People want to avoid problems and glitches. I really appreciate you took the time to leave a comment—you made my day! Look at this commercial of iPhone 7. Apple may state how much faster its device is in some of its marketing collateral, but generally speaking, it’s the features, and not the benefits, that matter in this business. Be careful with “for me” – this works as long as your wishes and concerns are similar to your target audience’s. Benefits are the reasons customers buy the product or service. That’s how the founder of Revlon Charles Levson described his company’s strategy. Discover healthy, shiny hair that will get you noticed. I’m glad you enjoyed this article. Thank you so much, Sofia. Thanks for the great article! Families may want to capture moments of family life for themselves or to show off to friends. I had learned that technique a long time ago, but it is a great reminder and I absolutely love the examples you used. Create a website design quickly and easily. Thanks! Keep asking So what? Great. I’ve heard that people care about benefits more than features, but sometimes when you are in the thick of it, it’s hard to tell the difference. Sincerely, I lack words for you have an impeccable writing. Achieve faster speeds with less effort and hit that personal best you’ve been training for. moment. I prefer to use the comfort of feature-benefit-advantage, answering the questions of What is it? That depends on your reader. The super-sporty-looking guy is now explaining both features and benefits of the bike on offer: These brakes are good, so even in the rain they brake well. You go to your local bike store and tell the super-sporty-looking shop assistant you’re looking for a bicycle to tour around the area. Thanks for helping me do a better job with that. get more sales or more signups). Yes, we all know we need to emphasize the benefits instead of boasting about the features, but very few of those “brilliant” marketing gurus who wax lyrical about the secret formula for getting customers to part with their cash actually give us solid examples we can get our heads around. by Henneke | 139 enchanting opinions, add yours? what is our features? Great content! 'W,m���7�84�\s��=���!��=�����۽-�'��7�����2ŒN;x���v�����o��pl˙�I�����!�u�ݱ0���3����9A� F�\r?�w�L�Æ-2�L�;�:�_8�4��^�Z5� We produce and sell mushrooms So what? If you have a chance to speak to people (e.g., using Skype), then that is my preferred method. What’s in it for me? Mobile payments company Square (a subsidiary of American Express, an important point we’ll come back to momentarily) exemplifies this principle excellently. This is what’s shown in an iPhone commercial: As you can see, this couple uses the camera to share experiences and make lasting memories. This isn’t always the case. I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog and I much appreciate your comment. For the sake of ease, we’ll be focusing primarily on product-based marketing, rather than marketing a service-based business, although many of the concepts covered will apply equally to both. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your business will grow. With 101 examples of features versus benefits, there’s bound to be something in this handy line up that will work in your niche. really clear, I really like the fact that you used the same example of the bike shop throughout as this helped me to stay focused on what you were teaching me about benefits rather than me getting lost in different examples. Low-calorie version of your favorite drink. This allows SaaS companies to simultaneously highlight the features of their products and explain how these features will make users’ lives better. Read over some of the blog posts you published. Set the timer on your heater so that it comes on at a time to suit you. Mentoring that will help you to understand what you want out of life and how you can achieve your aspirations. Should I be reminding them more of their challenges? Your email address will not be published. This is why so many car ads and marketing campaigns are inherently feature-driven (pun most definitely intended). You can only sell with real benefits if you know what your audience wishes, desires, and secretly dreams of. Comprehensive guide to baby showers that you won’t find elsewhere. But are knowledge and enthusiasm enough to sell your products or services? It’s easy to forget that. Enjoy images so crisp that you’ll view movies on your iPad in a whole new light. All Rights Reserved. I am glad you found this post helpful. Some pretty compelling data for people who hate emails and meetings…. Your business will grow on autopilot with my blueprint for managing social media. Another common misstep marketers make is equating the time and effort that went into developing a new feature with its importance to consumers. This is a wonderful post! I’m still not getting the “features” of home remedies, so finding it difficult to write every home remedy in a unique way. love this. Order safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to foot the bill if your camera stops working.