Mac users are welcome to try them out, as they can serve as a nice introduction to the tool, but the scope of these templates is limited.

It is extremely easy and unexpectedly fast to do it with professional and powerful diagramming software. Celoxis uses a smart automatic scheduling tool and allows multiple resources per task to help keep a tight overview of your pending tasks. You can filter these reports to show the data you want to make better decisions. Gantt charts are an essential part of any project management software so we’ve taken a look at the best Gantt chart software for Mac to keep you on track. We have looked at OmniPlan in-depth here.

Easy Projects is a straightforward to use interactive Gantt chart creator that allows you to create Gantt charts in minutes. Easy Projects supports drag and drop scheduling, importing of Microsoft Project files, project milestones and many third party integrations including Gmail, Jira, Salesforce and other CRM software on Mac. You can assign tasks right from the Gantt chart with GanttPRO is very big on making Gantt charts as interactive as possible and is aimed at project managers with multiple projects running at once.

Team Gantt is particularly popular with Digital Agencies, Event Planning, Construction Companies, Marketing Teams, Manufacturing, HR Teams and Software Developers. The milestone feature is a great way to break a project down into more manageable parts. Unlimited boards can be unlocked for just $2.99 per user although plans including time tracking cost extra. A lot of programs and platforms offer Gantt charts within their feature sets. The first thing to do is sign up for, which offers a no-strings-attached free 30-day trial period. has one-click reporting for the performance of your project and team. The next thing to do is add a start and end date for each of the tasks on the Gantt chart. Vizzlo specializes in creating charts of all kinds and produces results that really fit the macOS aesthetic. click More Print Setup... and then choose Fit to. If you’re a non-profit organization, Toggl Plan is free to use with Premium plans just $8 per month when paid annually. Easy, light and powerful. We have elaborately prepared some Gantt Chart examples for you to get started quickly. There are streamlined timesheets and resource management features too.

Project Insight is very easy to use and works just as well on iPad and iPhone as it does on macOS. It also allows you to easily embed Gantt charts into blogs, websites and share them easily on LInkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Can a Gantt chart be more than just a plan and project schedule? Everything from Activities and Milestones to Resource Usage and costs are clearly visible in Merlin Project’s Gantt charts. Once a team member is assigned a task, they’re responsible for executing and completing it. Crossing a milestone is a great morale-booster for project teams because it means you’re one step closer to completing the project.

One other nice thing about SmartDraw is the possibility to conduct a project status meeting via the mind map view with just one click.

No need to jump from one screen to another or, worse, to another program. Gantt charts are essential project management tools, and the migration to digital platforms has only increased their ease-of-use and dynamism.

SmartSheet is very much an enterprise solution and so if you’re looking for something with extensive custom integration into your own software or platform via and API, SmartSheet pretty much covers it all.

Good Gantt is designed specifically for Trello and plugs right into it so you can switch between Trello’s Kanban board and a Gantt chart overview in an instant. GanttPro mixes collaboration features with team progress management tools that make it easy for Project Managers to track who is doing what and when.

Drag the green square handles to resize Gantt chart. If you have one task that cannot start until another has been finished, you need to make note of that or risk a bottleneck in your production. Vizzlo is packed with templates that get you up and running immediately and is fully integrated with both Microsoft Powerpoint and Google slides for presentations. However, if you want to create a Gantt chart quick and easy on your Mac for free, Apple Numbers is a very quick and straightforward solution.

A project can quickly get messy, so breaking it down into more digestible tasks is important. A dialogue box pops up. SmartSheet is one of the most powerful project management tools around and one of the first to import Microsoft Project Gantt charts onto your Mac. How about reports that dive deep into your data?

To add a relationship between two tasks, put the mouse curser on one task and drag to another task. You can choose to upload your chart to Cloud so that you and your friends can access it anytime anywhere. If you have been using MS Project, you can import MPP files.

clicking on the symbol. You can add costs for your tasks and other details, and you can even make custom columns with our Gantt chart maker if you need to add more information. Sometimes this isn’t an issue, but other times it can be a problem. 3 Best Project Management Charts for Project Planning, Gantt Chart Template for Excel (Free Download). Firstly, open a blank drawing page and the libraries including shapes needed for creating Gantt Charts for Mac OS X. All Rights Reserved.

Gantt charts are still one of the best ways to help you meet deadlines on time, plan projects, manage them and generally have a better overview of who’s doing what and what’s going on.

In particular, there’s a very clear overview of the Critical Path helps you to identify and display all tasks and dependencies that affect your deadlines. To change the column width, place the cursor on the line between two columns and drag, just as the way excel operates. Celoxis is also full of drill-down charts, allows as many dashboards as you like per user and project request tracking depending on your business KPIs. One handy feature are the Libraries in Merlin Project which remembers projects that use common elements from previous projects and then allows you to place them into new ones. You can also contact us directly using the contact form at the top of the site. It’s also got a desktop app that looks great on Macs, iPhones and iPads. You can try Team Gantt for free and team pricing starts at $7.90 per month. Team Gantt is powerful, slick and incredibly effective at making Gantt charts in minutes on your Mac. There’s a free Gantt chart template for Excel that we offer, and a Google search will pull up dozens more. The color coding makes it very easy to identify which charts relate to which projects or line of business.

Learn how to gain professional Gantt charts in powerful Gantt chart program for Mac. See how it can help you build a dynamic Gantt chart and steer your next project to a successful end by taking this free 30-day trial.

start date and finish date, the progress bar is updated automatically All the data from your spreadsheet is now visible in the Gantt. The column headings, tasks and whatever other resource data you added is there and can be edited as needed.

Open a Gantt Chart Template Firstly, open a blank drawing page and the libraries including shapes needed for creating Gantt Charts for Mac OS X. © NJM Media 2013-2020. You can choose which pages and how many copies to print here. Unfortunately, a common project management software on PC, Microsoft Project, just doesn’t work on Mac.

In fact Visio users find it a superb alternative to Visio on Mac because it covers so many different types of diagramming needs, so well. Hit Export & Send under File to export the Gantt chart as images, presentation slides or other format you want.

GanttPRO claims some pretty impressive stats such as 45% time saved on team planning and 75% less missed deadlines as a result of companies switching to its software. Make a Gantt chart on Mac in minutes. It’s all here in one place to make managing your project a breeze. Remember when we noted that tasks can be executed at the same time? Unfortunately, a common project management software on PC, Microsoft Project, just doesn’t work on Mac. To change the row height, place the cursor on the line between two rows and drag. If you’re looking for something specifically for creating Gantt charts in Trello, then take a look at Good Gantt. The trick is to use the Bar Chart feature and then format it to make it look like a Gantt chart.