The lead-up to the election brought on stress for many employees, and it’s not abating. Finally, we have noticed a greater emphasis on mental health in the workplace over the last few months. This can be achieved by offering Employee Assistance Program or tailoring the medical plan to include behavioral health visits both onsite and virtually. Employee benefits have been a recruiting and retention mainstay for decades. The wealth management firm says the pandemic has proven how invaluable the benefit is for retaining talent. 2020 Benny awards. DVV Media HR Group Limited. The market-leading website for the reward and employee benefits industry in the UK. Read more here. The same goes for any financial wellness benefits your employer may offer, including access to a financial planner or coach. Retirement contributions remain steady despite COVID uncertainty: Despite market swings, ongoing economic uncertainty and worsening financial stress due to the pandemic, there’s some good news on employees’ retirement progress: contributions to retirement accounts remained steady overall in the third quarter of 2020, from both employees and employers. Mon, Oct 12th 2020. Likely a greater focus on workplace safety and relief in a COVID-19 world, stemming rising healthcare costs and improving care, industry experts say. Magazine Issue Year 2020. Our website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Employees continued to contribute to their retirement accounts, and average account balances increased slightly in the third quarter, according to a third-quarter analysis of the 30 million retirement accounts held at Fidelity Investments. It's open enrollment season, meaning it's time to review your employer-sponsored plans and benefits. Plus, learn how leaders in retirement, technology, voluntary, and wellness benefits managed through a historic crisis, UBS stresses the importance of financial wellness benefits during COVID-19, Helping employees cope with COVID-19 and seasonal depression, 8 employee benefits to be thankful for this year, 2020 holidays are looking blue — here’s how to help stressed-out employees. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, more individuals have leveraged telehealth benefits to receive acute, chronic, primary and specialty care. Human Resource Executive. Aquent to cover employee healthcare premiums for the holidays. But recent polls have shown continued skepticism surrounding a potential COVID-19 vaccination. How agility, culture are propelling this company through COVID: With more than 95,000 team members around the world, professional services firm Genpact had its work cut out for it when the pandemic hit. Don't overlook these 6 employee benefits that can help you save money. The role of AI in enrollment support is growing—and in the process, giving employees the resources and education to make better benefits decisions. Half of Americans saw their candidate lose, and now with President Trump not conceding to President-elect Joe Biden and bringing legal battles to question the validity of the election, uncertainty and anxiety over results only continue. Numerous reports have shown that U.S. employees are suffering from stress and mental illness at higher rates than in the past. Post-election challenge: Helping employees cope with results: Post-election, many employers are finding themselves in a precarious spot: navigating how to best help stressed-out employees cope with the results. With the pressures of working from home, how can HR leaders prevent burnout? Set. Workplace benefit news for HR professionals and employers. Employee management, health care, retirement, voluntary benefit information. Companies compete for the best talent through a variety of strategies and offerings, including generous benefit packages. Read more here. While only 44% of participants reported experiencing financial stress prior to the pandemic, the number grew to 67% following the outbreak. South East Coast Ambulance Service launches mental health app for staff . Registered in England and Wales no. That’s why we encourage offering the best employee benefits and perks and why we have created a culture of appreciation within our own company. Invest in You: Ready. Registered office 1st Floor Chancery House, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, Surrey SM1 1JB, to improve your user experience. All rights reserved. Forward-thinking organizations are finding new employee benefits options that not only help attract new employees, but also help them retain their best employees over the long run. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that health insurance premiums have grown by 54% over the last 11 years. Grow. A program that promotes Kansas City as a talent destination is shifting its approach to internships.