And yet she is the most unhappy of all, for she knows that the evil demon that loves her will kill the bridegroom on the wedding night. [23] So all was lost, more terrible than if it had never been! And whatever can only be great at a distance, whatever people want to exalt with empty and hollow phrases, that they themselves reduce to nothing. Talk he cannot, he speaks no human language. '. [144] Abraham can refrain at any moment, he can repent the whole thing as a temptation. Indeed he would be shocked if anyone said this to him. Many a girl has been made unhappy in love, but she became unhappy; Sarah was so before she became it. [48] to transform the leap in life to a gait, to express the sublime in the pedestrian absolutely - that is something only the knight of faith can do - and it is the one and only marvel. Infinite resignation is that shirt in the old fable. Course Hero, Inc. As a reminder, you may only use Course Hero content for your own personal use and may not copy, distribute, or otherwise exploit it for any other purpose. [154] Faith is the highest passion in a human being. He should not be so inhuman as shamelessly to want to violate every rule of respect by storming into the king's salon straight from the street - he loses more by doing that than the king; on the contrary he should find pleasure in observing every rule of decorum with a glad and confident enthusiasm, which is just what will make him frank and open-hearted. [45] he belongs altogether to the world Through faith I don't renounce anything, on the contrary in faith I receive everything. [96] I will explain once more the difference in the collision as between the tragic hero and the knight of faith. I am convinced that God is love; this thought has for me a pristine lyrical validity. I ask everyone not to think so inhumanly of himself as to dare not set foot in those palaces where not just the memory of the chosen lives on but the chosen themselves. For the knight of faith, wish and duty are also identical, but the knight of faith is required to give up both. For the knight of faith, wish and duty are also identical, but the knight of faith is required to give up both. Abraham is done for and faith has never existed in the world, just because it has always existed. [42] But to be able to lose one's understanding and with it the whole of the finite world whose stockbroker it is, and then on the strength of the absurd get exactly the same finitude back again, that leaves me aghast. [150] But none could under- stand Abraham. As a single individuality, that person then rises above the universal. The life of such a one cannot be understood through thought. If he believed he wouldn't have taken the deal. She needs no worldly admiration, as little as Abra- ham needs our tears, for she was no heroine and he no hero, but both of them became greater than that, not by any means by being relieved of the distress, the agony, and the paradox, but because of these. Nevertheless when the misfortune comes from outside there is a certain conso- lation. Longi Pastoralia). Second father to the human race! But the unfathomable sorrow which no time can disperse, no time heal, is to know that it would be no use even if life were to do everything! [16] He could not comprehend that it was a sin to have been willing to sacrifice to God the best he owned; that for which he would many a time have gladly laid down his own life; and if it was a sin, if he had not so loved Isaac, then he could not understand that it could be forgiven; for what sin was more terrible? [78] Even of a person born in humble circumstances I ask that he should not be so inhuman towards himself as to be unable to think of the king's castle except at a distance and by dreaming ofits grandeur indistinctly, wanting to exalt it and simul- taneously destroying its grandeur by exalting it in such a debasing way. All was now surely lost! Let a man take Sarah's place, let him know that if he is to love a girl an infernal spirit will come and murder her on the wedding night, then he would certainly be likely to choose the demonic, shut himself up in himself and say in his heart, as does the demonic nature, 'Thanks, I am no friend of ceremony and fuss, I don't at all insist on the pleasures of love, I can just as well be a Bluebeard who gets his pleasure seeing girls die on their wedding night.' [130] Certainly Tobias acted gallantly, resolutely, and chival- rously, but any man who lacks courage to do that is a milksop who knows neither what love is nor what it is to be a man, nor what is worth living for. Whenever, having entered the universal, the single individual feels an urge to assert his particularity, he is in a state of temptation, from which he can extricate himself only by surrendering his particularity to the universal in repent- ance. In taking the leap of faith, he steps outside the universal and transcends it. Faith can be seen at work in a paradoxical life—a life so paradoxical that it cannot be thought. Faith finds its proper expression in him whose life is ... so paradoxical that it simply cannot be thought. Quotes from Soren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling. If it had been a different word everything might dissolve in confusion. I am all the time aware of that monstrous paradox that is the content of Abraham's life. This Abraham cannot do. Here, then, wish and duty match one another. If Abraham had doubted - then he would have done something else, something great and glOriOUS; for how could Abraham have done other than what is great and glorious? Ifhe stays under his obligation and keeps his wish he will not become the knight offaith; for the absolute duty requires precisely that he give up [the duty that is identical with the wish]. As God created man and woman, he also created the hero and the poet—the first performs meaningful acts, and the second sings the praises of the hero. The Fear and Trembling quotes below all refer to the symbol of Knight of Faith. If it had been a different word everything might dissolve in confusion. This cry is heard less frequently nowadays, for as our age to its detriment produces no heroes, so it has the advantage that it also produces few caricatures. [145] So Abraham did not speak. 2020. It rests immanently in itself, has nothing outside itself that is its telos [ end, purpose] but is itself the telos for everything outside, and when that is taken up into it, it has no further to go. In Johannes's view the knight of faith has a much tougher time than the tragic hero. The step of [the] tragic hero goes like a dance compared with the slow ... progress of the knight of faith. 31 Seren Kierkegaard Should I ever come across one I hope I will at least have the honesty to say: 'This thought scares me, it stirs up something else in me so that I don't want to think it.'. [58] This movement is one that I make by myself, so what I win is myself in my eternal conscious- ness, in a blessed compliance with my love for the eternal being.