How-To Guides offer additional information not found on our regular pages. Looking for a flexible role? Schools must not be discriminatory when providing teaching about marriage and civil partnership. Fisho-Orideji, (2001) affirmed that the girl-child problem around the world has many dimensions but the root of all kinds of discriminations and bias against the girl child lies in the customs, traditions and typical mindset of the society which considers the girl child and women as inferior beings. In every civilized society and especially in the African context, children are regarded as the pride of parents and the greatest value the society possesses. Guttman, (2009) noted that the effect on gender discrimination of the girl child’s education remains that, half of the total sexual assaults in the world are committed against girl children just as Fisho-Orideji, (2001) stated that, one of the leading causes of death among girl children is the complication from pregnancy and child bearing. Cross-Country Evidence on the Effect of Gender Inequality in Education on Economic Development. No school, or individual teacher, is under a duty to support, promote or endorse marriage of same sex couples. in urban India between 1987 and 2011 are surprisingly low Using cross-country and panel The education level of women is quite low in Muslim countries which are mostly developing countries. For more information see our page on ‘Education for children out of school‘. The Child Law Advice Service now offers a Schools Information Service. Whereas in the FTT SEND the judge is only one member of a three-member tribunal, which means that the majority of the tribunal are SEND specialists, in the County Court the judge will be the decision-maker, assisted by an ‘assessor’. For instance, many Asian cultures groom young girls to becoming women, who later in life play the role of a homemaker responsible to prepare meals for the family and to do everyday house chores. Other than that, gender based violence also serves to perpetuate male power and control. Throughout history, all over the world, woman empowerment came only later. After that, education is one of the main causes for gender discrimination. Consequently, the society in most cases sees the girl-child as a second fiddle; as a result, little or no effort is made towards her education especially when the parents are made to make a choice between educating the male-child and the girl-child. Sociology We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. In-born egoism causes men to always think that they are right all the time and refuse to accept suggestion from women. Most of the common discrimination that appear to threaten the female gender include:  The belief that men are stronger than women, the belief that education of women is a waste of resources, the belief that men are the bread winners, the belief that the male child will be a support for parents in the old age, the belief is that the gild child will eventually marry and ‘come under’ their husbands hence they are treated as inferior. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. According to Obanya (2007) the girl-child educational attainment is low as records have shown that fewer girls go to school than boys. 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Gender roles are the patterns of behaviors, attitudes, and expectations associated with a particular sex—with being either male or female. You can view samples of our professional work here. potential endogeneities. Gender imbalance is one of the major effects of gender discrimination in China. Thirdly, increasing women education level may affect the education level of next generation positively. percentage points of differences in annual per capita growth Women participation in economy is a major economic resource which is not frequently used in Muslim countries. If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writing service is here to help! What are the factors affecting the girl child’s participation in education in Abraka, Ethiope East LGA? The Crux of the Matter. Lastly, sexual inequality is the main factor of violence against women. Therefore, trafficking of women is caused from gender discrimination. The Crux of the Matter. Analysis of five large Pupils of compulsory school age who are pregnant or who have become parents may be entitled to education under this provision. In their culture, they are required to seek for their parents’ blessing on their marriage, if it is unsuccessful, their relationship would fall apart. No plagiarism, guaranteed!