It is exciting to have lots of seating on our back patio now for us and our company to enjoy. If it is because of an ad blocker, you can go in and disable it for my site. Bottom and back. This is the perfect piece of outdoor furniture to add comfort and the look you want for your backyard or patio. But the great thing for someone like me and you is that today’s rustic look allows for imperfections. Friends and children are highly overrated these days…. Now it matches with the rest of our tropical patio decor. Which is exactly how I ended up building my outdoor “Restoration Hardware” furniture. And a 2×4 to the bottom of the back. Quick question — where is your firepit from? If you love color in your DIY patio furniture, then this Colorful Wood Slat Table from Sweet Things is perfect for you! If you love to cook outside too, why not add an Outdoor Kitchen Island to your patio too. Not necessarily in that order. I built it to fit  my space. I loved the little Adirondack chairs I made my kids many, many years ago. He uses nails because he knows what he’s doing the first time. Instead it was a nightmare. This modern picnic table top was made out of reclaimed wood from a freidns deck. I may be going crazy but I can’t see any video? I cannot wait to start enjoying them this summer. Build a beautiful table top for the perfect Patio Table Transformation from Our House Now a Home. ~ karen! ), our outdoor space was seriously lacking. Subscribe today and gain access to the entire library of printables & downloads. Feasting on Life is real, and every time we do it, we grow a little more. She say the beauty in it and brought it back to life. Did you make the seat cushion the same width or marginally less to accommodate where the back cushion meets the seat cushion? Just not as smart as someone who makes so much money they can drop $20,000 on the original Restoration Hardware set. WAIT. Well, I guess you could be seriously they’re huge and really heavy. And after 8 years with road base where we wanted the patio, we finally were able to afford a concrete patio. ... My back hurt, hands hurt, head hurt, knees hurt. Available for purchase, or did you build that too?  I have a question about the cedar planks. Why create a table that will just hold your drink when you can create a table that will keep it cold instead? Love all I love this DIY Round Outdoor Dining Table with Outdoor Accents from Jamie Costiglio. This is my story of our fun, and a little crazy, DIY life. The seats are also L bracketed to the corner from both the sides…. Our kids picnic table was getting pretty work out after a few years, but instead of replacing it we gave it a new paint job. The Boondocks Blog shows you how to Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch so you will be ready to relax in no time! Step 7: Attach Back Supports. 21. Thank you for my husband’s next project :). Unlike Sandy when we first got married, I didn’t want to entertain. I had them made at a local place. I took the angled back leg and made it big enough to support an entire sofa! There is also a DIY outdoor sectional version of the same sofa, or get my DIY outdoor loveseat plans in the woodworking plans library if you need a smaller size. So last week I took a little break and put my garage workshop to good use. I don't know if I would have picked up this old park bench, but luckily Simple Practical Beautiful did! DIY Outdoor Sectional Instructions – Make this outdoor sectional with easy to find materials. I appreciate your help! Then added a bit of and angle to the sofa back so it was more comfortable to lounge in. See how easily painted the ombre sunset with a paint sprayer! I’m just curious about the lengths you used.. the 6×6 arms and the planks for the seats. I can’t even imagine their markup. Great project. the rest is kind of obvious. Thanks Kathye! Then once we got it upstairs, I attached the blanks to the back, which was pretty easy. Required fields are marked *. Sounds like you’ve diy’d some sort of furniture. I love having AC, but I have having to look at it! DIY patio furniture is great because you can tailor it to your space, and it is so much cheaper than buying it. So I angled it back by measuring the back of our indoor sofa. You’d have been an asset on Apollo 13 when they had to make something up so they could return to earth. We won’t send you spam. :) ~ karen! Looks really nice. Last year we spent the majority of our summer and fall working on finally finishing our backyard.