in India are able to learn and be educated. It makes them decide on the things that can be beautiful in the future, but because of the fear that lingers, it did not went that way. Farhan Qureshi acted by  Ranganathan Madhavan, is the first of the 3 idiots that was shown in the movie entitled 3 Idiots directed by  Rajkumar Hirani, and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. sings. Retrived from hopes to have some changes in the current system and also wish every children 3 idiots is the "Highest grossing Bollywood movie of all time." I am sure his endeavors will continue. such as engineer earn more money and photographer cannot feed a meal has explain She lays her eggs in other nests and when they hatch, what do they do? We will top our class. Nothing is impossible.” But Raju got irritated. Rancho, while patting his chest, his heart, said “Aalizz well. The Director said, “How dare you blame me for Joy’s suicide? about helping Joy to develop the camera drone, the scene changes to the Govind, his valet, had instructions to carry out all unproductive tasks such as shaving, nail-cutting etc.” While gathering at the center, Virus explained to the freshmen that they were like koel birds. We will show the world that our capacity to screw cannot be matched by any students anywhere on the planet. No one offers it so readily. will take parts to dance and lip-sync. Call me if there is a problem.” As Raju heard and understood the situation, he thanked Rancho. Yes. Rancho made the Director irritated so he told Farhan and Raju to go to his office the next day. Believing in our own is very much important, if you want to achieve something, first you need to fully believe in yourself, it will get easier to achieve your goal. A free-spirited bird had landed in Virus’ nest   .” Farhan explained their situation in the campus, “We were robots, blindly following our professors’ commands. house has become a very relevant example of the exaggerated setting to emerge They discuss grades, jobs, settling in the United States of America. Finally, it is a motivational movie and gives positive thoughts to acquire success in life. The leading role of this movie is Aamir khan who did not struggle and hard work to achieve success. Rancho did not go out, instead he made a device that makes the senior electrified when he pissed in Rancho’s front door. Farhan narrated, “We learned a lesson in Human Behavior and that is when your friend fails, you feel bad and when your friend tops, you feel worse. To save time, his shirts had Velcro and his ties had hook. Rancchoddas "Rancho" Shyamaldas Chanchad. I suggest you do not book your tickets. In addition, this movie story is centered on student life so students will enjoy it so much. We were ranked twenty eighth. But I still fail. To impress Virus, he got his speech written by the librarian in highbrow Hindi.” With the help of Farhan who distracted Chatur, Rancho went to the computer where the librarian and Chatur created the speech. expectation on the children education, all of the social issues have portray in Moreover, I am the first engineer from my village. Handmade biscuits. Govind, his valet, had instructions to carry out all unproductive tasks such as shaving, nail-cutting etc.” While gathering at the center, Virus explained to the freshmen that they were like koel birds. Cocktail traditionnel de joie, beauté, couleurs, tendresse, acrobaties, quiproquos, retournements, flashbacks, suspenses, clowneries, chants et danses, émotions, leçons d’amour et de vie, ce spectacle bollywoodien s’affiche cette fois en comédie philosophique, avec ce que cela suppose d’abracadabrances, de critiques sévères filtrées par le rire, et aussi d’apprentissage de l’amitié et de l’authenticité personnelle. : The time he finished working Joy’s project, Rancho made it fly up to Joy’s room, but they saw in the monitor, Joy took suicide. Match Actually, dad wants to make train reservations. A good loud fart is honorable. Virus. We got caught. He is not a guy who like easy things in life. “The same rum you guzzled those days. Virus is an extremely strict person The professor then asked him to define machine. Farhan narrated, “My heart sank, not because of our ranks tanked but because our friend flunked.” Farhan, while sad, heard Chatur said, “It is not possible. Farhan the ever supportive friend, said “But we cannot leave him alone.” That was the reason why Pia was there, to watch the father of Raju while the three of them would take their exams. There are too many impractical pieces of stuff that have been shown in this movie such as the delivery of a baby with a suction pipe, also giving exams after times up, and just flee easily by mixing their papers with other papers. among them that has low income and support of their family. There was a mistake! See what fear does to everyone. Farhan, a nervous Farhan, watched his roommate taught the class. He never cared if he was first or last.”. Super film, les musiques sont entraînantes et le scénario est grandiose, les personnages sont attachants et on ne s'ennuie pas une seule seconde! Farhan Qureshi is the selfless Idiot… Farhan is the type of person who doesn’t like to disappoint his parents. There was a tradition in the Imperial College of Engineering. Where is he?” Rancho replied, “Go ask the doctor.” A doctor, talking to Pia, passed by and they heard what the doctor said, “Close call, Pia. Competition over. Five years we have searched. Have a drink.” Chatur showed them the picture of his mansion with his wife in it that was worth of three point five million dollars. “The same rum you guzzled those days. You brought dad on a scooter.” Rancho replied, “Should I have sent him by courier?” Raju said, “No wisecracks on dads profession. With rigorous training, he has built up his stamina. People pretend to show me respect but behind my back, mock me as an illiterate. He said, “What do you mean?” “Book, sir.” Replied by Rancho. Pia V. Sahastrabudhhe Fixed rates. Rancho explained that a machine is anything that reduces effort but the professor did not accept it. Farhan continued, “Virus was the most competitive man we had ever seen. Farhan Qureshi reward or a sign of surrender. Ranccho and Pia carry on the romances part of So the flight attendant called to the captain of the plane and said, “Captain, there is a medical emergency. Pia V. Sahastrabudhhe Gender inequality has happened in India, thus the older the woman who Man said to Farhan, “Do not worry, a few days here and he will lose his faith in God. Farhan Qureshi Screw it, we thought, let us focus on the cottage cheese.” Farhan and Rancho were shocked when the rolling pin the mother of Raju used to the roti was scratched at the chest of the paralyzed father of Raju, and continued rolling it with the additional hair of the chest of the paralyzed father of Raju. And yes, I agree on what he said because I have so many fears that it causes me to not go out of my comfort zone. | Nothing is impossible.” But Raju got irritated, he held so much pressure from the poverty of his parents to the wedding of his sister, that the cause was still because of poverty. The chief is on the other line” Rancho continued the story. Shyamaldas Chanchad studying in Imperial College of Engineering, the best We will not budge from here without the postmaster. Vasant Vihar is an elegant area situated in the South West Delhi district of National Capital Territory of Delhi.