They belong to the Asteraceae or Compositae (aster or daisy) family and are not bothered by deer. An internet search will turn up plenty of so-called “deer-proof” or “rabbit-proof” plant lists, but … My rabbits will eat anything depending on the climate. Everything is doing fine except our cosmos and coreopsis which are being eaten daily (now down to their stumps) by rabbits. GT. Popular animal control techniques include fencing, models of predators, scented repellents and traps. The list is not set in stone, however. And as an added bonus, growers and retailers can confidently state that rabbits and deer do not eat Profusion Zinnias in the landscape. Has anyone had this problem? The best thing that you can do to reduce the population of rabbits is to try and make the property much less attractive to the rabbit populace. Rabbits do breed very rapidly, and if you allow a family to live in or near your yard, you can soon have a much bigger problem. The grass must be clean and pesticide-free so that your rabbit can stay healthy. What’s Eating Your Zinnias? Usually rabbits eat the first shoots you can see of a plant, the little sprouts might look clipped off. While cute, rabbits can be serious garden pests! DO THEY EAT EVERYTHING? You have Zinnia listed at the last plant on your list that deer (supposedly) rarely eat. I plant extras now, and then wait for the zinnias to open, knowing that as soon as they do, the goldfinches and I will be breakfasting together once again. It may seem like everything gets eaten, but deer and rabbits do have their particular favourites. This year we have seen them eating some plants that they have never eaten before. Rabbit Resistant Plants (from the . Not so! I never gave a thought to rabbits but noticed a couple of leaves are half gone. So, here are a few things that you can do to get rid of the rabbits trying to eat your plants. This may not be a convenient solution to the rabbits eating your plants, but having a dog that spends a lot of time out in the yard can be an effective deterrent. Gardeners rely on a variety of tactics to keep plant-eating pests, such as deer and groundhogs, out of the yard. Zinnias are sensitive to frost, so do not seed until the last frost has passed. Fencing and repellent concoctions help, but are extra work. Instead of nibbling on flowers or shoots as deer and rabbits do, squirrels will dig down to pull up and devour bulbs. Although some plants are more deer-resistant than others, hungry deer will eat almost anything. Zinnias Lobelia Petunias. Rabbits eating our cosmos and coreopsis . 1. Rabbits are hungry too, so we might put food out for them. Rabbits have favorite foods, and that’s why your neighbor’s plants may fare better than yours. In fact, they spend most of their time gathering food and either eating it or storing it for the future. So I’ve decided to compile a list of the plants that we have in the garden that the rabbits will and won’t eat. Hello, We’ve just planted a new flower garden to take advantage of some newly acquired sunlight as a result of recent tree removal. RHS website) Rabbits graze a wide range of plants and can cause sufficient damage to kill young trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. They love flowers and vegetables like peas, beans and lettuce. Email Save Comment 63. Just a few of these variables include: population and overall health of the rabbits, weather conditions, geography and sources of food naturally available in surrounding woods and forested areas. A variety of "yard animals" like the tender tastiness of young annuals, especially rabbits ... although they'll eat anything ... pentas, New Guinea impatiens, vinca, calibrachoa and zinnia. There have been times when I have blamed the deer for eating one of my "deer resistant" perennials. Unlike deer, rabbits are more random in their eating habits. Please tell me that rabbits won't eat my zinnias. Deer, rabbits, squirrels, and most animals are discouraged by aromatic plants like strong herbs (basil, rosemary); plants with spines like Prickly Pear; plants with tough leaves (lamb’s ear); or plants with milky sap, like Milkweed.Use these deterrent plants near your more tempting plants and animals may leave them alone. Rudbeckia species are one of the plants that don’t attract rabbits , i.e., rabbits don’t eat Rudbeckias, and they are one of the rabbit resistant plants. The purple leaf is the most natural type of food that rabbits can eat and it is often readily available for consumption at a lower cost. On one hand, mammals can have very different tastes from one region to another and it is possible that in some they learn to eat things they won’t eat elsewhere. are annual flowers that bloom in almost all colors of the rainbow. Rabbits tend to be inquisitive feeders and are often attracted to new plantings, Nasturtium not only attract bugs that eat the dreaded squash beetle larvae, the leaves and flowers are also edible for humans and make wonderful salad garnish. Here are some plants that deer, hares, rabbits and other mammals are known to dislike eating. They seem to ignore Geraniums entirely until it begins to get really cold. Rabbits eat grass, but rabbit keepers must check what type of grass your rabbit consumes. Zinnias will grow in a minimum daytime temperature of about 60°F (16°C), though a range of 74–84°F (23–28°C) is preferred. A few updates have been made—the rabbits chopped down tall zinnias in the summer of 2010. Rabbits will not even dig up carrots, though they will eat them if another creature has already uprooted them. He can be reached at (408) 763-1319 or [email protected] Even More Cool Stuff! Ken Harr is Product Technical Manager for Sakata Seed America. I know we have rabbits living in our hedge. "What can I plant that rabbits won't eat?". There are many people who will tell you that rabbits eat any plant if they get hungry or thirsty enough. In March 2011, the voles ate my Dutch iris bulbs and the roots of some of the coneflowers before the rabbits had a chance to eat the foliage. Asked June 17, 2018, 7:28 AM EDT. 2. 8 years ago. Tulips – If they don’t dig up and eat the bulb, they will eat the bud before it has a chance to blossom. RABBITS EAT. There are countless inter-related variables affecting what rabbits will eat in any given year. For some of us, rabbits bring a smile and we just want to coexist. This entry was posted in Musings , Seasons and tagged birding , gardening , goldfinches , zinnias on June 2, 2008 by Debra Darvick . Rudbeckia joins other asters like lavender, thyme, yarrow, zinnia, lamb’s ears, blue flax, yucca, lavender cotton, and … This document provides some choices of plants that are relatively resist ant to rabbits. Plant what rabbits want. During the winter, rabbit will gnaw on trees and twigs. Zinnias (Zinnia spp.) Effects Deer occasionally may cause severe damage to gerber daisies, while zinnias are seldom bothered, advises the Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. Pippers. Close How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden 1 – Controlling the Habitat. Plant zinnias around the flowers and rose bushes as a border. See your local frost dates . Do it away from your garden, and you’ll be able to keep your garden safe and enjoy the little hoppers in your yard too. If you see these signs, you’ll know you’ve got rabbits eating your plants. And, there are certain plants that they never touch. Rabbits. I decided to plant Profusion Zinnias this year since they are so highly recommended and almost carefree. I grew Zinnias from seed in last year's garden, and deer ate every last one that came up, before it ever had a chance to bud or bloom. While many of these devices are effective, they can also be unsightly, odoriferous and expensive. They eat, eat, eat Zinnias! You have also listed coneflower among their typical leave-alones. The rabbits and squirrels hate the smell. Keep hungry rabbits out of your garden with these beautiful annual plant and flower picks. I have news for you. The rabbits don’t have a lot of grass to eat so they have been giving our plants a very hard time. One female rabbit can produce five or more litters in a year. There’s nothing quite like the frustration of carefully planting and caring for your garden, only for a family of rabbits to show up and mow your plants right down to the ground! This also works if you have a vegetable garden. Follow. We planted beds of them this year as a last resort, and they are being systematically devoured by rabbits, inquisitive young deer and yes, groundhogs. Plants Rabbits Will Eat. Are they the culprits? Rudbeckia species are one of the plants that don’t attract rabbits , i.e., rabbits don’t eat Rudbeckia, and they are one of the rabbit resistant plants.