Recommended more as an aperitif, you might nonetheless enjoy a white tea with a light vegetable or fish dish. A more minty herbal tea goes wonderfully with chocolate and sweet desserts. Ceylon tea is an excellent match for fruit cakes, carrot cake, gingerbread, lemon cake, … Tea also varies in flavor. Ruiz matches six teas to Atera's 16-18 menu tasting course, including a pairing between a second-flush darjeeling and a foie gras dish, which is said to work beautifully. Select a strong cheese, a mild cheese, a creamy cheese and a blue cheese and taste with a green tea, a jade oolong, a strong black tea such as Ceylon, and with a lighter black such as First Flush Darjeeling. Basic foods that are often paired with a cup of tea are scones, tarts and cucumber sandwiches – this is when you want to play it safe and would like to have a tea party with some folks. These cookies do not store any personal information. Posted by Royal Tips Tea | Oct 15, 2017 | Recipes & Pairing. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Hearty beef dishes balance nicely with bold black teas, dark oolongs, and Darjeelings. Prepare the first tea and taste with each of the four cheeses. The best way to work is to start by choosing a particular food – for example different cheeses, different chocolates, different fruits, different styles of cake, etc. Dark oolongs, Darjeeling Second Flush, Keemun and Russian Caravan are good with nuts and spices. Green teas Of all types of tea, green tea has the strongest plant-based connotation. The robust flavor is not easily overwhelmed by the meats’ strong taste. Teas that pair well with fruits, depending on the acidity and strength of the flavour, are white teas, mellow sweet green teas, such as Long Jing or Mao Feng, lightly oxidised jade oolongs, Bao Zhongs, and First Flush Darjeelings. I've jus... associated with the Q Haute Cuisine restaurant, Aran Tea Thai "Assam," compared to an Assam version, 2003 Dayi / Taetea 7542 sheng (Sheng Olympiad sample), Aran Tea Thailand produced sheng (pu'er-like tea). Opting for a tuna salad? The most versatile tea to pair with any food or dessert is Darjeeling. Pretty much like wine. Treat your guests to a new and delectable hors d’oeuvre experience! Your email address will not be published. Egg mayonnaise sandwiches, cream cheese, cucumber sandwiches on white bread, and green salads pair well with lighter teas such as First Flush Darjeeling, first flush Nepali teas, or with mild sooth Chinese greens such as Mao Jian or Anji Bai Cha. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Like wine, teas possess their own distinctive scents which are key to our experience—or perception—of their flavors. Uh oh! Black tea – tastes awesome. Shipping & HandlingReturns & ExchangesCovid-19 Notice, Copyright © 2020 Stash Tea • Privacy Policy • Terms & Conditions, Tea & Toast: Pairing Food With Tea | Stash Tea. Do not think, though, that tea and food pairing is complex. The art of tea pairing, much like wine pairing, is a sensory experience that explores the dynamic between the aromas and flavors we find in teas and food.The right tea will balance and even accentuate the flavors in your food. For centuries, sommeliers and chefs have been pairing food with wine and most of us are only just beginning to learn the concept of pairing tea with food. But food and tea pairings needn't be exclusive to trendy New York tasting menus, and can be as simple as swapping out a pinot gris for a vegetal Japanese green tea with your chicken dinner. Required fields are marked *, Signup to become the 1st who receive our latest news, © 2018 - Royal Tips Tea - All rights reserved. Biscuits and cookies are best served with Darjeeling teas which are known as the champagne of all teas. These are the basics, but experimentation is your best friend when it comes to combing flavours according to your personal taste. Tea is known to enhance and bring out the aroma and subtle flavors of many types of food. They cope well generally with sweet foods that leave a residual mouthfeel, refreshing your palate between bites. Your email address will not be published. As the art of food pairing moves beyond traditional wine recommendations, the star of tea sommeliers is rising in the culinary world. When served alongside the perfect pairing, tea will only enhance your after-dinner sweet. There's nothing better suited to a cold day than some wonderful hot soup and tea. Black tea is typically a very strong-flavored tea, and that makes it an excellent pairing for rich, flavorful foods like beef, pasta, and many dishes with a high amount of spice or seasoning. Pretty much like wine. There are five different tea types that come from the Camellia Sinensis plant – white, oolong, green, pu-erh and black tea.