Dovetail saws are generally between 8 and 10 inches in length with particularly fine teeth (around 14 to 17 per inch). I’m in a dilemma, choosing between two S&J saws:
When using a Western saw, start the cut on the far side of the wood at a very low angle. Hi Izzy, thanks for getting back with an answer so quickly. Now let’s consider the important issue of body mechanics, which is the foundation of accurate sawing. When I bought mine, people said Thomas Lie-Nielsen was nuts for selling a dovetail saw for $125. I can get the Crown Gents saw locally or order the tenon saw you post here on Amazon. 76 20 That requires fully focusing the mind and the body, as well as attending to the fine points of technique that I’ll discuss here. What could I correct to get this saw working better ? 12″ Rip cut ? Grip the handle with three fingers and thumb, and extend the index finger forward. Realize that it is not a problem if you deviate a bit from that line, as long as the cut is straight. Nonetheless, the dovetail saw can still be used for miter work where the cut needs to be exact and smooth, as long as the wood to be cut isn’t too deep. This is a very good product you can use any day anytime. They originally came with three different kinds of handles, in closed, open and turned designs. Additional uses for this saw include: Cuts that require a fine, exact cut When cutting 7/8 inch dressed lumber When designing and cutting patterns for fine furniture The dovetail is useful when doing miter work. Note that the tooth line is not necessarily parallel to the saw back — it is not in most dovetail saws. I learnt so much and have made several pieces after watching you. My only complaint with the saw … Honestly, this saw is more incredible than I remembered. 76 0 obj <> endobj

95 0 obj <>stream We welcome your comments and Which hole saw to use for 5" recessed light can. The kerf on the end grain must be established square to the wood. This blade is made from 1095 spring steel and has a 1 5/8" depth of cut and a 9" brass-back plate. Making a good dovetail joint largely comes down to accurate sawing. Like tenon saws, these can be brass or steel-backed, the main difference is … Dovetail saw definition is - a small backsaw with thin blade, fine teeth, and straight handle used for accurate work (as in cabinetmaking and patternmaking). 0000009899 00000 n I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. A dovetail saw can be used for most types of joint work and are not restricted to dovetail joints. Any back on the blade will interfere with the guide.

In any case, one must retain in muscle memory the horizontal level position of the tooth line. Personally I think the best bargain in dovetail saws is the Lie-Nielsen tapered dovetail saw. Besides that, I intend to buy the S&J 22″, 10 ppi saw and to file it rip. Paul likes the turned (inline) handle for cutting dovetails, as found on the gent’s saw. I am glad to see this saw coming up here! For crosscutting, shoulders etc, I just rely on the finer teeth of smaller back saws like dovetail or gents saws. Dovetail saws are unique products. The core muscles — gluteals, hips, and abdominals — should be consciously engaged without being wooden. I’ve been watching Paul’s videos and absolutely love them. May 12, 2014 By Rob Porcaro & filed under Woodworking Blog. We purchased this from Hurst for £20.99 with £3.50 delivery in January 2018. This is because, later in the process, the pins will be marked out directly from the tails, canceling the effect of Unfortunately, this precludes typical dovetail cutting saws. 0000000016 00000 n Like with all saws, if you are not yet confident with sharpening them and you want one ready to go, Paul recommends buying a new one. Practice that by gripping your saw and simply setting the tooth line on the workbench top.

Though they are actually shorter than back saws, but they can be confused with it. The first 4 teeth have no set. As the teeth begin to establish a kerf, gradually “lay down the tooth line” along the layout line. – A professional (“dovetail”) saw, 12 inches, 15 ppi: When buying a dovetail saw you need to ensure that it has good, resharpenable steel and has a strong back. View our Privacy Policy here. Thank you for your time and passion. Be cognizant of which are the outside and inside faces of the wood, and be sure to avoid making the kerf even the slightest bit greater than 90° to the outside face to prevent a visible gap on the outside of the joint. The fine 15 PPI teeth make easy work of cutting the necessary angled rips. If you’re working with this type of wood in small enough pieces, a dovetail saw can be used in place of a panel saw and is perfect for using basic cutting techniques. I suggest some warm up cuts to awaken your muscle memory. You also want to make sure it has 15 PPI or more (slightly smaller teeth) and has a comfortable wooden handle.
0000001318 00000 n 14ppi ? In place of a panel saw, you can use a dovetail saw.