This comes at the exact right time as I received my new food processor last Friday! Koogle was a peanut butter spread marketed by Kraft, first released in the USA in 1971. I go through jars sooooo fast between baking with it and just eating it with my spoon. These peanut butters have amazing macros! This healthy peanut butter recipe is quick, simple and skips all those fillers found in many store-bought peanut butters. Don’t forget to tag your posts on social media with the hashtag, we’d love to see what you’re up to! It’s SOOOOOO easy! Yes they should! It’s like CRACK! They aim to cook up indulgent foods that are also wholesome and nutritious. You can melt it if you want…but it just adds a step . Once you've blended your peanut butter to the point your flavoring is fully incorporated, transfer it to a jar and refrigerate. Copyright © 2019 Her Campus Media LLC. Whether you’re trying get in some extra nutrition or bake delicious desserts, they’ve got the flavor for it. A personal favorite of mine is white chocolate coconut peanut butter, which you can make using a Lindt bar or using white chocolate and shredded coconut. Last time I made peanut butter i wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t leave it in the processor long enough so it was too grainy Thank you for this detailed DIY guide!!! Feel free to indulge in their rich, creamy flavors without any guilt or worries about harming your body. All of the Buff Bake products feature added chia seeds and omegas for additional nutrition benefits. I've taken to adding different flavors to my homemade peanut butter. In the back of a small bakery the owners focused on developing a recipe with the goal of “simple ‘n natural.” Not only are their nut butters delicious, but also they have packed in the twice the amount of protein as competitors. Each nut butter starts with freshly roasted peanuts or almonds. Each nut butter is made in small batches with love in Nashville, TN. It generally has sharper blades than a food processor and makes everything so much easier. A great thing is that you can easily choose to make chunky or creamy peanut butter. Place 3 cups of peanuts in a high-speed food processor. The drippier the better, in my opinion! This chocolate sea salt homemade peanut butter is sweet and salty at the same time made with dark chocolate chips and sea salt! I’ve made a cinnamon-vanilla before and I’ve also “cheated” and just dumped honey-roasted peanuts into my food processor. Awwww boooo. Process peanuts on high for 5-8 minutes, stopping every minute or so to scrape the sides if needed. That email doesn't look right. It made me laugh as I remember attempting to make peanut butter as a child with peanuts, a plastic bag, and a rolling pin. If you don't have enough peanut butter, you can always add more peanuts. To start making fresh peanut butter, remove your peanuts from their shells and rinse them under cool water. For those on restrictive diets, flavored nut butter is a great way to satisfy your body’s needs while still enjoying food variety. Frozen/cold chocolate chips might seize your peanut butter! I’m tired of spending so much buying jars of natural peanut butter that I would like to start making my own. Place 3 cups of peanuts in a high-speed food processor. OMGOMGOMGOMG!! That is AMAZING…and totally something I would have done! Making peanut butter is actually super easy, and it's not even remotely harder to make flavored peanut butter. Blend for 2-3 more minutes or until things smooth out again. I love making (and let’s be honest, eating) homemade peanut butter! A lot of the time, these flavors involve chocolate since it's incredibly easy to incorporate into your peanut butter. Welcome to the 26 club . This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Below you’ll find a list of peanut butter nutrition facts and other fun things about peanut butter. Since it tastes so delicious, and good for you, you can indulge whenever that sweet tooth strikes, without the guilt. #SpoonTip: Use a bullet or personal blender instead of a food processor. This sweetened peanut butter came in four different flavours – chocolate, cinnamon, banana and vanilla. I have a love-hate relationship with peanut butter. Check in some flavor inspiration below! Our best tips & recipes to perfectly sublime smoothies! This is normal and what the coconut oil is for! I’ve used raw peanuts (or nuts in general) and often times it won’t get “drippy.”. I haven’t made nut butters before but am going to start. I say high-speed and I mean high-speed. Let me add that into the directions. Sprinkle in a dash of salt if you like salted peanut butter. Obviously this makes a whole lot more sense , LOLOLOL. Instructions Classic Homemade Peanut Butter. You totally should because it’s so easy. Our peanut butter is kosher, gluten-free and vegan (except for The Bee’s Knees which is vegetarian). One question though – do you melt the coconut oil before adding or just add scoops of it? I’ve been 29 for forty years now and love it. Hey Shannon! I challenge you to the following flavors of peanut butter: s’mores, banana bread, chunky monkey, and turmeric! While a simple homemade peanut butter recipe made with just peanuts tastes incredible on its own, we suggest having fun with it and flavoring it with some add-ins. BNutty Gourmet Peanut Butter - Simply Salted Caramel, Peacefully Plain Crunchy, Irresistible Pretzel … Whether you’re new to the flavored peanut butter game, or you’re like me and you’ve been around the block a few times, you’re definitely going to want to add this brand to your “must-try” list.