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What do you call a potato wearing glasses? The prequel trilogy, and especially Revenge of the Sith, are so popular, so rewatched by the fandom, and so ingrained in the culture of memes that remembering lines from the movies is easier than ever before. Maybe for a party, or maybe just to diffuse the tension in everyday talks.

Well, the food may not be new to you, and it is also among the most consumed vegetables in the world.

Anything, just butter him up. The potato replied “I feel I dropped my nose somewhere”. 3. mr potato head 32883 GIFs. “We are experiencing slight tuber-lence on the flight”, How do you know when a potato is in a bad mood?When they are acting salty.
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They're crispy, delicious, and you can make duck lips with them. What do you call a potato that’s reluctant to jump into boiling water?A hesi-tater. And also live without relationships is dark and insipid.. Any relations need attention and care to goes it well. A potato gave a gift to his girlfriend.She said, “Aww, why are you so sweet?”He said, “It’s just the way I yam.”.

So in honor of the world's best chip, here are 20 memes! How does a potato win at Street Fighter?By mashing the kick button. a year ago 12720 views by Helix Odhiambo. Why was the sweet potato too shy to ask out the russet potato? Maybe for a party, or maybe just to diffuse the tension in everyday talks. Who is a potato’s favorite author?Edgar Allen Poe-tato. [via: Know Your Meme], ©2020 Cheezburger, Inc. | The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Terms | Therefore, you should express your thoughts and feelings for the loved one in different best memes way like a dirty meme for her/dirty meme for him. He desperately wanted a scoop.

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What’s a potato’s favorite TV programme?Starch Trek. Why was the potato put in an asylum?It was starch raving mad. Find us on: Facebook, Twitter, 35 'Truth Potato' Comics That Hilariously Illustrate Life's Harsh Realities, 15 Stupid Potato Memes That Celebrate The World's Most Superior Root Vegetable, Disney Princesses Reborn As Potatoes Are Stupid But Funny AF, The Potato Industry Is Getting So Creative, Your Favorite Disney Princesses Reimagined as This Potato Will Leave You Hungry for More. Sep 16, 2018 - Explore Erin Miller's board "Potato Meme" on Pinterest.

A banana stuck in one of his ears, a potato in the other ear, and a carrot stuck in one nostril. What is a potato’s life philosophy? Pinterest “It is so [censored] great to …

If you're still hungry, first go grab yourself some actual food and then check out some memes dedicated solely to fast food!

Hash browns; they’re totally shredded!  
A commentater! How could you possibly expect this to go well, Lay's? ©2020 Cheezburger, Inc. | Hey fellas!!

Facebook / All The Joe Biden Memes “Finally.” 10) Instagram “Biden: I found a cool new apartment for us downtown.

A sweet potato. A sharp inclination towards Fashion and Photography. If you’re looking for potato puns, you can count on me to chip in.

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Potatoes have skin. But today, they are going to “serve” themselves for another purpose. Why shouldn’t you tell a secret on a farm? What do you call a lazy spud?A couch potato.

The sensory organ to which they are offering themselves up is the same, but the direction is different. Tony, where do I even starch? This is KOPAL KHANDELWAL, I am an artist, love to do all sort of paintings. They're crispy, delicious, and you can make duck lips with them.

Best potato memes - popular memes on the site What do you get when it rains potatoes?Spuddles. So these were the most funny Potato Puns!!

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Vader tots! Security | What do you call a person who spends a lot of time sitting and staring at potatoes?A medi-tator.

1. You’re the tater to my tot.

So these were the most funny Potato Puns!!

Search, discover and share your favorite Mr Potato Head GIFs. Privacy | What do you call a potato at a football game?A spec-tater.

There are also lots of hilarious jokes, quotes, and pick up lines created about it.

What do you call a baby potato?Tater tots! I yam so happy we’re best spuds! Potatoes are a god-sent gift to humankind. The man says, “Doc, this is terrible.