Here’s what gets recorded and why: Crop & Variety . Make the most of your gardening space by planting a square foot garden. It helps me see at a glance what to expect during the season and things to reflect on for next season. lol A clever mum has revealed her genius trick to keeping track of all her Woolies Discovery Garden plants - and we couldn’t love it more! Garden planner. general notes/comments about performance. First you need to know what you want to plant and generally have an idea what goes where. The plant key at the bottom will help to keep your designs need and organized. With a few notes, I can plant an appropriate amount of plants (20 squash plants is overkill for 2 people…), get ahead of pests before they cause too much destruction, and just overall have a healthier and more productive garden. Track plant inventory, log your seeding, create a task list, and even design a layout. This comprehensive template lets you keep track of your plants and harvests with every season, as well as also be updated with your seeds and seedlings. Plan the perfect garden with this comprehensive template. I use the notes app on my phone for additional 'on the fly' details. I tried remembering year to year, that didn't go well. For me right … planting dates. So this year, I started an Excel garden planting log, where I’m going to record all the pertinent information on what gets planted, where it’s started, how long it takes to germinate, etc. expected and actual harvest dates. I log the date and what I see in the garden, what I'm harvesting when, etc. This planner makes it easy to plan what you’ll plant in each square. Use this gridded page to plan your garden beds. Posting on the awesome Woolworths Little Garden / Discovery Garden Facebook group, member Meredith revealed how she’d created a spreadsheet for all her seedling kits, detailing all the expected milestones of the plant’s progress. So, I finally created some spreadsheets to help me stay organized! Well it is a garden plant so time to plant some seeds, virtually. Print Garden Plan Worksheet. What To Plant. If you want to do succession planting, just print a separate copy for each season. Companion plants - # blanket the area with this plant, X - avoid planting together, Y - other great plants. germination dates. It turns out, those things are helpful to know. Tall plants on the north side, bushy plants on outer edges, plants that don’t like each other separated. The Free Garden Planner Template for Excel Online can help you plan your garden and create an inventory of your plants, seeds and produce. There are rules some can be ignored/modified but usually its best to stic to the basic rules. Need to know not only the crop but the specific variety to evaluate which yield, taste, and perform the best. source of the seeds/seedlings. whether I planted indoors or direct sowed in the garden . I mainly use a garden spreadsheet to track: what I'm planting.