They love nuts, by the way. The flour bugs eat the grain and then seek to mate… while eating more grain. I haven't had weevils since I started using them. I’m considering using a repelling spray, as one of the people who commented above suggested, but I don’t know how really helpful it’s going to be. ~Tiffany. Going back to the level of processing, all-purpose and other non-whole grain flours can be stored in a cool, dry place without any issues for about one year. Found those little critters in my 5lb bag of sugar. I stuck one in every one of my cupboards and hoped for the best. A week later the majority have gone! I’ve had a slight case of heebie jeebies too! I have found no adult sized bugs, so I suspect that per your article there have been eggs in the flour and they’ve hatched recently since the weather has become milder. Mom just called me back and told me to do the same thing!! Some smaller, some bigger, sometimes lighter in color too if they’re in the larvae stage. I had rice in a good sized plastic container with a nice fitting lid. We moved after that. You can use a screen mesh strainer or flour sifter each time you use flour. Have no fear – flour bugs don’t just suddenly appear in your flour one day because you forgot to mop some mysterious sticky substance that one of your children accidentally spilled in your pantry. A “friend” gave me a small container of bugs he said are found in grain. I read the bay leaf thing too, but wasn’t able to confirm it’s reliability. Airtight containers or the fridge can definitely help. Flour is made from a whole grain, with the most common whole grain being wheat. This will haunt me now . For flour, I’d do the same with “stored” bags of flour and then put a couple of bay leaves into my canister for the “in use” stock. I have found tiny tiny little black bugs in most of my grains kept in the pantry. I’ve been seeing these stupid little bugs in my rice, and pasta boxes every now and then. and it is covered in tiny bugs. I have a natural spray for ants and it works for cockroaches too and it’s made with cedar oil. We in India use boric acid in powdered form to keep out weevils. I should correct myself! Interestingly enough, a bag of unsweetened organic coconut was chock full of DEAD bugs. Do you put bay leaves or something similar in your flour and rice when storing? Once the mites are dead, try sifting the dry goods or removing portions you know were infested and may contain dead mites. My food is clear yet I still see the freaking bugs every day or so in my pantry. Your email address will not be published. Took me almost a year of deep cleaning every month or so to be completely rid. I never want to deal with weevils again. Thank you so much. It was fine for a while, but this summer they came again. In those countries we didn’t have the option of going to the store to buy more. All information is provided "AS IS." Has anyone used these things and still got bugs? I freaked out but I got rid of them. As she stated in the article, to help with getting rid of infestations and to keep them from coming in on new purchases. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be I only washed the riced and cooked it. The bugs can go beyond the pantry – anywhere there’s food for them is where they’ll go. I keep everything grain based in lock n lock and that forms the best seal.Mine got in from a bloody farm shop packet of barley. I’ll see if I can dig up something for you, but from past readings, moths were not related to the weevil. I recently poured myself a bowl of granola cereal and was absolutely horrified when I looked down and saw those little black devils doing the backstroke in the milk. A huge population! Those old home remedies are bound to come out! This is just a potential issue for those with real food ingredients stored up! Haven’t had weevils for awhile, but the other day I made rice and there were three tiny bugs floating on top of the water. Now I’m going to be on the lookout!!! so if you eat plants, you’re like a bully picking on the smallest and most defenseless. They obviously came from the store because there isn’t a single bug in any other container NOR on the shelving. It is freely available. The first time, I saw them floating in the boiling water, and like that other lady said, I scooped them up, threw them away and we ate the rice after it was cooked; I didn’t tell the family. I just keep my flour in the freezer and my bread crumbs in the fridge. They repel the weevils which sounded like a great idea to me. I have to admit that I haven’t read all the posts so forgive me if this a repeat comment/question. dumped it all in trash put more water on to boil and cook rest of the spaghetti,first inspecting for “weevils”.NONE FOUND!! No! just opened a sealed container of flour still in the bag and it was moving with Footnote: my chickens have been feasting on the tossed food and weevils. So I checked my flour, and discovered that the one with the best before date of November 2017 had black dots in, and on closer inspection they were weevils. I kept finding the odd one here and there, including floating in my water filter! 130 degrees for 30 minutes in the oven will kill weevils in flour or -1 degrees in the freezer for 5 hours. They came back! . Whoa – that IS crazy! He also explained that you bring them home with you when you buy any type of grain. When I moved a year ago, every box I packed I put in 3-4 bay leaves. Be sure that the area under shelf paper is cleaned as well if the paper is not glued down. I will definitely try the tea tree oil and bay leafs. Came to before I hit the floor thank goodness. Though it may be a little more expensive than buying in large, bulk quantities, but if you buy smaller portions, you are less likely to have susceptible foodstuffs sitting around for long periods of time. I threw everything away and cleaned the corners in my pantry where they make a little nest. I’ve cleaned everything very thoroughly, threw out pretty much everything in our pantry and laid bay leaves on the shelves. I’d try the suggestions above to clean out the pantry and prevent them from coming back. I also no longer use wood trivets. Not that I really want to be eating extra bug protein from my flour either. My order arrived once we’d returned home, and I have to say that nothing else has ever worked so well on my hair. I have to stop reading as I am getting nauseated from the discussion. We’ve had them about a year ago. There were annoying moths appearing in my kitchen. I just saw them in my cereal this morning…Mine looked like dark brown rice kernels and were floating on the top of the milk. Just thought I’d share that wee bit of info. again. I put 2 bay leaves in with the grains when I store it. My roomie has another organic brand of rice with no bugs and still unopened. The bugs that generally like flour do not like the bay leaves. The leaves can be placed in containers of flour, rice, and other dry goods, or taped inside cupboards and shelves. ... Bay leaves put bay leaves in the cupboard, dried bay leaves dont smell of anything so you won't make your cupboard smell or anything but it does keep them away. The weird thing is just about everything we have is in glass or plastic jars, or in bags. Okay so my roommate and I need serious help!! I gave up on that batch of soup and started again with some extra soup I had put aside earlier and some homemade stock I had in the freezer. . Please try it and do let me know if it works. Now I know! Diatomaceous earth (food grade) will control them and it is harmless. Guess what? There are 30+ identical posts from “Nicole” online on pretty much every website that discusses the problem of weevils. Now I take stuff out of the container and as soon as I get it home and put it in glass containers that seal really well. Freeze newly purchased grains and flour for at least three days to kill any eggs. I use it in boxes of stored books, and read online that they will not cross a thick application of DR, so it doesn’t kill them. I wouldn’t be concerned if they were alive,