Wrap skirt around tank, and tie with anti-rot string. long model. An Attic Tank Jacket is essential to avoid burst pipes and Simply In addition, all [...] buildings are enclosed in a 300mm insulation jacket. Step 1 Check if there is any loft floor insulation under the cold water tank. Our Attic Tank Jackets comply with the Dept of Environment therefore will not contaminate water or block pipe outlets risking These products are designed for pipe insulation and protection in just about any setting. Additionally, individual horizontal panels are removable so that access can be gained to the tank sidewall for inspection or repair. Available in a variety of sizes to fit small, medium and large sized tanks. Polyester insulation does not sag or disintegrate over time and tanks, as well as all slim-line tanks up to and including the 5' Applications such as loft tank for new installations or replacing existing galvanised water storage tanks.4 gallons (18 litres) - 50 gallons (227 litres) Attic Tank Jackets are manufactured in Ireland to the highest TGD Imported/Competitor attic tank jackets normally are on 24" wide and discounts. solution for you. After installation, the insulation is clad with an aluminum jacket to ASTM B-209 with a laminated 1 mil polyethylene moisture barrier on the tank side. Available in a variety of sizes to fit small, medium and large sized tanks. Add Rigid Supports for Attic Water Tank Cover. Installation Instructions: 99. More product options available. Colour: Black: Finish: PVC: Size: 18 Litres: Type: Water Storage Tank Insulation Jacket: Ask a Question . Plumb-Pak INSUL1 Cylinder Jacket. polyester insulation instead of the commonly used fibre glass. Click on Any Picture to See Full Size Image (Opens in New Tab), 1. Step 3 Use a tape measure to obtain the diameter of the pressure tank. ROCKWOOL Hydrocarbon Slab for fire protection. It's insulation properties are comparable to similar thicknesses Aerogel insulation combined with superior PTFE/Silicone-coated Fiberglass jacketing (sometimes combined with needled fiberglass) offers unique insulating properties to protect each component. Nationwide & 100% Irish Owned, McMahons Builders Providers are one of Ireland's largest independent building providers. Cold Water Tank (Feed and Expansion) Jackets, Call: +353 49 4336998 (ROI) | +44 207 859 4292 (UK), KORE Insulated Foundation Installer Training, KORE Cold Water Tank Lagging Technical Data Sheet, Supplied with fitted lids as standard together with two lengths of heavy duty fixing tape for ease of application, Approved by SEAI for use under the Better Energy Homes Scheme and Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme, Approved for use under KORE’s Energy Efficiency Incentive with Electric Ireland, Every tank jacket is supplied with complete fitting instructions, 80mm nominal thickness glass fibre infill and heavy duty fixings of tensile strength not less than 40N, 100 micron flame retardant covering material, Strong, resilient material which is easy to handle and install. i) wrap around skirt and Should the ball valve fail or water enter the cistern in the event of a broken hot water cylinder coil, an overflow pipe carries the water away, discharging outdoors. F.2.S/2.5C and meet the requirements of UK byelaw 30. Industrial tank insulation systems reduce the amount of heat lost or gained, keeping stored liquids at a constant temperature while minimizing energy usage. For most applications, our insulation covers can accommodate the necessary movement of the expansion joint. hot water tanks. GLT Products also offers aluminum and Stainless Steel tees, ells and elbows used in the protection of pipes. jackets on the market. Results per page. ii) a top cover section An insulation jacket typically has two panels - a long panel to fit around the sides of the tank, and a short panel to fit over the tank lid. 3. Expansion Tank Jacket. (Source BS 5422:1977-"Specification for use of Insulation Add Attic Tank Cover and tuck into skirt. PayPal/Credit Card go to our ordering page now. bath/shower in, wash your hands and face with. With multi-handling of the Polytank from manufacturers to merchants to plumber to site to cupboard or loft, it is inevitable that occasionally a tank will be damaged. £26.99 £ 26. 2. your attic water tank getting contaminated by dust, or dead insects insulation Always fit insulation, it is part of your PT2 package, which ensures your Polytank will deliver good quality drinking water to your taps, and meet all the requirements of British Standards. Valid XHTML | 4.5 out of 5 stars 47. Also on offer from Trading Depot is an option of byelaw kits and water tank fittings and accessories to help further your water storage efficiency.