for a 55 gallon tank elrick blue ja... Melafix and Other 'fix' meds vs Methylene blue, White spots on my male fish only..... not ICH. Suck out the water for the changes with a siphon if you can - get any ich resting stages off the bottom that way. It also will kill your beneficial bacteria. How to do a salt bath and dip...? What could t... My Betta fish was blue and now he is turning red! There is an older method of killing ich with heat-temperatures above 86F kill freeswimming ich-but there is a new strain that has emerged that can resist dying till over 90F and that is too hot for most tropicals. Ich has 3 life stages. I'd try one teaspoon of salt per gallon of water, thoroughly dissolved before it's used. Nor can the form attached to the fish be affected by any medication. And if i wash everything in the tank,all decoration everything will the ich go.? You will have to remove the pencilfish too. The adult parasite burrows into the skin of its victim, feeding on blood and dead epithelial cells. The irritation caused by the burrowing parasite causes the skin of the fish to swell and produce white cysts seen as small spots. But you could, if you wanted to, simply leave the tank with no fish in it for about two weeks. Even catfish and loaches can tolerate salt as Ich treatment and they're notorious for their sensitivity to it. Leave his tank alone for two weeks, which will take care of the Ich in there. Either methylene blue or malachite green when new fish are introduced and again four days later will help reduce the incidence of infection. Let me check on the dosage you'll need for MB to be effective. After a water change should i pour more drops of mb, By entering this site you declare Day 3o a 25% water change, then add one full dose methylene blue, monitor for the first 30 minutes for signs of stress. But the catfish's tolerance for the salt was not what they expected when they started the study and surprised them. It will kill most skin parasites on a fish's body in a bath or dip, but that does nothing for the Ich still alive in the tank, which will reinfest the fish when you put it back in. Between treatments, a partial water change is recommended. What you are looking for is a medicine with malachite GREEN. Regardless of the medication used, treatment should be given continuously for 10–14 days to ensure all parasites are killed. Methylene blue should never be used in a tank-it dyes everything blue and is for swabs. There is a good reason why it's not used in display tanks anymore. Treatments must be given for a long enough period to assure that all parasites are gone. . But for short-term treatment, it's no worse than many meds are. The Spruce Pets uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Day 2: Do a 25% water change, then add 3/4 dose methylene blue, monitor for the first 30 minutes for signs of stress. The entire cycle takes about two weeks from start to finish. For long-term, all the time exposure to salt, I agree with you entirely - they should not have salt in their water. Can I ask why you seem to be so determined to use Meth blue when it's not the best treatment available? Although, for ich (characterized by small white spots, and the fish scratching against the objects within the aquarium) [1] , a combination of Malachite Green and formaldehyde is considered to be more efficient [6] . It can also permanently discolor equipment and silicate seals blue. The name Ichthyophthirius multifilis translates to \"fish louse with many children\", a title that fits well, as each parasite may produce more than a thousand offspring. Francis-Floyd, Ruth. Then, yes, you could treat the fish in a bucket but he'll have to stay in the bucket while you leave the tank empty and as warm as you can get it, for at least two weeks. Formalin, available under several brand names. If your going to the trouble to get aqurium salt. It is during the free-swimming stage, which lasts a mere three days, that the parasite is vulnerable to medication. Watch carefully for other infections, as secondary infections often occur where the skin has been damaged by the parasite. It is best for combatting fungus and infections. It is best for combatting fungus and infections. Ich is a Parasite. It also will kill your beneficial bacteria. Although the disease is the equivalent of a skin infection, ich can easily be fatal to a fish stressed by poor diet or habitat. Repeat day 3 protocol for at least 3 days past the last signs of ich. How to treat ich spot with epson salt ? The best way to avoid ich is to quarantine all new fish in a separate tank for two weeks before moving them to the regular tank. The one we all see, is the one that attaches to a fish, that's the white spot. The problem with Ich is that it is now in your tank, just waiting to infest the fish even more. I... Ich in community aquarium with frogs, shrimp, snails and live plants . Any fish left in the tank will themselves get ich. Read our, Another Treatment Option: Total Fish Removal, Velvet: Aquarium Fish Disease Identification and Cure, The 4 Best Treatments for Saltwater Ich (White Spot Disease) in Aquarium Fish, The Importance of Using Malachite Green in Aquariums. No. Maintaining high water quality, avoiding temperature fluctuations, and providing a robust diet is the best preventative for ich and other diseases. I am treating 10 gallon tank for ich. My fish keep rubbing on gravel and plants but no signs of Ich. Once it has burrowed into a new host fish it is safely protected from chemicals in the water. Medicine is the least stressful way to go. Preferably one that has Malachite green in it. Because I lov... How do I do a Methylene Blue Bath Treatment for Fin Rot. Methylene blue should never be used in a tank-it dyes everything blue and is for swabs. It may stain ornaments as well, wood, even some rocks. Here is my take on salt, heat and medication for fighting Ich... Methylene Blue for Freshwater Fish - How to use this versatile & safe medication. At 80 degrees Fahrenheit, ich tomites will die at two days in the absence of fish, and just to be sure, some recommend keeping the tank empty of fish and at 80 degrees for four days (96 hours). I've poured 8 drops of mb in my tank.