", "Please park only in prescribed areas. "The bulletin board is a way for all of us to stay in touch. ", "Your compliance with the above regulations will help everyone have an enjoyable and prosperous garden. Get your (fourdigits(now.getYear())) ; or you can pick and choose things from these samples that we've collected from other gardens. update=copyright.getFullYear(); The use of the site is contingent on our ability to maintain it. var sc_invisible=1; Let’s start with two rules that can kick-start the process of laying out a landscape, then move on to guidelines that help in scaling the proportions of a garden’s elements and, finally, to choosing and using the right plants. Mulch with leaves, grass clippings, or hay to reduce water evaporation. Theory G The Employee Gardening Book "How some of America's most successful corporations improve productivity, boost employee satisfaction, and save money with company sponsored vegetable gardens." ", "Each gardener must clear his or her plot of corner stakes, fencing, trellises, string and all inorganic materials before fall plowing dates. ", "Cleanup deposits will be refunded after your plot is cleaned in the fall and approved by the garden committee. } google_color_link = "DE7008"; Here are some suggested by-laws. ", "The garden area is open dawn until dusk, seven days a week. today = days[now.getDay()] + ", " + Here's a sample of various rules used by employee garden groups around the country. It addresses the root meaning of garden, which is “enclosure.” This, to me, is absolutely critical in … If you have a year-round plot, turn under or remove annual plant residues. your local council website, , Webmasters! ", "Please dispose of weeds and plant materials in designated compost areas. "Keep gates in the garden closed at all times. While each community garden will have its own set of rules, there are a few basic etiquette guidelines to keep in mind. // Print out the data. ", "Family members are welcome to the garden site. Use trash receptacles available next to the gardens. // Get today's current date. Use the ones you want. site listed on our links & resources page, click Keep them simple and enforceable. ", "Please conserve the use of water. ", "All plots will be inspected three times. // Calculate four digit year. The FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave. months[now.getMonth()] + " " + // End -->, Let's Go Gardening and LetsGoGardening.co.uk are trading names of Shaw Media. ", "Keep rocks out of pathways and borders. Check the bulletin board for chores that need to be done. Please carry your employee I.D. Height Laws. If you want someone to work your plot or pick you vegetables when you are sick or away, give that person a signed note. A fence higher than 6.5 feet typically requires obtaining a permit from the local municipality. Rules and Regulations updated on 2/28/2013 For our garden and community to flourish, it is essential that we all follow these rules and regulations. document.write(today); Mix and Match. Please walk at all times, no running! Don't let your plants or weeds creep into the aisles or into your neighbor's plot. // End -->. Children in the garden are encouraged to play in the areas set up for their use and to experience the many aspects of community gardening. The law requires that you give the local authority six week's notice before felling or pruning any tree so that the council has time to decide if it would like to give the tree a preservation order or not. function fourdigits(number) { Trash shall be I understand that failure to abide by these rules will result in forfeiture of my gardening privileges. Registered in England and Wales. var sc_partition=60; Company No. var sc_project=5570138; ", "Payment of club dues is necessary before you begin gardening and should be submitted with your registration form. google_color_border = "FF4500"; ", "Notify garden coordinator if you are no longer able to tend your plot; will be absent for a long period of time; or have asked a friend to tend your garden.