I took out the pounding because it made too much of a mess in my kitchen – the chili flakes went flying everywhere so I recommend rubbing them in instead . This is s great make ahead dish if serving for a crowd, too. I have to admit, it was pretty freakin’ awesome. There is also a decent amount of heat imparted by use of the gochugaru in this korean spicy chicken recipe. This will definately go in the “Keepers” section of my recipe book. Maybe next time I can try the recipe in it’s entirety. Thank you, Naina, for the nice words!. Dak Galbi (Spicy Stir-fried Chicken) A little earlier, I mentioned that there was a secret method to infusing a ton of flavor into this chicken breast recipe in a super short amount of time. tweet it. You’re welcome Tara, I’m so happy you love it! If you can’t use any vinegar, how about lemon juice instead? I love that your website can help me learn about Korean cooking techniques and language/cultural meaning at the same time. Loved the warmth of the sticky spicy sauce. While bulgogi is actually a marinated beef dish, Also, chicken bulgogi is traditionally grilled and then eaten in lettuce wraps, dipped in, Cayenne would work in a pinch – but give gochugaru a shot when making this Korean sticky chicken in your home kitchen, and I just, Gochugaru and honey: a match made in heaven, The intensity of the korean chili flakes just plays so nicely with the savory notes of the, One last piece of timing advice: you can totally make, Vegan Jajangmyeon (Korean Noodles with Black Bean Sauce). I’ve been craving fried chicken for so long… I just have one question: is there anything I can use as a substitute for apple cider vinegar/ rice wine vinegar in this recipe? I’m going to be trying as many of your amazing recipes as I can! Can you tell me if the sauce was bubbling when you added the chicken and how long it was left cooking in the sauce for? I’m glad your son likes it. What a great idea to use fried tofu instead of meat. I try it and succeed in first try. All rights reserved. . To deliver an understated and rich sweetness that compliments the fiery elements of the gochugaru, I use honey instead of sugar in this Korean chicken recipe. I followed every detail to the tee and it turned out delicious! You will probably need to double up on the sauce though since cornstarch suck up any liquid and makes it glutinous. Awesome! We just had a baby and I need fast and easy meals that don’t compromise on flavor. tweet it. 3.25. Did you like this Korean Sticky Chicken Recipe? Yes, you can omit it. It all worked out, but I will stick more religiously to your recipe next time. Tag @misspickledplum on Instagram and hashtag it #misspickledplum. I’ve never cooked fried chicken before and this recipe gave me the confidence to attempt a self -isolating version of a trip to our favourite Korean fried chicken restaurant. Since potato and corn starch is off limits for her, can I use rice starch instead? Sun: closed. Garlic and ginger powder gave it a very smooth texture. I’ve made this probably ten times, it’s soooo good. . I’m sure it will be fine though. Glad to hear you and your husband enjoyed the dish. We also made another Korean dish called bolgogie. Thank you for letting me know! Next time, try to mix mung bean starch and rice flour. “But it was basically just stuff that would keep you alive. My sister has celiac disease and hasn’t been able to eat fried chicken since she was first diagnosed five years ago. You definitely have a new fan here, I’m sure I’ll be using more of your recipes in the future! Combine the chicken, shoyu, rice vinegar, honey, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, green onions and sesame seeds. This recipe hit the spot! I think I added a bit too much of mirin to the meat for marinating, because when I added the starch, it clogged up a bit around the liquid, and not too much around the meat. Also, chicken bulgogi is traditionally grilled and then eaten in lettuce wraps, dipped in ssamjang. Combine flour and cornstarch. And deep-fry them when it’s close to the time so you don’t have to reheat. Ultimate Laulau. I confess I messed with spices a little. In a pan, add all the sauce ingredients, and stir well. Rice flour is commonly used in Asian deep frying. Korean Mart here i come for more spices! I made it with tilapia instead of chicken, and coconut oil. thanks for the recipe. We used a little less red pepper flakes and it was still super spicy. Very easy and fast to make. You know, like on those occasions when everything just comes together from an ingredients, flavor and timing perspective. Thank you! ★☆ I’ve never used an air fryer, but I don’t see why not. You put a 20 minute podcast on your phone, pour a glass of wine and everything just sorta flows. One last piece of timing advice: you can totally make rice ahead of time and either refrigerate or freeze it. You must be implementing the recipes really well. I did a possibly-horrible thing and decided to skip all of the chicken-prep-and-frying and just… bought McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Tried this recipe this weekend was blown away! easy to prepare. Yangnyeom Chicken (Spicy Korean Fried Chicken) Thanks for all your wonderful and easy to follow recipes. Or are there other ingredients that i can use? I make it once a month. They loved it so much. Compared to a restaurant quality sticky chicken, it failed and I’m so so sad! The sauce is sweet and tangy with a little spicy kick from the gochujang (Korean red chili pepper paste). . Easy, delicious and genius technique by pounding rather than marinating. Meyn is the global market leader in chicken processing machines. Thank you! Thank you again!! Hey… it’s also nice that you get to exert a little primal energy by swinging the rolling pin too, right!? Marinate for at least 4 hours up to 24. Thank you! Thanks! Seriously! Let you know later how it was. The sauce is supposed to be sweet and tangy. Its AWESOME !!! I have never been able to make Asian dishes very well, but this dish gives me hope! Better than delivery, in fact. To find a gluten free (I used GF soy sauce) and dairy free korean fried chicken recipe was itself awesome, but the taste was spectacular and everyone was begging me to make it again immediately. Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces. It was actually not spicy enough for me and a bit too sweet so I’ll adjust next time for our tastes. Jjimdak (Braised Chicken). It was perfect. The milk helps tenderize the meat and remove any odor, resulting in tender, juicy, and flavorful fried chicken. Happy to hear that! However, as with my oven baked Korean chicken wings, I try to keep the deep frying to a bare minimum in my home kitchen for two basic reasons. They said i have to cook this every week. Hi Catharine, this recipe isn’t the breaded sticky chicken recipe you get from the restaurant. The sauce got thicker after cooking for more than 25 minutes with the chicken . Would love to understand the difference in the outcome. It was fantastic! (Not certain of the spelling). My five-year-old loved it, too. It’s traditionally made with a whole chicken that’s been cut up. Ever since I have tried this recipe, I have made this chicken at least once a week! It had such an authentic taste, I almost cried with joy haha. This dish tasted great a couple of days later and the rice served with the sauce is even better days later. Another somewhat similar Korean chicken recipe that plays with the sweet and savory flavor profile is dak bulgogi. Made pretty much as written but can think of a few easy tweaks I might try in the future. Is it possible to substitute potato starch with rice flour? I see you do this as well and thought it was a great tip. We just tried this recipe. Just a word of advice: don’t go overboard with the pounding. I’m thrilled to hear that. I love your sauce recipe. Oh so sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I have become a legend in my own household for making this tonight. Pickled Plum is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Yes, you can use white vinegar. For the sauce, I followed exact recipe except no garnish. I need to say that this recipe it’s amazing. Another somewhat similar Korean chicken recipe that plays with the sweet and savory flavor profile is. Thank you for letting me know and for the great review. My husband said it’s one of the best things I’ve ever cooked. One easy way to make it more ‘sticky’ is to dust your chicken in cornstarch before adding it to the sauce.