I like to think that the turtle in your dream represents you. There is another hidden meaning when at home, you will need to learn to give your spouse and children more freedom to try out new things, make mistakes which will enable them to grow and learn on their own without your helping hand all the time. The general belief is that it symbolizes a haven for immortals. They are an egg producer which in Latin is known as “ovum parterre.” Seeing turtle eggs, or a baby turtle indicates that you will slowly develop an idea for the better. To dream of a flying turtle means that you need to be more open for new adventures. A dream about a turtle can represent fertility, wisdom, shelter, motherhood, loyalty, slow but inevitable progress, and spiritual development. Turtle shells as a dream symbol generally suggest shelter and protection against the world and your inner thoughts. Due to unavoidable reasons, that which used to hold a relationship together has broken and thus making you feel defenseless because the person whom you trusted most has hurt you. If you see a hurt turtle in your dream, then it is a reflection of your hidden desire to gain respect from others. Dreaming of turtle shells generally signify protection of your inner thoughts from the outer world. Same as Native Americans, the Mayans saw turtles as sacred and closely related to Mother Earth because of their ability to carry weight on their shoulders. Inhabiting both land and water, it is also believed to have a close bonding with the Spirits of Water and the Rain God. I went back a third time to investigate the findings of the dead turtle and much to my surprise he was being devoured by even a bigger stronger turtle. In Asian countries, it’s believed that the turtle reveals how the world was formed – from its body. Dream About Turtle Walking on LandSeeing a turtle moving or walking around in dreams suggests that you need to take it slow in waking life situations and relationships. Spin my tarot wheel to find out. In Hindu mythology, the turtle, known as “Akupara” or “Chukwa” is believed to carry on its shell, four elephants that have the world on their backs. Because of a turtle’s shell, this dream can be revealing your defense strategies and your tough outer shell that protects and defends your vulnerability, and might be keeping you at arm’s length from the intimacy you desire. Seeing a turtle walking or moving in your dream, or accidentally killing one may be a reminder for you to slow your pace in life so as to achieve your goals. There was a big one whose shell was broken in three places and I was trying to put it back together , it was not repaired but I never lost hope. To dream of a turtle swimming slowly in water symbolizes the blessing you were given. I went back to my lovers apartment and he was angry I was there. When in your dream, you see yourself touching a turtle, then it is a sign that, you are going to enjoy something shortly which will be very pleasurable to you. The turtle in Nigeria is viewed primarily as a trickster archetype. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. In fact, you need to focus on yourself in a way that takes the pressure off your “outside” self and puts it on your “inner” self. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You are afraid of not fitting in. A dream where a turtle is biting you as a warning. You will feel reborn, even feel invincible. Seeing a turtle on a beach in a dream can indicate a new beginning or growth for the future. Dream about the blue turtles documentary is a premonition for your physical body and the attention you give it. In their Creation Myth, the Maize God is at times shown alighting from the shell of a giant cosmic turtle. The dream is a symbol for conscious knowledge and the things that you are confronting or dealing with. Is everything fine? I dreamed my father-in-law and we swim around the island, under a up side down diggie and a hudge turtle was underneath!I woke with the most inspired feeling! Allow them more opportunities to try new things, make mistakes, and grow to learn on their own. Put the focus on your healthy diet. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It denotes discipline, constraints and limitations. Whatever bothers you in life indicates that you will have inner peace in life. You are all wound-up or tense about some situation. There are many myths circling around turtles. If you are holding a turtle in your hand; it suggests that you shelter yourself and are cautious to express your emotions. I found myself hard to chop it’s head because the head are hiding inside. I dreamed I was tending to some baby green sea turtles. Hence, people still place turtle figures made of crystal, glass or metal at the back door for attracting luck and blessings. In dreams, a turtle might symbolize an unexpected victory or an ability to take on an enemy against whom one is seriously outmatched and come out on top. You are experiencing a higher level of awareness. Dream about blue dolphin is a clue for your emotional rhythm. In Jung, C. G. Man and his Symbols. Lots of purple and light and I was right in front of his mouth, I guess we were cool w each other, we seemed to know one another, I woke up really calm and postive,but also kinda confused.then found a turtle in the front yard that morning then the next morning found another any thoughts? You ain’t going nowhere, and neither does your goal. A sea turtle in the ocean indicates your emotions will be up and down due to taking on challenges and a land turtle in a dream can suggest balancing your life and slow progression. You could also be frustrated over something in your life. To swim with a turtle in your dream can imply that you are going to live a long and a happy life. Then I trash it’s back to force it’s head out and chop it. In Hawaiian culture, turtles are seen as an omen for good luck and faithfulness because of their ability to return home. These obstacles are going to make it impossible for you to finish the project which you are currently working on. Aside from being a sacred creature for saving people from the Great Flood, the turtle is also associated with fertility and conceiving a lot of newborns. I had to use bentonite clay for the underwater base and when I was done, many turtles came to it as if they were waiting for it. In the Bible and Christianity, dreams about turtles usually symbolize amity and accord. It can suggest that you might be better off moving slowly in a particular situation than rushing through and making mistakes in the process as that can mean the difference between negative and positive results. You may have a pleasant surprise coming up in the near future. The way these turtles are moving and on which surface can have an impact on the dream’s meaning. The turtle was dark green on dirt ground with some grass patches. (sorry for my english, im not so fluent in english. Could this be the reality of my dream. Also, they believe that the turtle hides the secret of earth and heaven in its shell. Dream About Killing a TurtleTo kill a turtle by accident in the dream indicates that you need to tread slowly about your ongoing task. Seeing yourself riding a turtle means that something is making you anxious lately. Dreaming about a golden turtle refers to periods of prosperity that you would be facing in life. there was family and friends chatting and eating and swimming. This dream denotes some repressed feelings…, Dear Efe, Dream about collecting red palm oil which is in a clean bottle is a signal for memories, creativity…, I dreamt about being separated from two children I grew very close with.