The great philosopher Ken Wilber has published many thick volumes, many of which are esoteric, dense and difficult for the layperson to really absorb. Gere is a co-founder of the Tibet House and a prominent advocate for human rights in Tibet. She had made many headlines for being a Jew-Bu – a term used for people who combine Buddhist philosophy with Hebrew teachings. Shortly after she adopted him, she got a tattoo in Khmer script which is a Buddhist prayer. As Pema non-preachily preaches, we can let the circumstances of our lives harden us and make us increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us and make us kinder. 5. Turner became an adherent of Nichiren Buddhism in 1973. Grace and Grit: Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber by Ken Wilber. Yes, Pema made the list twice. 3. Learn more. There are probably a lot more famous Buddhist people than you realize. We'll keep you posted! Thanks to this timely Elephant post, I learned about the existence of  this new book. We're community-driven. 6. The religion was begun by Siddhartha Gautama who lived in the 5th century B.C. I said, well, I guess that’s one way to describe it.”. Reasons Why Goldie Hawn Will Forever Be America's Sweetheart#116 of 339 The Funniest People Of All Time#118 of 252 The Best Actresses Working Today. And definitely join the thousands of people who are learning about Buddhism in my (free) Buddhist meditation plan. we bring you the 10 hottest Hollywood celebrities who have been interested in Buddhism. Sharon Stone, American actress, producer, and former fashion model. We couldn’t believe some of the famous Buddhist celebrities we found when we made our list (below). Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Thurman was born into a Buddhist family. Please leave a comment below and share your favorite title(s). Grace and Grit: Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber by Ken Wilber. Elephant offers 2 articles/day for free. Adam was a practicing Buddhist. Buddhism is a philosophy and religion based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, known to most of us as "the Buddha.". The Sage Business Researcher sites that four in ten American adu lts meditate on a weekly basis, demonstrating in part why Buddhist art and its teachings have become increasingly in fluential amidst a crowded modern landscape. In 1997, Lama Penor Rinpoche – the 11th throne holder of the Palyul Lineage of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism – announced that Steven Seagal was a tulku (a person recognized by followers as the emanation of a deceased master of Tibetan Buddhism). This book elaborates on the key principles outlined in the Buddha’s noble Eightfold Path and covers Wisdom Training (developing clear vision, insight, and inner understanding — seeing reality and ourselves as we really are), Ethics Training (cultivating virtue, self-discipline, and compassion in what we say and do) and Meditation Training (practicing mindfulness, concentration, and awareness of the present moment). Todaiji (“Great Eastern Temple”) in Nara is one of the most historically significant … Haeinsa Temple. Although he is rumored to be a Buddhist, it is not so. And clearly you appreciate mindfulness with a sense of humor and integrity! From Kate Hudson to Keanu Reeves to Orlando Bloom, VIEW OUR GALLERY of Hollywood's Buddha-ful People. The English musician follows Vajrayana Buddhism, also known as the Diamond Vehicle.