– When he was a child, his mother liked him with long hair, and because of this hairstyle a lot of people used to mistake him for a girl.

– He was cast into SM Entertainment after winning the company’s Youth Best Contest in 2007. . 6) To get KAI's voice, change KaiKai's flag to g+19 or +20 Full Name. – He dislikes raw oyster (Star Road ep6) – Every time he has a chance to speak he wishes everyone to be happy as he thinks this is the most important thing in the world. Fact which ain’t needed here but still saying though – Jennie has a puppy named Kai (Which is kinda awkward now) lmao Thank you for the heads up! at MAMA, when Krystal comes , she “bowed” for the other members except for Seulgi

Eden Kai - Dearly ( Acoustic Live!) Xu Kai (simplified Chinese: 许凯; traditional Chinese: 許凱; pinyin: Xǔ Kǎi, born 5 March 1995) is a Chinese actor and model.He is best known for his role as Fuheng in Story of Yanxi Palace (2018) and Li Chenlan in The Legends (2019). They don't want Kai to disclose information about themselves. – Everyone says that he looks like a bear and he accepted this fact and now wears clothes with bears on them, calls himself a bear and his fanclub name is erigoms, where ‘gom’ means ‘bear’. didn’t he acted in choco bank in drama web you can see this The Salamis Kai-class cruiser is a space battleship that served the Earth Federation Forces, the Titans, the Anti-Earth Union Group, and the League Militaire of the Universal Century timeline of the Gundam metaseries. He is seen to be a good friend with Shuu. Kpop Ships – He appeared on Yummy Yummy (with Sehun), Hello Counselor (with Lay), Happy together (with Taemin), The Return of Superman (with baby Taeoh who is said to look like him) Male Kpop Discographies During his latest interview for L’Officiel Hommes he said the world “happiness” thirty-two times. – Tbh your description of his character is not really correct. [1], In 2013, Xu won the championship in a print ads modeling contests held in Guangzhou. – His issue of the magazine “Big Issue” beat its record in sales since its creation and numerous homeless people thanked him and EXO-L’s who bought the magazine for their contribution.

Kpop Quizzes Kai Kogashiwa (小柏 カイ Kogashiwa Kai) is a street racer from Tochigi prefecture, and a son to a legendary Downhill ace and Bunta Fujiwara's rival, Ken Kogashiwa. "BUTTER-FLY" OVER 1.2 MILLION VIEWS!!! Someone who is gentle and affectionate. Do you like Kai?

KAI is the genderbent form of his older sister KaiKai Kim who is the default voice in the voicebank. At the end of the movie, when Zero Magnum failed, he cheered Hakuryuu and Shuu up, saying that they will score a goal next time. Kai (カイ) is a forward for Ancient Dark and midfielder for Zero. Game erleichtert Ihnen als Nutzer aber die Suche. Jobs und Berufe: 2013-11 bis 2018-07 account manager in Minol Messtechnik W. Lehmann GmbH & Co. KG teamleiter kundencenter teamleiter kundencenter Ausbildung: in Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Niederländisch. Ausbildung: in Grundschule Annenheide in … He wants to keep on doing charity work in the future.) In order to recruit Kai, the following requirements are needed: Inazuma Eleven Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Kai appeared in MF Ghost as Ryosuke Takahashi's friend. He rarely goes outside and orders everything online 1 .