Foodbeast heard rumblings that it could be slated for a nationwide release on April 16, but Taco Bell could not confirm a release date. We are evolving KFC, Pizza Hut Taco Bell and The Habit Burger Grill into iconic, distinctive and relevant global brands. Though things have been pretty quiet since, Taco Bell confirmed to Foodbeast today that this taco is indeed real.

Update, April 16, 2020 10:39 a.m.: It's finally HERE. Just as real as that other thing we read on the internet about how eating one of these things will turn you into a really, fire breathing dragon. Dinner is served! Lv 4. You can use any shells you prefer. Yum! That seems kind of weird. Direct Stock Purchases & Dividend Reinvestment.

You can also get it as part of a meal with a medium drink for $2.

It didn't pass.

Kristin Salaky is the news editor at covering viral foods, product launches, and food trends. At Taco Bell. In 2016, we were named as one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World. We provide educational opportunities and serve the community through our nonprofit organization, the Taco Bell Foundation, and support fans and team members with their passions through programs such as the Live Más Scholarship.

Brands is focused on building KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and The Habit Burger Grill to be the world’s most loved, trusted and fastest growing restaurant brands. Yum! © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. To learn more about Taco Bell, please visit Yeah, I live in Kansas City and have definitely seen them here. during the chain's free taco promotion. It’s real. We followed up and, great news, they confirmed the same to us! So when getting stuff to make tacos at home I grabbed a box of the generic Kroger brand because I had a coupon. Taco Bell is launching the Flamin' Hot Doritos Locos Taco nationwide today via drive-thru and delivery. Close enough! No joke. This new taco is much like your classic Doritos Locos Taco, but with a spicy kick and bright red shell. So when are Flamin Hot Doritos Locos tacos coming out @tacobell? The bad news is, we don't know like, anything about this creation just yet. We first caught wind of this last week when Chew Boom reported that a customer had offered a Flamin' Hot Doritos Locos Taco instead of a traditional Locos Taco (pictured above!) As a global company that serves millions of consumers at 50,000 restaurants across more than 150 countries and territories, we aim to make the world better by acting responsibly with respect to food, planet and people. What’s not news to us is the fact that the Fiery Doritos® Locos Tacos is all same great taste of a Crunchy Taco inside a shell made of Fiery Doritos® chips.

), with fans clamoring for it ever since Flamin' Hot Doritos were released in 2019. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Is there any steak better than a Porterhouse? This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. From our world-famous culture of fun and recognition to our focus on your career potential, Yum! :(. Personally, I'll be picking up a bag of Flamin' Hot Doritos on my grocery run this week for taco night. Not only do we provide breakthrough value, we offer quality ingredients and are the first QSR restaurant to offer American Vegetarian Association (AVA)-certified menu items.

Not changing this signature until tomorrow. Original, April 9, 2020 3:50 p.m. Once upon a time, some genius at Taco Bell decided to make a taco with a shell made of cheesy Doritos, and they named it the Doritos Locos Taco, and all was well. Delish editors handpick every product we feature. You will see why the passion of our people and the power of our brands are just two reasons there’s no place like Yum!. From the looks of it, the taco will consist of similar ingredients to its non-Flamin' Hot counterpart (taco meat, cheese, lettuce).

For now, keep an eye out at your local drive-thru and I guess we'll just have to keep dreaming of what this delicious creation could taste like.

Again? Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. I prefer the stand and stuff taco shells anyways. Since then, we’ve grown to be a culture-centric, lifestyle brand that provides craveable, affordable Mexican-inspired food with bold flavors. Yum! Michele. Brands RSC, 1900 Colonel Sanders Lane, Louisville, KY 40213, 502.874.8300. I think I might have been mistaken and they don't make them. Our mission is to build the world’s most loved, trusted and fastest growing restaurant brands. Ugh… who is fact checking all of this anyways? Taco Bell also let us in on a pro-tip: One taco is never enough, so if you order it as part of Variety Taco Party Pack (which can include six Flamin’ Hot Doritos Locos Tacos and six Crunchy Tacos) it will qualify you for free delivery. Taco Bell sells their baja sauce in markets (something similar anyhow) but they do not sell it in their restaurants anymore. .

Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. person doesn't know that there are other taco shells on the market? 2 1. I don't remember seeing Taco Bell Doritos Locos taco shells in stores, but Old El Paso makes their own version that you can buy. We'll be sure to update this post when and if we hear more. Order a dorito taco, shell only.

But it's safe to safe Flamin' Hot is one menu item that's been hotly anticipated (hah! It's SO thrilling. I have to give some props to Taco Bell, they brought back the stacker. This isn't the first time Taco Bell has riffed on Doritos flavors, previously releasing Chicken Cool Ranch and Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos a few years back. Taco Bell and our more than 350 franchise organizations operate over 7,000 restaurants that serve more than 40 million customers each week in the U.S. Internationally, the brand is growing with nearly 500 restaurants across almost 30 countries across the globe. Thanks for all the support of my petition to allow a one time change in your vote, on thread polls! Taco Bell became the first QSR to launch a mobile app in U.S. restaurants for both drive-thru and dining orders. Children in the backseat cause accidents; accidents in the backseat cause children. Taco Bell Will Launch Yet Another Doritos Locos Tacos Flavor, Taco Bell Introduces Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos, Taco Bell Introduces Taco with Doritos Shell, Taco Bell Has Sold $1 Billion Worth of Doritos Locos Tacos, Taco Bell Confirms Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos Coming, Taco Bell Launches Highly Anticipated Doritos Locos Tacos. puts a unique stamp on day-to-day business. Killah Priest - "because ROOOK SAID SO DO YOU NEED ANY MORE REASON.". Brands isn’t your average Fortune 500 company – we like to do things a little differently. It seemed silly at the time, even the dream police probably thought you were crazy. Each taco will run you $1.95 and is available for a limited time.

I've seen the Old El Paso ones before. For the best answers, search on this site Outside of our restaurants, fans can access Taco Bell through our mobile app, desktop on and delivery through our partnership with Grubhub.

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