The course bundles classes arranged sequentially, so that the student can progress through a logical series of curriculums and get an original electric guitar … Please see our Terms and Conditions for participating in a course, – No prior experience is necessary, we will guide you through all the steps involved. Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar . I do recommend using a pre-made fretboard for your first build but have included two methods of making your own, just in case you are determined to do it the hard way! – design your own headstock shape (or use one of our templates) It includes all the materials, consumables, use of all the required tools and two days of tuition. -Apply a Stain and an Oil finish This course takes a ‘ground-up’ approach and has students drawing out blueprints as well as creating the required molds and fixtures necessary to complete their builds. Alternatively, if you are purchasing the course as a gift you may find our Gift Voucher useful, as you do not need to select the guitar model or the date to purchase a course. We will guide you through the whole process so you end up with an awesome guitar you get to take home at the end of the weekend! Our Electric Guitar Making Fast Track Course offers essential luthiery training and a custom guitar design course in a series of hands-on workshops, giving the student a quick start to making their own custom guitar, bass or any string instrument. – Check out our FAQ page if you have any unanswered queries. You can customise your guitar with these options; You are welcome to bring other hardware along but if it does not swap over easily you may have to wait till after the course to install it yourself. Scroll through and choose what date you would like to do the course. -Final prep and sanding of your instrument We have hard cases for all of the models we offer. – The order will appear in your shopping cart, either continue shopping (for another course or a case) or proceed to the checkout page and complete payment. -Assemble the body and neck COURSES on Guitar Making shapeinentrariola 2020-05-26T12:46:59+02:00. – Set up to your own preferences. – The course cost varies depending on which instrument you choose to build. pickup height adjustments Held over six days, you'll build a solid body electric guitar from scratch. We started holding courses in 2008 after being approached by many people who had the desire to learn the craft, but had no way to get started. From carving to wiring, In this course Mark will guide … -Level and dress the frets With over 26 years of building and teaching experience, your success is guaranteed. You can either order them when booking your course online or on the day of the course. cutting in the nut – There is a maximum of four students per course, – You can build any of our electric or bass guitar models in any course (does not include the Cigar Box Guitar, see here for that course), – We currently have 13 different guitar models to choose from, including two left handed models. A lovely gift certificate is included that you can present to the recipient on the special day also. The Hancock Guitar Making Course was established to help others get involved in the craft that we love so much, building guitars. It saves you trying to wrangle the info out of them without ruining the surprise. – You may want to purchase a case for your finished instrument. – Once you have clicked on the guitar model a calendar will show up on the next page. neck relief adjustments You will learn how to; – choose the colour of the finish. We offer a two-day electric guitar or bass guitar making course where you will turn your guitar parts into a fully functioning instrument, under our professional guidance. -Do a full set up, which includes, Guitar Making Courses. -Install hardware Choose an instrument from our great range of guitars, and we will provide you with everything you need to build it in our fully equipped workshop. neck angle adjustments You'll draw the plans by hand, do all the cutting, routing, shaping and gluing, wire the electronics, and complete the fretwork and setup. We understood the frustration, wanting to build a guitar but having no easy way to begin, since we had found ourselves in … Build Your Own Electric Guitar. The available dates are in green (just the Saturday of the weekend is shown) Red dates are fully booked. Join Mark on a journey to build your very own acoustic guitar from blocks of wood into a fine and beautiful instrument. There is a lot to get through in the two days so other modifications are not in the scope of the course. To get the most from this course it is highly recommended that you have already completed my other course Design Your Own Guitar – this is why it is included here for free.. – Now you are all booked in to do some guitar building! Electric Guitar Making Course We offer a two-day electric guitar or bass guitar making course where you will turn your guitar parts into a fully functioning instrument, under our professional guidance. For any inquiries, drop me a line! and setting the intonation. FEATURED COURSES. This is the ideal program for students interested in understanding the entire … Dear visitors, due to the current situation (COVID-19), all seminars have been postponed until further notice. If you cannot find the answer there please feel free to get in contact with us, – Simply select which guitar model you would like to build from the list below. Choose an instrument from our great range of guitars, and we will provide you with everything you need to build it in our fully equipped workshop. you can see the range below, – You need to be 16 years or older to participate. string height/action adjustments You can pay securely via credit card through our Paypal gateway or you can do a bank transfer. -Design and make your own headstock shape from the neck blank What are you waiting for? testing electronics Our ‘Complete’ guitar building program affords students the opportunity to build an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and an additional guitar of their choosing. Welcome to Build Your Own Guitar – ONLINE. Stay safe, stay home if you can, and keep the hope: Spring is here, and it will probably make things uncomfortable for this stupid bug. – choose a guitar design from our range – Our Electric Guitar Making Courses generally run on the first weekend of each month. That one price (listed on each model below) is the total cost to complete the course. -Solder in the electronics