Tim reckons the ideal car to convert is something that’s older and simpler, as more modern cars have much more complex systems that make the conversion more difficult, more complicated and more expensive. Rated Voltage Current /Phase Resistance /Phase lnductance /Phase Holding Torque # of Leads Rotor lnertia Weight Length L1 Max. Onetouch Contact Us. Gear Ratio Single Shaft V A Ω mH k g. cm 6 24 50 Short time permissible torque kg. But what’s involved in an electric car conversion in Australia and how do you go about it? It will also be anything up to three times faster than it was before, but that’s a matter for the driver to consider. How To, off-road tips and adventure travel destinations, Not just utes. National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification (NCOP). In any case, I'm not sure of all the math to get the power and range with battery capacity and everything, but I'm going to have a look over a couple of the FAQs and see if I can't work some of it out. In-Depth Information. To have quick acceleration (0-60 mph > 6 sec for example), you will need high power battery... Ah, good point! DIYev has designed several Electric motor drivetrain kits that you just bolt it to the existing (ICE) engine mounts. For clarification: I am talking about a street car. The EV West Factory Five 818 Starter Kit is a grea ... Model : FFR 818 EV: Manufacturer : EV West: Weight : 250.00: Price: $7,598.00. An electric car conversion kit is usually a combination of an electric motor, controller, and actuator pedal (battery – optional). Also, because they were such low-powered vehicles to begin with, the conversion gives a huge increase in performance. Would having one motor for the whole thing as opposed to one for each diff affect the AWD in any way other than power/torque? 90 000+ EV Km. Off-road for beginners and the experienced, plus camper trailers, caravans and motorhomes, We make it easy to compare design, practicality, value and more, Buying used? Ever since Harry and Meghan headed off on their honeymoon in an electrified Jaguar E-Type, the idea of converting older cars to EVs (electric vehicles) has gained popularity. Gallery. We've listed all relevant models here. With over 20 years experience we offer EV converions in a variety of performance, range and price packages. Wilderness Electric Vehicles also offers several other conversion kits as well as instructional guides and other helpful resources to make your project a success. Thus, our price does not include battery pack and charger or other parts. Tim reckons the most basic conversion on a simple car would easily cost between $15,000 and $20,000 (plus the cost of the car, of course), “and the sky’s the limit from there”. I think I want to go with li-ion. And no, Canadian Electric Vehicles isn't paying me for an endorsement. Oz-DIY is a “do it yourself” electric vehicle specialist, supplying you the parts to make your own electric vehicle. In a dynamic sense, the converted car is heavier than before, but it should also, thanks to that regenerative braking, have much better stopping abilities. Couldn't I build a battery with cells in both series and parallel to find some middle ground between extreme performance and extreme range? In the case of a general-purpose kit, you’ll probably find there’s still some custom engineering work to be done in terms of physically mating the electric motor to the car. Search. For example, everything-ev.com has a range of electric-car conversion kits suited for different-sized cars: these start from around £6,000, and rise in cost depending on how heavy your vehicle will eventually be. I am planning to convert my 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon. All rights reserved. Also, a 9" DC motor, though I haven't really researched brands yet. Frequently Asked Questions. Sorry, there are no cars that match your search, Sorry, there are no models that match your search. The Car Conversion Experts. I'm not looking for an outrageous top speed, I would be content with 80-90mph (or even 70), but having quick acceleration is a must. Are you affected? I am also a radio technician by trade and so I have had a good amount of electronics schooling. | I was looking at parts yesterday and think I would like to go with a Zilla controller--probably the ZK1HV with the HEPA pedal. 15 100 150 kw 72v 144v 400v pmsm high power speed electric car super ev ac gearbox motor controller vehicle bus conversion kit, 5KW DC Series Controller Kit EV Car Conversion Kit include accelerator 1204M-6301, 60kw 120KW Electrical Motor Electric EV Car Conversion Kit for B class model / Large SUV passenger vehicle, 10000watt 80volt Traction Motor Electric Tricycle Rear Axle EV Car Conversion Kit, regenerative braking induction electric car ac motor ev conversion kit & curtis controller, 55kW 350V Kit De Conversion Electrico EV Conversion Kit Electric Car Conversion, QS Motor 273 8000w 2WD BLDC electric car hub motor conversion kits with APT96600 motor controller, cheap price hot sale 72v 2kw electric car conversion kit, 15kw 168v 144V electric car ac motor and controller electric car drive system kits car conversion kits, Hot sale three phase ac motor car motor 4kw 72v 102hz and EV motor conversion kit, Synmot EV motor conversion kit for high speed electric car hybrid car conversion kit, 72v 8KW PMSM ELECTRIC CAR CONVERSION KIT (CCC CE), QS Motor 273 6000W Electric Car Conversion Kit UTV Motor Kit / Electric Tricycle Conversion Kits, 24V 250A Curtis Controller 1207B-4102 17727700 Electric Car Conversion Kit. Absolutely, and before you can hit the road in your newly converted EV, you need to have the conversion signed-off by an approved engineer who will check that everything is done properly and according to the letter of the law. Focusing on reliability, usability and performance at very competitive prices.. Our main focus is business to business, supply, development and training. About product and suppliers: An EV car conversion kit allows you to take your standard gas-powered vehicle and retrofit it to run on electricity. You’ll find the relevant documents here: National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification (NCOP). It claims to get people interested in classics that might previously have been put off by trying to maintain an old Internal Combustion engine (ICE). No way! Vehicle weights explained | tare, kerb, GVM,... What's the difference between diesel and... Top 10 SUVs in Australia: The definitive list. 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