may special interest groups such as the LGBT flag be flown on the same pole? We can find no information regarding “American flag should not touch a flag below”. I have an American Flag flying from my house my husband wants to fly an Army flag we were both Army does the Army flag have to fly lower or same as American Flag. Thank you and Semper Fi. However if the speaker is on a platform the US flag should be placed to their right, I would assume other world flags as well. Is this correct? We did find information regarding the order of the flags at the north entrance: This link will take you to the complete: Federal Law Relating to Display and Associated Questions about the US flag. House flags (those defining the owner) are usually flown from the mainmast truck. There is no rule on what size flags to fly….but the flag below the US flag is not to be larger than the US flag. Flag designated for use on ships or at sea, flag of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Coast Guard Historian's Office: Flags, Logos, Pennants, Seals & Streamers Of the Coast Guard & Its Predecessor Services, Active autonomist and secessionist movements, Gay pride and Lesbian Bisexual Transgender flags, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha,, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2007, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. “Does the American flag always fly higher than other flags even in other countries?” LOL Nope, not by a long shot. Trust me, if anyone is the authority on flag etiquette it’s the military, particularly the sea services (land based flag etiquette is based on shipboard flag protocol). Collin, as you’ve written earlier, the American flag should always be displayed to the left of other flags. Subscribe. The flag of the United States for the purpose of this chapter shall be defined according to Sections 1 and 2 of Title 4 and Executive Order 10834 issued pursuant thereto. We find no information relative to the order of the other flags that you mention. NO. I have the American as the highest and which would go next ? The flags shown in the photos of the two flagpoles at the Clivan Bundy story about states rights show the American flag on the bottom of the group of flags on one of the poles. this is a very passive description of flag protocol. I have dozens of locations with a single pole where I fly the US flag with our corporate flag below. h�bbd``b`v�@�q�`�$�߃�� ��@�i"��Dlq�@�8�� �2��n��c`$@�g�� � �? Flags of the World . We hope this helps! This tradition dates from the era of sailing vessels. At our CT State Veterans Memorial Park, We have two flag poles… One with the American Flag and one with the CT State Flag. No U.S. The US flag should always be to the speakers right if it is located on the same level as the speaker., when I WAS BORN we were one nation, “e pluribus unum” . state or municipal flags.47. The Federal Flag Code does not purport to cover all possible situations. Is it ever appropriate for there to be a row of multiple American flags behind a speaker? Each country’s flag should be the same size. Ask the Flag Expert a Question. You can also choose from flying, hanging, and pennant flags of other countries, as well as from polyester, vinyl, and nylon flags of other countries, and whether flags of other countries is fiberglass, aluminium, or wood. Hi Jeffery, there are 27 legal flags that have flown throughout our history. Is this correct? I have a flagpole that is equipt to display a flag from both sides. The Federal Flag Code does not purport to cover all possible situations. I have one 30-ft. pole and need to fly the USA flag and our state flag. When displaying multiple flag starting with US, military and state on house eve. The only exceptions to this rule are U.S. Navy church services aboard ship, in which the church banner may be flown above the U.S. flag, and the United Nations headquarters, at which the U.N. flag may be flown in a superior position. I work at a public university in Texas. There is no such thing as a Christian flag. Order 10834 issued pursuant thereto. I have two flag poles and want to display 3 flags: US flag, State flag, and a corporate flag. We could find nothing in the flag code that addresses your question….sorry. If a state or local flag is flown on the same halyard as the United States flag, the lesser flag must fly below the United States flag. I want to fly the American flag and the Irish nation flag on the same flag pole. A maritime flag is a flag designated for use on ships, boats, and other watercraft.Naval flags are considered important at sea and the rules and regulations for the flying of flags are strictly enforced. We want to fly the american flag on top hole and the Canadian flag on the bottom hole. (POW MIA is on Amer can flag field, not the black field). The wounded warrior flag if not the one from Wounded Warrior Project . We offer a variety of U.S. flags and poles to suit most every need. If you are putting two flags I’m going flagpole I know the American flag is on top I question is how far below do you place the second flag. looking from road to building, We fly a large US flag. The Administrative Services Department will advise the appropriate officers when this protocol applies.