Step 2 on plans: I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I used half a piece of velcro on each of the long pieces (so where Noah’s thumb and middle finger are in this picture) and a full piece where his index finger is. That’s 10 - 2x4x10 and 1 - 2x4x6 with 11 scraps (9x 22.5 - 1x19 - 1x15) it is plenty! Sorry again! What type of wood did you use? :), Great idea! Stud 10 – 1×48.5″, 25.5″x2 (99.5” total) I'd love to hear how it turns out for you. Hi....thanks so much for posting this using 2x4s. Hi Georgia!We recently featured your DIY sectional in our round up on patio projects at I couldn't find the contact form on your page, so I hope it's ok to send this along as a comment!Great project! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Required fields are marked *. I adjusted the plans to reflect your measurements (and sorry to Jesse for not changing them sooner!). Georgia wanted to thank you for the plans our sectional turned out great, You're welcome! I started it but have questions on a few of the side pieces. *UPDATE: We found cushions on sale at Target and after some terrible experiences with customer service returned the two we had. And I think the Kreg Jig helped make the joints really strong, too. I believe it's possibly all operator error.