If we want a different word on the paper, we can just put a different piece of paper there with the new word. When is always significant. Let’s try instead to focus on how to think and why we look at certain types of code. But they don’t provide functions to use key mathematical concepts like Monads, Functors, Foldables to actually solve real-world problems. You can trust the heck out of that render function if you can trust your config values are correct when the function starts. 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Well that’s kind of weird, but we like it. Is this real life?? Compose abstract creation rules to create complex objects – AngularJS routes: Functions can be decorated, and code can be added before, after and around the call of the function. I will leave you with this final imagery to help our imposter syndrome. We made the latter extend the previous one in order to make use of it. Fantasyland specs is one of the prominent specs that explains how each JS functions/classes should behave. In closing, like I said back at the beginning of this article, immutability is how you can sidestep many problems, and it’s the basis for unlocking the power of Math and the continuous motion of data flow, and if your state gets screwed up at any moment in time, chaos will emerge, so focus on guaranteeing state integrity. Step 4: Use “chain” method to compose multiple error throwing functions. Notice how there is a secret = inside that isBold variable, and a moment in time just came when you observed it. It looks more like the end of a tunnel doesn’t it? Write code in a declarative manner - Underscore.js chain: Here composition appears as the composition of methods via the "." This should not come in as a surprise if you’ve done some JavaScript, after all, you should’ve been able to assign anonymous functions to constants simply from following examples online. Such a unit test could check that the correct output was returned for a given input, then we would know everything was working as intended. freeCodeCamp's open source curriculum has helped more than 40,000 people get jobs as developers. there is only one possible result for each possible arguments, and no other effect: For example, PureRenderMixin in React.js using Immutable-JS structures: When rendering, the render function is called only if the element has changed. This article is part of a series starting with Examples in JavaScript Functional Programming: Part 1.Rather than being standalone articles, they are written as a (unofficial) companion to Eric Elliot’s series on functional programming.. All the examples in this (my) series are available for download.They are Node.js (version ≥ 8.9.3) applications. This is a low-key form of decoupling things that matter from things that don’t matter. We might have multiple areas of an application reading user at the same time. Let’s understand this concept with a simple example. I refuse to go anywhere else before I supply you with definitions for live references, immutability, and garbage collection. Imperative code is commanding how to do a certain task, whereas; declarative code means what to do. If you look at it, it displays the correct data at that moment in time when you looked. Functional Reactive Programming is all about thinking in data flows over time. Changes are very formal so no one gets screwed up. // Object can be mutated It’s perfectly valid to take special precautions in your own code to ensure this data is always correct. You could continue adding more formatting and writing functions and then it would just be a matter of mixing them together with a single line of code: Now, don’t get me wrong, both approaches have merit and both are extremely valid, there is no wrong here, I’m just showing you how incredibly flexible this approach is and how that is possible simply because we have the ability to pass behavior (i.e functions) as parameters as if they were a basic type such as an integer or a string. This is called referential transparency and it should not depend on any mutable state.