If so, move them apart a bit. Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/Cardinal Ring and 6 Feeding Ports, 5.1-pound Seed Capacity, Adjustable, Pole-mountable (POLE ADAPTOR SOLD SEPARATELY), Green 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,501 $98.47 $ 98 . (I don't see my "go-to" book to quote the numbers from to give you, or I would. So, on this instructable, I will show you how to make shockers that is smaller than a penny!However, the biggest disadvantage of this shocker is, it is very hard to build, but it may be easy for experienced soldering iron user (like me) to build the shocker...Please note that I am only 15 years old and I am not very good at grammar so if you find some parts of the instructable confusing, please let me know and I will try fix it. 1 year ago. It just scares the seeds out of them. at what voltage is the shock noticable? relocate all the local squirrels that have this knowledge. People who don’t want squirrels or raccoons in their yards should remove the feeders entirely, and instead provide a backyard habitat for birds by planting native bushes, trees, and flowers. Solder one lead of the film capacitor to the anode of the diode and solder the other lead of the capacitor to the pin 2 of the transformer. Learn more about me and my. Here’s a picture of our homemade squirrel baffle: To make it, simply do the following: 1) Take an empty bag of birdseed (the largest size you have available). other took from him, Reply Electro Shock Device Out of a 9V Adapter: Hi, This is an old version of this project, check out a brand new one! Some folks don't understand that and hurt themselves. You have to charge the feeder cap once a week, which I’d be way too lazy to do after the first time. You can also subscribe without commenting. ", as long as you make certain that you can't feel it either. The remote works from up to 200 ft. away from the feeder. You can create your own homemade repellent using a similar method from nontoxic items in the home. Havahart Deer Off Repellent Concentrate. Also, if you don't want to risk getting a shock from the capacitor, Gjdj3 recommends you to wear gloves, even the thin one will help he said. Okay, here we go, build the shocker, the hardest part ever...Read step by step through this instructable until you get to the end...Okay, get all of the wanted components, fire up the soldering iron, turn on your work lamp, get a magnifying glass, and HERE WE GO!! Reading the reviews on Amazon, it seems that there are just as many people who think it works great as those who say it doesn’t work at all. 3 years ago. Radio Controlled Squirrel and Pest Shocker. Since this can't be stressed too much: DON'T do things like that unless you KNOW what you're DOING! 95. I have tried it, and I'm alive. These cause unnecessary pain and are highly unadvisable to resort to. (There's another formula for figuring the output current from Power in Watts divided by the EMF in Volts & get something like the Resistance (Impedance) squared, or something like that; I forgot exactly what that formula is, at the moment, but if the output current, (in milli- or micro-amps), is kept low, & the frequency is around the 15kHz-20kHz range, it SHOULD be safe. In wire when current goes from battery to transformer or from battery to transistor, Question I created The Gadgeteer in 1997 as a fun way to share my passion for gadgets which began when I was a little kid. To make a homemade squirrel and raccoon guard: Step 1: Buy a 2’ long piece of 6” diameter stovepipe, a 6” diameter stovepipe end cap, 3 sheet metal screws, and a hose clamp. The squirrel dislikes the sensation enough that after a correction or two, it will stay away. All I cannot make them better... Now this is going to be a fairly dangerous part, open up the camera and get the circuit out safely without getting shocked by the capacitor... First, pry open the camera's case apart with a flat-head screwdriver or just use your hands if you like, but you are more likely to get shocked by the capacitor. Phoenix N. can i add a resistor to limit current to make it more safe if i can where to add the resistor. : This amazing little shocker is very tiny and can be hidden almost anywhere and give someone a surprise shock! Only the frequency is different.). There were also only one or two photos of N.T. Use the two black plastic zip ties to fasten the spring around the top of your bird feeding pole, pole sold … Solder the cathode lead of the diode to the pin 5 of the transformer. These options can help you to do just that. I've done my share of researching Tesla to the point of vomiting, that dude had a way of taking credit for a LOT of others work. You secure the shocker module at the base of the feeder pole using a strap or some other removable means. Too many so-called "Tesla coils" can be heard to be humming at 60-Hz or 120-Hz, and THAT WILL cause a LOT of harm, or kill you; a GENUINE "Tesla Coil" operates at "High Frequency", which is what Mr. Tesla kept emphasizing, but even today, those who choose not to listen missed that little detail.). In our Previous articles , we mentioned the benefits of the Zapper. (I had 5-Watts of around 454-mHz go into my finger, {that's 454,000,000 cycles-per-second}, & while it hurt like mad, it wasn't enough to get out of me; I was the "output antenna", & the energy radiated equally out of the surface of my body, but the mark where it went INTO me took a few decades to finally fade away; a co-worker who should've known better, (but didn't), touched the output terminal of an operating 2.513-gHz transmitting tube while the transmitter was on, {that's 2,513,000,000 cycles-per-second}, and when he showed me the half-inch-long carbon-track on his finger, I asked him "which foot did it go out of? on Step 13, would this work with button cells?and what is the minimum i would need to use to make the shock noticable. Reply It can operated by almost any 1.5v batteries! About: ––––––––––––––––––––––– "Energy cannot be created nor destroyed…. Samuel Clemens, (a.k.a. There is also a safety issue with high voltage, so that you do not deliver a dangerous shock. (The same nerve-endings which transmit "hot", also tell us we're "cold", which makes that prank work.). Mark Twain, (who was Tesla's close personal friend), also said he "greatly enjoyed" having Nikola draw an arc to himself, then pass it to Twain, who would pass it to someone else or to a grounded object. If it still does not work, build another shocker.And if it STILL does not work, well I guess you can you can go very angry, and smash up the "I won't work for you!" Commercial squirrel repellents depend on scents and flavors repugnant to the pests. If a squirrel climbs onto the Squirrel Boss bird feeder, you just press a button on a special remote control and the squirrel gets a shock. CAUTION: Shock hazard if not used as directed. Now, I don’t completely agree with her, because maybe someone just hates squirrels and raccoons, but loves birds, and it’s their yard, so they have the freedom of choosing what to let enter and what to drive away; however, I can understand her concern. Your "Instructable" is nice work, considering the tools you had to use & so on. "Playing" with electricity can be entertaining & a learning experience, IF no one is harmed & you don't set fire to anyone or anything while you're doing it, and you know exactly what you're doing BEFORE you do it. : you can make a simple "AC voltage up-converter", with an inexpensive "speaker output transformer" from Radio Shack or similar; the kind that average about 10k-ohms CT (Center-Tapped) on one side, & 8-ohms on the other; put an appropriate resistance in series with it, & feed around a 15kHz-20kHz signal into the 8-ohm ("output")-side, & the 10k-ohm "input"-side, (used here as the "output"), will step up the 18kHz-average freq by enough to "get your attention".