It has a dramatic, curling red skin that looks like a sci-fi plasma grenade, and the flesh is a snowy white with black seeds. Like small purple grape that looks like a new england grape (dark purple). By noel. These unique fruits are not only delicious, they're very good for your health. I popped a Jamun into my mouth, “see,” I said, “go ahead. Some people make vinegar with it as well. It’s a highly unusual citrus fruit and have become more popular in recent times, because it’s such a unique delicacy that works well in a various dishes. I have no idea what the name is. Black Corinth is an “almost male” in that the flowers have well developed anthers, and very tiny ovaries, probably representing a first step towards evolution of a perfect flowered grape. I felt so happy. Black Corinth – the grape that’s a Currant (Zante) that’s a grape. Source: Jeff / Wikimedia. How Cheryl Sawh took craft making from hobby to business, For Guyana Annual short story winner Daryll Goodchild writing is art and necessity, Michelle Playter releases original Christmas song, Back with new Afrobeat album, veteran musician Bockarie asks for better Sierra Leone, ‘Lady Wendy’ launches book on entrepreneurship. In wild grapes, the sexes are in separate vines, male flowers on one, female flowers on another. Please let’s not take what we have for granted. Join me in my crusade to encourage the eating of more local fruits and foods in general, not just because they are local and cheaper but more importantly, because they are good for you – from guavas, to passion fruit, to soursop to five-finger to…. Native to Mexico and Central America, the pitaya not only has a fantastic nickname but also looks like it should taste like the sweetest, most succulent fruit you've ever had — and it's even good for you, being high in antioxidants and nutrient-dense. No, it’s not bad at all. Instead of dying, the vine healed the wound and the grapes, which were minuscule in other years, were large enough to eat after the vine was girdled. Log in for full access to It’s got a light, crisp texture and a pleasant tinge of sweetness, but the real appeal is in how it looks. You know that I like Coco Cola as much as the next person but we have to strive to bring a balance to our consumption. Open 9 am – 3 pm Tuesdays and Saturdays, Year Round Located on a stretch of road behind the Pine housing area and where parking is almost non-existent, I pulled off the road and together we walked over to the Jamun tree. Contact: Tonia Lordy, The dried “currants” used in baking are actually a true raisin, a dried grape. The tree was laden with its ripe, purple clumps of shiny jewels, all we had to do was reach out our hands and pick them. Our 2020 shipping/selling season for Fruit Sox is over. How can I use the fruit? The dried “currants” used in baking are actually a true raisin, a dried grape. A FREE roundup of top news from Guyana you might otherwise miss. The flavor has been compared to the exotic mangosteen with a bit of melon. Is it good for you? Hi Everyone, from the bark, to the leaves, to the fruit and its seeds – the Jamun tree is another of nature’s wonderful gifts. Hence, when it does set fruit, there are only a few per cluster and the berries are tiny and seedless. Please check back then. If you don’t want to eat the fruit itself with all it’s excellent dietary fibre, then juice it. A clam. The fruit when ripe looks like grapes. A Grape that isn’t a Grape but is a Grape. Because the stems also remain tiny, the berries can be eaten with the stems on. Wildly popular in Brazil, the jaboticaba is little known outside that country, with a heavenly flavor that tastes a bit like a really good grape with a hint of spice. Because of this, many Hindus regard this as the ‘fruit of the Gods’ especially in Gujarat, India. Jamun can be juiced and be used as a drink. Hope Creasman on August 05, 2020: There is something on my muscadines that looks like spit or foam. If you’ve ever had currant buns, or any other baked product with “currants” in them, you, like 99.9% of the public, thought the “currants” were the little red fruits that grow on bushes. (Call: Tues-Sat, 9 AM – 5 PM Pacific Time). An exotic fruit with flesh that looks like caviar… The Australian finger lime is often referred to as caviar lime because of the flesh inside that consists of round pulpy bits. Called “currants” because one of the names of the grape they come FROM is “Zante Currant” also known as Black Corinth, and many other names, THIS is the variety dried INTO “currants” that are used in baking. The last grape-related gimmicky fruit that really made a splash was the Grapple, an apple that had been soaked in grape juice. See how good Jamun is for you? Shipping will resume in January 2021. Has a huge seed in hte middle of it. While others, like a wine grape, like it cool and coastal. Tuesday, November 5 th, 2013. However, the variety was doubtless kept as a source of pollen so that the female flowered varieties would set full crops. Rambutan is an odd fruit that looks like a furry strawberry from the outside, and much like a lychee on the inside. Avocados are often shaped like a light bulb, and funnily enough, so is a uterus- that’s why this fruit is great for reproductive health. Smiling, she said, “Oh, that’s not bad!”. To eat, just slice the fruit in half, scoop out the fruit … There is certainly a grain of truth in the fable as girdling was a standard practice in increasing the set and size of seedless grapes until the discovery of the plant hormone gibberellic acid and it’s ability to do the same thing with less labor. All types of citrus fruits will have the name citrus in it. The fruit has a bright yellow color and tastes like a sweet and tart grape. Jamun trees are evergreen trees, in other words, they can live for more than 100 years. This is true even in wild Vitis vinifera, the classic grape of commerce. Rambutan. They can be eaten as is, or, a favourite way to eat them is slightly bruised with some salt. But more than anything else, unless the vine is treated with hormone at bloom time, or girdled, the berries are minuscule and the clusters are straggly. As pure Vitis vinifera, it is also completely susceptible to all the other diseases of grapes – downy mildew, black rot, etc. Rambutan: The rambutan, another tropical fruit that is rarely found fresh in this country (though it’s grown in Hawaii), looks more like a sea anemone than a fruit. Too often in the Caribbean I encounter teenagers and adults that declare their dislike for local fruits or lack of awareness of the existence of local fruits apart from bananas. 22. “Can I make drink with it?” Sherice asked.