But I had only you on my mind. The drover’s friend that has seen his day,And now was worthless and cast awayWith a broken knee and a broken heartTo be flogged and starved in a hawker’s cart. If you don't want to be friends, lose every connection you had with him. Famous Poems (279) Friendship Poems (494) Funny Poems (148) Holiday & Birthday (434) Life Poems (738) Love Poems (677) Nature Poems (350) She was neither very beautiful, nor very attractive for others, but for me, she was so pure and sweet. Vell her head, wi' tears a-creepen But I am sure one thing, Love is both sweet and painful. I truly love you and I miss you very much. She’s standing here A broken girl With nothing left to feel Pain is all she seems to know The tears just keep on falling She can’t be who you want her to be One broken night She fell apart No where to go but down She got behind the wheel Tears falling as she drove She stopped someplace She didn’t know Where she ended up All she knew is that she wanted out She turned around to go back home Get her things and leave Only to confront The demon she’s been fearing Yelling, Screaming, Hateful words All fill up in the a… It lives in your mind until your last breath, even though you may have sealed it up and put it away. I've had problems with listening to my heart and not my head my whole life. It is very sad that the people we love do not realize how much we love them. You can look where you like, But from polywogs to pike,You’ll never put the lid on Love. I loved this girl from the bottom of my heart. He was the worse guy in cheating he finally told me if I can't stand him cheating then I must leave him. One day the whole affair will fall apartwith a rustle of fire,a wrestle of undoing, as of tossed clocks,and somewhere not far off a broken heartfor hire. I tried to help her out — she died —They indicted me, the newspapers disgraced me,My wife perished of a broken heart. Breaking my heart, you thought it made you tough. “Thank you? Don't disclose this to him. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. You are a strong woman. Yet the fantastic memories will remain. Strong isn't even relevant here, meaning you don't have to be. That killed me. The reason we need our hearts broken is so they will grow back stronger, much like the muscles on our arms. What is it? Did he make you happy? Spent one minute in my shoes? I'm confused I don't know what to do. Were you touched by this poem? She's my everything; she was my light and dark and now I'm so lost.. They’re not married. Sometimes he even takes me home. I was in love with my wife, I did everything that I could ever do in my life for her, but she didn't love me because I look like her dad, and she hate him! I thought we were getting there. In February 2015 we broke up. He told me about what he thinks, and I thought we settled it. THOU, who thy honour as thy God rever’st,Who, save thy mind’s reproach, nought earthly fear’st,To thee this votive offering I impart,The tearful tribute of a broken heart. Everytime we kissed I felt like I was kissing an angel sent to me from god. He says he loves me but doesn't show it. For I felt a swing and the easy strideOf the grand old horse that I used to ride. Days passed, and he replied, but I knew there was still something wrong. Love sometimes leaves a heart broken, just like a wound. :(, I have been abused by my ex soo many times so this poems is my life. I just broke up about 3 months ago, and I wasn't over it until a month ago. They made me broke my heart and broke his heart too.. Just like the poem said I always cry every night.. Hope he is always happy because I never want to see him being sad.. At the very end, she told me that I couldn't make herself love me. Learn how to write a poem about Broken heart and share it! I was really hurt because I loved her still and wanted the baby, but she demanded an abortion. He said even if he does he doesn’t want to lose me as a best friend, but I can’t be his friend. That it's hard for me to go. What did I do to you that was so wrong? We kissed for several times and I told him that I love him and he said he has a girlfriend.. Hey, please don't worry. By that time I had no job or any type of income coming in. I don't know if I've moved on. This is the 3rd time she's breaking up with me, and I really love her... Be you. From the Belgin hare to the Polar Bear, and the turtle dove,You can look where you please, But from elephant to fleas,You’ll never put the lid on Love. Everything begins so sweet, and ends so tragic, especially when it comes to love someone.