The plinth is the final part of the project to construct before sanding and finishing and it’s quite a complicated part! After planing the edges as well (use a marking gauge again to stay parallel), you should end up with something like this: Because we are making a lidded box, one of the short pieces is also narrower than all the others. But you can avoid this by choosing a distance that is slightly more than groove + material above groove. It's not for sale at the moment, but the makers were kind enough to make it available for free. The fine pins and custom layouts of hand cut dovetails also elevate your work to a higher level. I first walked the power tool path, but became frustrated because I needed fancier equipment and more space and money to keep making stuff. I chose a distance of 13 mm (pic 1), so that the groove for the lid wouldn't run through this tail. I used a Record 044 plough plane with a 1/4 inch cutter (6.35 mm) and set the depth stop to 3 mm. 3 years ago. It has always been out there but not too many people have done it. It helps to plane one side flat, and then use a marking gauge to scribe a line (pic 3), so you have a guideline. We cover techniques such as: By the end of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of all the above techniques and processes and be able to implement them into your upcoming projects. But not in the way you think. You use it every time you cross cut, and this is key to accuracy and you also avoid tear out from sawing. Cover up is not the point, trivializing that part of our history is. Simple Router Table. Finally, plane all sides with a shallow setting of the smoothing plane, being careful not to tear any end grain (pic 6). Plus, it's a great game. Filed under: Free Online Woodworking School, How to Make a Dovetail Box by Hand. Choose what ever finish you think would compliment your box the best. Mark your baseline with a knife, using your tailpiece as a guide. For the 2 game boards, I used laser jet transfer fluid to transfer the images directly to plywood (printed in mirror image). You should definitely check out the game! (I recommend doing this as a series of shallow passes to reduce the amount of tear out), Route the top side of the lid with a round over bit. Work fast, because the glue might cause everything to swell up if you delay. In this video, I show you my process of finishing the box. A dovetailed box might not be the best beginner project, so I suggest a cutting board to start with. I don't have pictures of the making process of the board game itself, but I basically just glued all prints onto thin cardboard and then laminated them. Just saying. Almost there now. Put everything in clamps (pic 1) and measure the diagonals. If the joint is too tight, you can gently trim with a chisel (easy does it). This list compiles all of the tools that you will need to complete the dovetail box project! Or at the very least, you finished binge watching the entire series in one sitting. Try making a box with butt joints, and you'll know why. While there are many ways to produce a rebate by hand and machine, this video details how to create one using a shoulder plane and a rebate plane. Finally cut away both corners, and clean up the inside corner with a chisel. I made my tails on the longer pieces, and chose only 1 tail. It’s a difficult question because saws now come in a crazy variety of prices and configurations, from Japanese dozukis to premium handmade Western saws to well-manufactured mid-range saws. Thanks! You completed the dovetail box project. November 9, 2020. Great project! For example, if your groove is 6 mm, and the material above it is also 6, then one of the short pieces should be 12 mm narrower than the others. Carefully apply glue in all the joints, and fit everything together. I was more careful with the other joint, and that one was flawless. Carefully remove shaving after shaving from the edges until it fits snugly into the box. For the lid, I wanted to put the logo of "Secret Hitler" on there with my wood burner (pic 3).I have one with adjustable temperature setting and I used a universal tip. Secret Hitler and hand-crafted woodworking - two of my favorite things! After fitting, I noticed a gap (pic 3). Then I discovered Paul Sellers, and he's been a huge source of inspiration. Start by marking your baseline again with a pencil. 2020 Gift Guide. They offer endless possibilities, no noise, no dust, no danger (well, less danger anyway). Route the top of the lid base with a cove router bit. o.O, Reply November 20, 2020. For long grain, we can of course just plane it flush. Leave this to dry overnight and then plane everything smooth: Make sure your panel is flat (I checked frequently with a steel ruler) and has an even thickness. It's not up to me to discuss politics, I'm just showing how to make a box. For this step, we'll need the panels made in step 1. Now go make another one of those! Before you begin with dovetails, I suggest you watch this video first: So please ask if anything is unclear. I can't go into detail on every technique I use, because these written instructions would get way too long. Powered by WordPress, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Pen Turning: Woodturning for the First Time, DIY Bailey Console (The Instagram Builders Challenge), Quick and Easy Expandable Dust Hose Holder, DIY Storage Bench with D. Lawless Hardware – August’s FFFC, DIY Window Installation for the DeLonghi Pinguino Portable Air Conditioner, 8-Bit Final Fantasy Black Mage |Wooden Pixel Art, Custom Brass Square by Hillview Wood & Metal, The Rouleau Square, Build a Modern Mud Kitchen | Concrete + Woodworking Tutorial, Mobile Shop Cart for Benchtop Router | DIY Woodworking Tutorial, Router table with a round over, cove and rabbet router bits, Route the bottom side of the lid with a 3/4″ rabbet router bit with a depth of 1/4″. My brother recently renovated his house, and gave me a lot of slats (pic 1), which were used for door and window framing (I think). If you enjoyed this Instructable, please give me a vote in the "Box contest" (click on orange flag in top right corner). This is about making a box for a superb board game called "Secret Hitler". Share it with us! Liberals have the majority, but only fascists know which is which. This is important because we will use those edges as reference for the plough plane. I needed 3 of them to get the width I needed. So my tail pieces with grooves look like this: Next up, we'll glue up the sides. After a couple trial fittings and trimming, it fit perfectly and the mistake was hardly noticeable (pic 6). He showed me you can make anything you can dream up, with only a few hand tools, a sturdy workbench and a small space to work in. 1.) There's no way the lid can slide into the groove now. They were about 9 mm thick (a little under 3/8 inch), which makes them perfect for boxes. This is the so-called knifewall method of Paul Sellers. Flattening, squaring and thicknessing panels. He continues to blog and publish woodworking books at Lost Art Press. While it’s perfectly ok to do this with just a chisel and mallet, it’s quite […], Filed under: Free Online Woodworking School, How to Make a Dovetail Box by Hand, Matt Estlea | Posted on February 12, 2020 |. You can either set your sliding bevel to that angle, or use a dovetail template. 1/4″, 1/2″ and a 1″ chisel; Wooden mallet; Dovetail saw; Marking gauge ; Combination square; Workbench with a vise; Router table with a round over, cove and rabbet router bits; Table saw; Sander; Dovetail template; Supplies. I use a marking gauge, a dovetail gauge, and a small square to do the layout. After all, how difficult can sanding be? Stabilize Your Strop. If they are equal, then your box is square. To get the width for the bottom and lid, we first need to make panels. I do this by constructing a 45 degree shooting board using scrap material and a sliding bevel set to a 1:1 ratio. Next, cut along your line (pic 2) and make sure to stay away from your base line. I know this probably seems like I’m clutching at straws by teaching this part of the project.